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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
Gideon: Number 2 in series (Nightwalkers)
Format: Paperback|Change
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VINE VOICEon 15 April 2011
and actually better than the first "Jacob" I thought.

A lot more character development in this one due to the story development. I was intrigued by Gideon in the first book and was looking forward to starting this one and it didn't disappoint.

I love the character of Legna, she was strong and ascertive and not whiny or annoying as some female lead characters can be. And Jacquelyn managed to make Gideon even more appealing than Jacob.
I also loved the back story on all of the other characters, how they are getting on and dealing with situations etc
We were introduced to Vampires and Lycanthropes in this book and I really look forward to reading the next book Elijah to learn more about these.

I was drawn into the book and its great writing to make you care for all of the characters and how they turn out.

Am now off to read the next one :)
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on 9 June 2007
"Gideon" is the second in the Nightwalkers series by Jacquelyn Frank, the first being "Jacob". It doesn't matter if you haven't read the first book in the series when reading this one as the backstory is given fairly early on, in fact in a rather clumsy and inelegant fashion. Still it helps to set the scene for what is, unfortunately, rather a thin plot but in an interesting world.

Gideon and Magdalegna are both Demons, not demons as we know them but a race of people with special talents (ability to manipulate fire, to heal, to teleport, to work with emotions, etc) who keep away from humans. However, human necromancers can occasionally catch demons and their influence somehow turns demons into evil creatures, thus the cause of the legends of evil demons amongst humans. The demons are just a part of the "Nightwalkers", things that go bump in the night such as vampires and lycanthropes, who have all been warring against each other for hundreds of years.

As this book starts the wars between demons, vampires and lycanthropes have been stopped and the races are just beginning to settle into the peace, albeit with considerable mistrust. However Gideon, the oldest of the Demons, at over a thousand years old, has been working with Damian the head Vampire and with Siena the queen of the werewolves to build bridges. Gideon has a reputation as an emotionless man whose wisdom comes from his advanced age and whose healing skills are legendary but who doesn't have many close friends.

Magdalegna is the sister of the King, Noah, and she's a young thing at just 300-odd years old. She's always been aware of Gideon as she was growing up but an unfortunate brief kissing session nine years ago with him, which ended with him running away from her, caused her to dislike and resent him. However at the beginning of this book she finds herself in company with him, especially after her half-druid friend Isabella is seriously injured by some mystery foes. Gideon helps to heal Isabella and comes into contact with Legna and they both discover a strange affinity for each other. We are informed of something in Gideon's history that may cause Magdalegna to permanently turn away from him when she finds it out although the novel didn't really make much of this possible plot twist.

The world of the Demons works with 'imprinting', that there is one special person for them, and Magdalegna and Gideon discover fairly early on in the book that they are Imprinting one another. This means that their powers and skills are partially transferred to each other which enables them to work together with other Demons to uncover who was behind the attack on Isabella and who is also plotting against the other demons and druids. At the end of the book there's a kind of crescendo as the Nightwalkers fight against the evil humans to protect themselves but mostly this book is a little slow in action with rather long passages where Gideon and Magdalegna talk about imprinting with each other and talk to each other telepathically, talk to their relatives and generally don't do a lot.

Although written in lush prose and with some interesting characters and skills the paucity of the underlying plot was rather a weakness in the story. If you are happy to read about a romance which isn't actually a choice between the people, but is their destiny, and how they learn to live with knowing each others' thoughts, this book is interesting enough. If you are interested in reading more character development and action and events then this book may disappoint.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book, [...] © Helen Hancox 2007
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on 14 October 2012
this book was so boring and slow getting started. i mean it took me up to page 78 to get interested in the story and even then i wasnt that interested or bothered about it. the characters were as boring as the story and there was not much dialogue,it was mainly just what the charcters were thinking. i was very disapointed with this book and think it was a waste of my money and will not be buying another from ths series. i thought i would enjoy it since i enjoyed jacobs book but obviously i didnt as you can tell, maybe im being a bit harsh with my review but i feel let down as i really wanted to enjoy it.
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on 16 January 2008
More of the same in this one really. If you've read Jacob, you know the plot of Gideon already. Gideon, the eldest Demon has lived in self-imposed exile for over a decade, ever since the night he encountered Magedelena under a Hallowed Moon. Now, with necromancers threatening the safety of all Nightwalker species, Gideon must face his past and his fears to fight for his people and win his destined mate.

