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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2005
Ahhh, Alexion and Danger! What a great couple!
I love their pasts, their present and their future.
When Alexion is sent by Acheron (*swoon* lol) to mete out the appropriate punishment for the rougue Dark Hunters, he ends up meeting Dangereuse and getting a whole lot more than his aim to save his friend from many, many years ago while Alexion was still mortal.
For fans of the Dark Hunter series, this is essential reading as you find out so much more about the Dark Hunters, Acheron (their leader) and Simi (could she get more cute??)heheheh Travis Fimmell :P
Danger is the first Dark Huntress to get her story and it was worth waiting for, it sweet and tender but action filled enough to satisfy the diverse fans of the series.
If this is the first DH book you've picked up, I urge you to start from the beginning as I am sure you will cherish them all and they will all have a special place on your shelf! (I'm carting mine with me when I move, they are that special :D)
The titles get a little confusing, even for me and I'm a veteran lol so here they are in reading order
Fantasy Lover - Grace and Julian (Not strictly a DH novel, but well worth reading as it introduces the first character to get his own DH novel)
The Beginning - which you can find on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website or in the back of Sins Of The Night - it's a short intro into the world of the Dark Hunter's and their, well, erm, beginning lol
Night Pleasures - Kyrian and Amanda
Night Embrace - Talon and Sunshine
Phantom Lover (in the anthology Midnight Pleasures - V'Aidan and Erin (V'Aiden is the only Dream Hunter so far)
Dance with the Devil - Zarek and Astrid (Never have I ever felt so bad for a character ever in my life, it will wrench your heart)
A Dark-Hunter Christmas (found on Kenyon's website and in the back of Dance with the Devil) - It's about a DH called Gallagher who will have his own story sometime
Kiss of the Night - Wulf and Cassandra
Night Play - Vane and Bride (who we both meet in Night Embrace)Vane is a Were-Hunter but trust me, it's such a beautiful and funny book.
Winter Born (in the anthology Stroke of Midnight) - Dante and Pandora
Seize the Night - Valerius and Tabitha (twin of Amanda)
Sins of the Night - Alexion and Danger
And the one all DH fans are eagerly waitng for
Unleash the Night - Wren and Marguerite which I can't wait for!
Believe me, when Acheron's stories come out, early 2007 I believe, there will be a deluge of people writing so many rave reviews, there will be almost no point for me to write one, but I will anyway, to reiterate all the reviews that shout out it's greatness lol
Such faith in Kenyon's ability is rewarded everytime you pick up one of her amazing books!
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on 24 October 2005
Kenyon has already produced a handful of Dark Hunter novels, which fans like me will have been following avidly. This one is something a bit different, however, as the central character lives within the Dark Hunter world, but is not a Dark Hunter himself, although his opposite within the romance side of the story a Dark Hunter. The action of the book is set in small town Mississippi, out of the reach of the other DH novels. Although some events of these earlier stories are lightly touched on here, and both Acheron and Stryker from previous works appear, it is possible to read Sins of the Night as a stand alone story.
Alexion is something unique within the Dark Hunter world, and considers himself as Acheron's protector - protection from the soft feelings Acheron has towards the Dark Hunters rather than a bodyguard. When things get out of hand, Alexion takes on a human form and goes amongst the Dark Hunters distributing justice where needed, and quashing rebellion. Alexion has no sense of taste, and limited emotions while in human form. He cannot be killed so the usual Dark Hunter tools are ineffective against him. He wears a white coat - likely symbolic of a white hat although perhaps not strictly speaking a good guy, his intentions are based on sound principles.
Danger (cheesy name, partially explained by her French origins) has been around for some time. Betrayed in her human life by her then husband, she is wary of getting close to anyone. She doesn't even keep her Squires around for very long. Strange, then, that Acheron should select a woman who does not trust to be the sponsor of Alexion when he is required to put the Dark Hunter world to rights. Stryker has mounted a campaign to turn all Dark Hunters in the area against Acheron, and Alexion cannot let that happen.
Kenyon handles the build up of action and romance with her usual mastery. The fight of good vs evil has some interesting twists, and the story moves along at a good pace. Another interesting few hours spent in the Dark Hunter world.
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Moving from her normal haunt of New Orleans, SK takes us to Missssippi and introduces us to a whole new bunch of Darkhunters, a group of immortals believing the lies fed to them by Stryker (the Demi-God who appears in "Kiss of the "Night"). Knowing that Acheron really cares for only 3 things, his Alexion (an Atlantean term impossible to translate), his Charonte Demon Simi and a human baby named Marissa Hunter, Stryker targets Alexion as Simi and Marissa are too well protected. By manipulating the Darkhunters he knows Acheron will send in his Alexion to resolve the potential mutiny. As more DH's begin to believe the misinformation spread by Stryker some start to convert, preying on the very humans they have sworn to protect. This is not the first time a DH has turned rogue and Acheron, as predicted by Stryker, sends out his Alexion, an almost indestructable immortal who is judge, jury and executioner of those Darkhunters who break the rules. Sometimes his very presence is warning enough but sometimes not, and those DH's who continue to kill or feed from humans die at his merciless hands. With powers borrowed from Acheron, the Alexion has followed his orders for over 9000 years. Living in Katoteros with no other contact but Acheron or Simi, he is a cold, logical killer intent on maintaining the Darkhunter code. When sent on his latest mission, he is given just 10 days to accomplish it. Permitted only a short period on Earth, he plans to quickly assess the corruption and kill those that deserve to die; he in no way anticipates falling in love with a Darkhuntress named Danger. This causes 2 big problems; Danger is a possible target on his "to be executed" list and unlike other DH's, after dying twice Alexion doesn't have a soul to reclaim.

