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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2012
I really dreaded this book. While I love J.R.Ward, I absolutely loathe stories involving men with the "dead wife"-syndrome (an all the clichés that it will entail), so I was in kind of a bind with this book.

Despite my misgivings, this book is amazing. This is really great storytelling, and while I don't necessarily agree with all the plot developments or think this book is perfect, I still LOVE it. Ward has really outdone herself with this book. The storytelling is great as always, the plots (and there are many) are engaging and really interesting, the character development is really emotional and intense, and all these threads are seamlessly weaved together by Ward to create a great story.

Character development and relations are really where this book shines. The book mainly follows Qhuinn, John, Xhex, Layla, Xcor's Band of Bastards, Lassiter, Thor and No'One, and the multitude of evolving relationships, mainly of the non-romantic kind.

This is probably the least romance focused book of the entire series, and people who miss the style of the first five books in the series will probably be disappointed with the lack of romance in this. I personally don't see the lack of romance as a bad thing, as it actually helps shape the story to a great extent. The romance really takes a backseat to the plot in this book, but I don't think that this will bleed into the next installments of the series. Tohr's circumstances were unique, and affected the way the romantic aspects of the story were paced and developed.

There were many great parts and characters in this book, Assail and the Band of Bastards chief amongst them, but Tohr and Qhuinn's personal and emotional developments deserve honorable mentions as well. I've never been particularly interested in Lassiter either, but I came to love him over the course of this book and he provided quite a few laughs.

My main issue with this book was No'One. I would call her boring, but that would mean there was something to be bored with, and I am not sure I can say anything about her other than, she exists. I am actually really curious about what other readers think of her, because I really can't think anything of her. Nothing good, nothing bad, not completely forgettable, she just is. On the other hand, I think her blandness (for lack of better words) is part of what makes the story work. But yeah, No'One really is the least interesting female character in the series (I wouldn't even call her a lead character).

So all in all, the book was amazing. This book is focused on a broad and interesting cast of characters, as opposed to a single couple, and the romance takes the backseat to the story and plotlines. I am particularly excited about the futures of Xcor, Throe, Qhuinn, Blay and Layla, and I think Qhuinn's story (when it comes out) will be EPIC, so there is a lot to get excited about!
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on 31 March 2012
I have really loved this series, but I have noticed that as it progresses, newer books focus more on the story around the main characters and less on the developing relationship between the two romantic leads. this is a great book to learn about all the new threads JR Ward is going to pick up, but there just wasn't enough about Tohr and No'One throughout to really interest me in their characters or romance.
As another reviewer has mentioned, this has the whole 'dead wife' syndrome going on - which could have been got round with a bit more emphasis on Tohr's previous relationship with No'One - and the fact that his marriage was arranged... mind you, that would have tainted what we know about his first marriage to Wellsie.
Yes, I enjoyed it, no I wasn't all that interested in the extraneous stuff about the other 'brotherhood', and while it was nice to catch up on other characters, why oh why did we have to have quite so much about John and Xhex? They've had their book - there was TONS of stuff about them - almost as much as there was about Tohr and No'One.

And don't get me started on the whole name change thing. Talk about lame...