The Nightwalker books are lushly written and highly enjoyable for that, but the plot of Gideon, like Jacob, depends more upon skilfull and intriguing world-building than action and intrigue. Despite a history of animosity and mistrust between Gideon and Legna, they come together as an Imprinted pair very quickly and with very little angst. Legna cries loud and long about not wanting the pairing, not wanting Gideon himself, whilst he prattles and moans in a patronising manner, but their issues are quickly swept under the rug and forgotten. Even those who oppose their mating, such as Legna's brother, the Demon king Noah, seem to forget their objections after a while.

As with Jacob and Bella from the first book, Gideon and Legna are "destined" to be together, which removes any real sense of conflict from their relationship. Although Legna initially struggles against her attraction, she can't escape it so she just resigns herself to it and hey-presto, she's madly in love. Ta-da! I have to admit it's a factor in these books I find irritating.

Where Frank excels is in her world-building and mythology, and it's that which keeps me coming back. We see for the first time some of the other Nightwalker races - Vampires and Lycanthropes, and get an intriguing glimpse of their societies. Frank gives some new twists to shape-shifters, although there's not much fresh in her take on vampires. That doesn't really matter though, since the characters are fascinating. Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes will be back in the third book, Elijah, and I look forward to seeing her.

If it weren't for the sense I had that I was running in place with this book, I might have rated it higher. Frank is a great writer with a powerful imagination, but her characters spend more time talking than acting and that lets Gideon down. And one other question - why do the Demons have a king, the Lycanthropes a Queen, but the Vampires only a Prince?
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on 6 September 2010
I think this novel of Jacquelyn Frank is one of love, power, action and purity of soul. Gideon is one of the few Demon's within this realm that believes he deserves no happiness and when Magdelegna continually ignores him as a person and throws barbed comments at him he believes he deserves some of her wrath.
The wrath of her is stemmed from their pasts where he left her in need and now he wishes to commit to her, for she is his Imprinted mate but she does not make it easy for him. He believes although he attracts her sexually he cannot in any other way because of the 1000 years of war and death that surrounds him.
She believes he only wants her sexually now and that he considers her a child of a mere 250 years but her powers are unfolding and he holds key to keeping them in check and the belief in her abilities she lacks. It is his trust of her that ensnares her and she tries to be the diplomat n give a chance to him. She however unlocks his emotional side and unleashes a passionate inner animal that has been straining for release, and now it has it is one that is unleashed upon Magdelegna
Gideon does his best to protect and care for her and gives her the right of the one thing that can render him powerless and could possibly kill him, a demonstration of his faith in her and her ability to be strong enough to carry such a burden. She falls in love as the heroines always do and forgives him and understands his past; she does not shun him or scorn him for his past but embraces it and supports him as a man.
He learns to accept that she can truly love him for his faults and this giving and receiving of love is one that is a truely good romance.
The King, Magdelegna's brother, marries them and the characters from the previous novel at the end.
This novel is my favorite in this series and one i recommend to all.
I recommend reading Jacob first though to understand the characters more fully.
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on 29 January 2014
The second novel in this supernatural romance series centres on two demons who appeared significantly in book 1; the ancient and powerful Body Demon Gideon and Magdelegna (Legna) the Mind Demon whom Isabella saved during a Summoning. Despite knowing each other for centuries, both have steered clear of each other for a variety of reasons. It is therefore somewhat of a surprise when they start to Imprint; developing telepathy and additional gifts as their relationship and feelings for each other strengthen. Yet Demon kind still have enemies waiting to pounce and they are targeting the weaker mortals; Isabella and her sister Corrine.

Considering there is a busy plot line, the pace of this book is somewhat slower than I anticipated. There are some exciting action packed moments, plus some very intriguing characters are developed further (namely shifter queen Siena and vampire prince Damien) yet the story line didn't engage me as much as book 1 "Jacob" did. Although I found Legna a great leading lady, I was left wondering why she initially masked how powerful she had become and also questioned why it took her and Gideon centuries to discover they were destined to be together. I did have issues with Gideon at times. His patronising behaviour is explained away due to his age and isolation, and although other characters that know and love him laugh off his attitude, it's a little off putting in a leading man until Legna softens his bluntness.