Dishing out 5 stars to SK is becoming quite a habit of mine and I freely admit I am addicted to her Darkhunter books. This story introduces a whole new perspective to the DH's as Danger features heavily, the first Darkhuntress to do so in this series. She is a relatively young immortal who enjoys her powers and lives her life with "joie de vivre", yet she never admits that her banishment to walk the night has hidden benefits, namely the lack of children she meets. As a souless immortal she will never have the joy of holding her own child in her arms and secretly mourns the loss of a loving family . Wary of men (as her aristrocratic family were betrayed by the husband she adored during the French revolution) when she is warned that Acheron is really a Daimon and to beware his deadly executioner, she reacts instinctively when encountering a blond stranger in her home. Grabbing her knife she lets lose a killing throw and is left stunned and secretly scared. No man, Daimon, Darkhunter or Apollite has the ability to burst into light and reappear completely unharmed as Alexion does, and despite his stunning blond looks and her deep attraction she has difficulty trusting him, especially when she knows he plans to kill her friends.

SK offers further juicy tibits in this novel. A Charonte Demon reveals more about Acheron than she should, calling him "The Cursed God" (it appears that Simi is no longer the only living of her species). We also have more puns, fights to the death and red hot bedroom scenes; every new book within the Darkhunter series maintains the same excellent standard as it's predecessors. Some readers may argue over the multitude of characters and the many intricate intertwining story lines but I love them. This book is much more than a paranormal romance, it has action, suspense and a gut wrenching, tears welling in my eyes ending. Well done SK!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 27 February 2014
The Dark Hunter series forges ahead with this, book #9, in which we see a turn away from the New Orleans setting and the Dark Hunter community there and move to Mississippi, with our first Dark Hunter female main character, Danger.

In this story it's almost as if Sherrilyn Kenyon is testing the water and exploring new ground on which to build a path for her DH series. We learn lots more about Acheron and the other beings that make up this fantastic fantasy world. The book also contains a short story at the end, which helps us understand more about the origins of the Dark Hunters. But it's recommended you read the short story before the main story.

Alexion, the male lead in this book, unlike the previous stories, is not a human. He's something else; a Shade, bought back to some semblance of existence by Acheron, to exist as an enforcer of sorts. He wields almost the same power as Acheron and only comes to Earth when evil forces are at work, provoking an uprising.

I wasn't sure whether or not this book would appeal to me, since I've spent so much time enjoying the adventures and intermingled tales of the Dark Hunters in New Orleans, however Keynon's writing is so skilfully consistent and her world so perfectly thought out that even though I was meeting new Dark Hunters, it all still felt wonderfully familiar to me. This was helped, of course, by Ash and Simi, who are without a doubt one of my favourite double acts from this series.

Book #10, Unleash the Night, is already beside me as I type and I see we're heading back to New Orleans. But no matter where this or future books take me, Sins of the Night has sealed the deal with me; this series is worthy of my loyalty and seeing it through to the end! Let's just hope it doesn't come too soon ...
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on 4 July 2005
I am quite surprised at myself for only giving this author such a low score, I recently discovered the DH series and have avidly read them all, but this one. Ouch, okay here goes. The book asks the reader to read the prologue so the reader will understand this novel better, this is before we even get into the book. So now we get onto the characters, weak and repetitive. I found myself wishing a Daimon would end it all for them, sooner rather than later. A DH female and she made her to me, weak and needy, so yep she'd been betrayed by her hubby in the French Revolution and yep she was Dangerous, but please. Credit a girl with more intelligence than this, she fell for the guy too quick. He was the first of the dark hunters, the problem is that to say too much about him, sort of gives the essence of the novel away.
I mean this guy is for the dh thier judge and jury and executioner and I didn't like him, he was a bit of a whinger, yep I suppose I would be as well after what he had gone through, but like the other dark hunters, lean and mean and sexy, sexy and did I mention sexy? Well the Alexion was more give him a hug and find someone else. Dissapointed with this one, it really felt like I had been shortchanged, the author seemed to have rushed it, as if she knew the dark hunter but didn't much care what happened to it. If advice is needed, grab one of the other dh novels and re-read that and sigh, because this book is worth keeping only if you have the others and are keeping the series.
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on 10 June 2014
Although I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of familiar Dark Hunters and Were Hunters I couldn't possibly be disappointed with the book. We get the usual mix of paranormal romance with such amazingly compelling characters. But we also get a whole heap of background information on Ash and the creation of the Dark Hunters not to mention our favourite and much loved demon, Simi. I do love this series.
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on 1 February 2014
Having read the first 5 in the series, not all in the correct order, I would advise anyone interested in reading the full series to ensure they read in the right order. It does make a difference and most of the stories do follow-through in a round about way, even tho they can be read individually.

They are not to everyone's liking but when you are hooked you just have to read the series !!
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on 7 August 2014
Sherrilyn Kenyon never fails to deliver. As expected, a witty, sexy and eminently readable addition to her series. If you haven't tried entering the Dark-Hunter world, don't delay any longer - it's magic!
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on 6 July 2005
The latest Sherrilyn Kenyon is wonderful - full of the trademark humour I've come to expect from her romances and very sexy as ever but we learn so much more about the Dark Hunters in this book.
I could not put it down!
P.s. Love the new covers!
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on 21 September 2011
But somehow it fell short. I didn't feel any connection to the main characters at all and couldn't wait for it to be over. Alexion I could even understand about not having had sex for that length of time when you consider he wasn't based in the earthly realm and with hardly any female companions where he was. Danger supposedly is on earth and saved herself all this time? But male dark hunters do not? OK..... anyway, I felt their story and characters were dull.
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