So a bit off course for me. Will I buy the next one? Yes, but if it's another one like this, then I probably won't buy any further books in this series.
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on 10 April 2012
I have just finished this book. I had trouble putting it down. It was such an emotional rollercoaster and once again, aswell as making me laugh, it made me cry. Although this story is about Tohr's struggle with coming to terms with the death of Wellsie, and moving on, it's also about the rebuilding of Tohr's relationship with John. The impact that Wellsie's death has had on John and Xhex's relationship with John dealing with insecurities about Xhex safety when at work etc. I also liked the development of the relationship between Xhex and her mother No'One. And of course the main relationship focus, between Tohr and No'One, where I actually felt Ward's writing portrayed the emotional rollercoaster that Tohr goes through as spot on. It wouldn't read true if suddenly Tohr's deep set emotions for Wellsie suddenly were pushed aside. Instead it portrays Tohr's inner turmoil and mental struggles, as he tries to tackle the moving on in a strategist way and any emotions 'acted out' instead of an act of sincerity or true love. i.e. What he must do to let go vs. wanting to stay faithful to the memory of Wellsie in the hope that she somehow will come back to him. This all seems at a cost to No'one's emotional wellbeing, but in fact, through this seemingly disastrous relationship No'one becomes stronger in her own right. Coming to terms with what has happened in the past and finding her place in the present. Lassiter the Angel is ever the funny lively character, injecting humour and keeping the direction to the books focus, Tohr, (Wellsie) & No'one, on track. Meanwhile an exciting pace and additional drama comes from the problems the Brotherhood are facing with their enemy the B.o.B. which also weaves into this storyline well. I like to think that ratherthan wiping the B.o.B. (Band of Bast**ds) characters out, future storylines will be set for each of the characters giving Ward more Warriors' to write about. I was both glad and sad to have finished this book. It is truly an excellent addition to this series. I really can't wait until the next book. Quinn & Layla???? Quinn & Blay????? Layla & Xcor?????? OMG I just can't wait!!!!
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on 24 April 2012
When I got into this book I wanted to keep in mind something that JR Ward alluded to in the BDB companion book. Tohrment's book was to be the conclusion of the ten part series and it is in many ways. From now on her readers will be forming attachments to new characters - some probably will not be the good guys. Had Ward decided not to expand Qhuinn, Blaylock and the Band of Bastards this would have been a good conclusion to a great series. Lover Reborn is an example of how the BDB series could end to the satisfaction of her long time readers and given what happened during those last few chapters remind us why we read the books in the first place. I am glad she chose to introduce new characters because when you enter a world as interesting as Ward has created you never wants to leave it. From now on it looks like it will be a new world familiar in many aspects but different in all the ways that keep the reader interested.

Thorment is the brother we all wanted to save but I expect that the way he is saved is a source of division with a lot of Ward's readers. I know it was for me. Is it fair that some of the Brothers got their HEA but Tohrment does'nt? Why does Wellsie have to be the one who doesn't get saved? What makes their love somehow less important than V's or Rhage's?

Well that's fiction and it is not always fair. I think I would have been disappointed in Ward if she succumbed and brought Wellsie back (even though I wanted her to). That is a brave writing choice - as brave as killing her was in the first place. I think what Ward has done is expose her readers to a different type of romance one that most people (thankfully) never has to experience: learning to love again after an unspeakable tragedy. This is what Tohrment's book is about - that struggle that we have to go through when we have lost someone we love. Does Ward make a good job of making you feel the struggle? Yes I think she does. Ward did the best she could to write what was an impossible plotline to write to universal satisfaction. Every one of us has their own feelings about what is the best way to love and grieve and I am sure we don't all agree about when it is right to move on. I did want to see Tohr's struggle working out differently from the way Ward has written it but then that would have been very predictable and it would be Ward bringing back a character just for the sake of it or stretching this book through another five instalments. How she went about this probably is not pleasing to the individual reader.

As far as No'One is concerned you either liked her or (like me) you were willing to tolerate her for the sake of Thorment. You can't help but hope she comes into herself in some significant way. Is she the greatest shellan Ward has ever written about? - No she's not but you hope that she and Tohrment can make it work.

Do you wish that each book had more focus on the main couple in question and that the "romance" part of the novels had not been thrown to the wayside in favour of multiple story lines and not-quite- minor characters? A lot of you might say "yes" especially when you re- read the first five or so books. But does this mean that the books have become less? I don't believe they have and I think most of Ward's readers would agree with this. The BDB IS a different series now but it is not in any way less. For me this was an emotional story with another good plot and moving in a new direction introducing new characters. I look forward to the Spring of 2013 and to finding out what happens in this "new" world that JR Ward has created.
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on 31 March 2012
After being an avid reader and yes a re reader of the Brothers, I was so looking forward to Tohr's story and I admit, despite what I already knew, part of me was hoping for a literal re-birth of Wellsie or at the very least another relationship of equal feeling. So when I finally ploughed my way through Lover Reborn, I came away feeling unconvinced and more than a little let down.

The relationship we were lucky enough to see between Thor and Wellie seemed a real love match and the warmth between them and the other characters was almost tangible. So I expected something similar if not surpassing between Tohr and No'One, but it wasn't to be. I just could not see them together and even after reading their interactions, I still struggle with the concept. Without giving away anything too important, Tohr treats her with less respect than he does his brothers and at times it seems to me he is simply using her for sex, because he is sick of his hand. To me Tohr has always been the most honorable and kinder of the brothers, willing to help and put others at ease but that Tohr does not seem to make an appearance. He says things that no woman should be able to forgive but instead of arguing, No'One later decides to agree with him.