I still think this is an interesting supernatural romance, but it doesn't have that extra something that really snags my attention. I still however have high hopes and will pursue this series further. 3½ stars
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on 11 June 2011
Gideon is the second of the nightwalker series and before I start criticising is actually an OK book. Gideon is the oldest and the medic of the demons who has lived in exile for many years while Magdalegna is the baby sister of the King of the Demons. The pair find themselves Imprinted on each other (basically soul mates) and the story follows their relationship as they deal with events of the past and present.

Some parts of this book were quite interesting and drew me in more than the first book did. The introduction of new nightwalkers in the form of vampires and lycanthropes was good and i look forward to reading more about them.
The premise of this book had the potential to be really fantastic but it didn't quite match up to my expectation which is the reason behind the average rating.

The problem for me is that the characters spend a lot of time talking. Normal talking, telepathic talking, a bit of empathy thrown in for good measure.....but they don't DO much at all. The plot at first seemed to centre Gideon and Legna's relationship being complicated due to the vast age gap and family disapproval and this seemed to be the main point for most of the story. Then an attack! (yes some action) oh...but no - more endless talking about feelings for this and that person and somehow when the book seemed like it was about to wake up... it went back to endless explanations and descriptions of thoughts and feelings blah blah blah. (The descriptions etc are very good if you are very appreciative of that sort of thing but for me just seem to bog the story down since actual activity is separated by pages of it)

Anyway the story continues along the path of the relationship between the main characters as expected and then near the end there is this whole big thing about a battle with some necromancers before the story wraps up for good.

The good parts of the story were the same as "Jacob," i feel that the plot could have been good if was clear what the main story was - the family/relationship troubles were solved miraculously and the focus seemed to be more about the battle which had played only a small role in the book previously.

Essentially the book was good but could have been better if it wasn't so longwinded. (Be warned i fell asleep twice while reading this book and only finished cos i started to skim through the text to get to parts where stuff was happening).
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on 15 January 2012
Are Demons really who we think they are?I ask because this book is about beings called'Nightwalkers'proud ancient Demons who live in the shadows of the human world.
Gideon is a healer,the oldest surviving male of his species who 900 years ago during'Hallowed moons'claimed Magdelegna sister of the Demon king in a wild embrace.In shame at his actions he left her furious with him and has since exiled himself.Necromancers are the Demons'enemies who use black magic to hunt and harm them.It seems they are out to hurt Magdelegna and Gideon must help keep her safe but she hasn't forgiven him for leaving her frustrated all that time ago.It seems they are destined to be together but how can he help to save her if she distrusts him so much?
This is book 2 in the'Nightwalkers'series and i recommend you read them in order as there are alot of characters and different species to keep track of.I gave it 4 stars because i didn't enjoy it so much as alot i've read but the overall story is different than the usual vampire/warewolf books around at the moment.I have since read the next in the series'Elijah'which i enjoyed more.
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on 7 July 2008
I really enjoyed this book, I found both lead characters Gideon and Magdelegna more engaging than Jacob and Bella from the first book in the Night Walker series. The book draws the reader into the myths and back stories of all Nightwalker races and leaves you looking forward to the furture stories of the secondary characters you have met previously. What I enjoy the most is the grey areas between races, there is no ultimate good or ultimate evil. There is light and dark in all races be it human, demon, lycanthrope, or vampire. And I'm hoping that in the future all druids aren't all good...

Yes in places the plot is a little thin and the big bad thing that Legna was supposed to hate Gideon forever for, was weak as hell, however traitors, vampire princes, lycanthrope queens and pregnant druids, seem to offset this. I am ordering the next in the series as soon as I've finshed this review.
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on 29 December 2012
I chose a five star rating as I was asked to order this for my mother to give as a present. She has no internet and lives a good distance from myself. I ordered it and got it sent straight to her. Everything worked well - I received an email when it had been dispatched to her and was able to phone her and let her know the estimated delivery date to ensure she was there to received it. It arrived promptly and well packed. She and I were both pleased by the outcome - hence the 5 star rating.

I cannot comment upon the book, other than it is an author my brother loves and reads lots of.
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