At a certain point in the story there is an event for No'One which I was sure would be used to cement their relationship, to make it more believable but Tohr's reaction was unexpected and to my mind incredibly selfish. I understand he is grieving, and those scenes are poignant, heartbreaking and well written but all this just serves to prove the point that he and No'One just do not seem to fit for me.

Yes there are love scenes but I use the term "love" loosely, there actually seems to be little to no romance between them.

Despite all this there were some moments I enjoyed, getting to see the Brothers and their Shellans again and the will they, wont they relationship between Blay and Quinn was a highlight for me (though as Quay they were not featured enough). The situation with Layla and her story has me intrigued so I will carry on reading as long as the Warden continues writing but I found myself skimming this book as much as Lover Unleashed.

Not as good as her early stuff but if you're a fan, you have to try it if only to say you have.
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on 10 April 2012
Well, this had to have been the most anticipated BBD book for some time, and I was very keen to read it. It was always going to be difficult to give Tor the happy ending that he deserved, because any new love interest would have to fill Wellsie's shoes, a job I wouldn't envy! Unfortunately, all the anticipation came to nothing for me. I found the whole book a bit hollow. It just didn't ring true.

The problems for me were fairly significant. First- No'One didn't develop at all as a character until the last few chapters, which meant that she was wishy washy and without any substance for the entire book up to that point. In addition, there was absolutely no evidence, until the last second, that Tor had any real feeling for her, so I didn't feel any strong desire for them to finally get together. They didn't seem compatible at all really. Disappointing. I also thought that Lassiter should have been a major feature of this story, seeing as his future was so tightly interwoven with Tor's, but he made just a few brief cameo appearances. He featured more in Lover Mine to be honest.

Other problems: the Xcor side story was boring, with only a faint interest being stirred by Layla's addition to the mix. The other brothers were almost completely absent, with the exception of John and Quinn.

All in all, this was a huge disappointment for me. I will probably read the next book because I want to know what happens with Quinn and Blaylock, but the "must-read" element of this series is slowly draining away for me.
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on 4 September 2014
It was really heartbreaking when Thor's mate Wellsie died and the way he became a recluse.

It's great to see him again in this book but sad to see him battling with himself about his attraction to Autumn. He is loyal to the order and is proud of John, his adopted son but still devastated by his loss. As the story unfolds, it becomes harder for him to remain faithful to his deceased wife whilst being attracted to Autumn. It is believed that a mate is for life and when you lose your mate, you don't survive either.

The conflicts between the Brotherhood and the Lessers continue along with various dramas, deceit, betrayal and love. This book is as good as the others in this series and I will sure look out for the next one.
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on 27 March 2012
I pre ordered the book as I have been a fan of the black daggers since I discovered them in 2010. This book was definately one of my favourite episodes and I could not put it down. The story was fast paced and well written with more coming out about each of the characters.
I did start to think 'why hasn't No-one got a real name?' but then the story unfolds and this was answered.
Is J.R going to start writing about each of the B.o.B.? If so I think this could be an interesting read, I love how all the possibilities of future books are suggested and I would love to hear Quinns story too.
I love how J.R writes and really cant wait for the next book! well done!! and Thank you.
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on 22 July 2016
Another great book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by JR Ward.
I definitely recommend reading these books in order from the beginning as they do include spoilers for earlier books.
Great series with a science fiction/horror/thriller theme that has also introduced me to a strong author and their related series of Angels with many cross over characters and places. Both series are definitely adult rather than teen in content due to language and sexual scenes as well as violence.
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on 7 July 2015
Found by Lassiter the fallen angel Thor has a long road to recovery, being in a bad place and unable to see anything clearly Lassiter tries to help as best he can as he too flounders. Not an easy love story, one which has it's roots in the past and is denied to the point of loss.

Xcor and his band are going all out to cause as much unrest as they are able by using the glymera and his own warriors to the point of wounding Throe and leaving him for dead to be picked up by the brotherhood and infiltrate Wrath's compound and saved.

We are told Lassiter has his own story one to look forward to.
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