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on 17 October 2016
We meet ex black ops operative Jim Heron who is living under the radar and working on a construction site. Unaware that his future has been decided by others he receives an electric shock that kills him. He is returned as a Fallen Angel, his mission to rescue 7 souls who will reach a cross road moment in their lives and Jim will help them to decide to land on the side of good. At the end of the series the most souls saved will decide if the Devil or the Archangels win.

His first soul is Vin diPietro who owns the site that Jim is working on. But Vin has his own troubles, he has succumbed to greed and loves only having the best of everything, including his beautiful girlfriend Davina. Jim has sex with Vin's girlfriend in his truck at the Iron Mask, at the time he didn't realise this was who she was until he ends up at Vin's apartment for dinner.

Jim meanwhile now has three companions, Dog and two other fallen angels Adrian and Eddie. They try to teach him what he needs to be doing but he often blunders and doesn't listen.

Vin during a night out at the Mask meets Marie Teresa when he rescues her from a handsy customer. He suddenly knows that what he has with Davina is not right. That evening he attempts to tell Davina its all off but she's found the ring he bought. He tells her she can keep it but that he wants her to move out. He leaves to give her space, unknowing she trashes the apartment and makes it look like he assaulted her out of jealousy over Jim . She rings 911 and reports the assault and gets taken to hospital.

Marie-Teresa is a single mom with a little boy, she is hiding from her very abusive ex-husband, she is wary of men but Trez and iAm protect her. As she lets Vin in, he discovers that he doesn't need the material things in life. But he has a battle ahead of him as he let Davina in a long time ago.
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on 5 October 2009
This one is a slow burner. The beginning is all about setting up the premise, but not in a straight-forward fashion. You get to see Trez from the Brotherhood stories which is always a bonus. And once it gets going, OMG!!!

Winding along, twisting and turning, the heroine isn't your typical good girl, and the hero isn't your typical good guy, and there's a definite reason why the angels have fallen. But this story is hot, as hot as the Brotherhood stories but in a slightly different way. I don't want to give any spoilers (esp since it looks like I'm the first review) so I shall simply say to stick with it, this story WILL drag you in, and you WILL find yourself turning pages quicker and quicker. Well worth the bags under my eyes caused by staying up way past my bedtime to finish it.

I'm off to re-read Rehvenge - looks like I might have to wait a little while before the next J R Ward book but they are most definitely always worth the wait!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 November 2011
J.R. Ward is, without doubt, the best paranormal romance writer out there today. As a massive fan of her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, when Amazon recommended the Fallen Angel series I thought I would give it a go.

I bought the first two books about a year ago, possibly longer. And to my shame they have been sat on my shelf as other books beckoned me.

Paranormal romance is my guilty pleasure it must be said, and there is no bigger pleasure than immersing myself in J.R Wards fictional world, set in Caldwell, New York, which is not only where the Brotherhood live, but also where 'Covet' kicks off from.

I won't go into the plot or the characters because others have done that, and to be honest... I bought the books without knowing and I think you should take a chance and do that too.

What I loved about this book was that there are moments, throughout where The Brotherhood overlaps with the Fallen Angels and it is genius: Phury in his AA group, Butch in church, Trez, as owner of The Iron Mask nightclub and Detective De L Cruz as well. These connections helped me, as a reader, quickly feel at home with story and the setting.

There are all the normal, exciting twists and turns in plot, some real edge of your seat moments, vividly painted characters and scenes that are so well written that, as I have said before, J.R. Ward manages to get the story playing out in your head, just like a movie

Within minutes of finishing the last page of Covet, I had already opened and started to read 'Crave' (book two). And the third book in this series, 'Envy' is now on my Christmas list...

Jim Heron, the main character, is my new hero!

Crave: A Novel of the Fallenangels (Novels of the Fallen Angels)

Envy: A Novel of the Fallen Angels: 3 (Novels of the Fallen Angels)
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on 5 September 2013
Having fallen in love with J R Wards other series the Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) i must say this series is just as fantastic!

JR Ward eases us into the action at the start of this book carefully setting the scene, but be warned you will be blown away once the action begins.
I love how J R Ward crosses the BDB over with this book in small ways, that only readers of the BDB series would pick up on.

This book is full of action, twist and turns, and physical hold your breath moments, not until you notice your chest hurts will you let out the breath, its that good!

Covet is gripping from the start with its angel and demons theme, its fast paced with a strong romance content throughout, one thing J R Ward excels at is she writes action with as much passion and skill as she puts into her sex scenes, they are emotionally charged, and will have your heart beating faster.

Covet has some great humor with Jim's side kick fallen angels Eddie and Adrian, they are just a fantastic set of characters that bounce off one an other.
Jim is ex military so hes got a no non sense attitude that just works so well throughout the book, hes seen his fare share of violence but nothing in his wildest dreams would have prepared him for the next fight he is faced with, he finds himself in the middle of a war he never imagined.

Another 5* read from one of my favorite authors you will not be disappointed!!!
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on 20 March 2013
Having read all of the BDB series to date I was really expecting something much better from Covet, J R Ward has produced, in my opinion, some excellent works with BDB, they are punchy, engaging reads with a clear story line and the characters as so endearing, each with their own personalities that are very clear.

Some of the characters from BDB make an appearance in Covet, Trez has the biggest "part" with a cameo role from Phury and I couldn't make up my mind if Butch was in the back of the Cathedral with is Red Sox cap on or whether is was Saul (the baddie), wasn't really clear.

What do do next? Well, I've downloaded Crave (Fallen Angels 2) and will "have a go" with this one, but can't say that I will finish it, we'll see.

Covet just seemed to lack the draw of her other books, so to sum up, I am just a little disappointed, or maybe I just didn't know what to expect.

I have had to reluctantly award only two stars, which is such a shame I had such high hopes. Hey-Ho!
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on 19 August 2017
This is a very gritty dark series that i have read and enjoyed. All of J R's books are 5 star reads, set in same location as dagger books with fleeting crossover characters. It is well worth a read, a mix of urban fantasy, romance and quite strong horror. A few scenes in these left me gagging on my usual book reading snacks.

If you have a weak stomach beware.
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on 6 March 2013
I started off reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and while I'm waiting for the latest in that series to come out I decided to try the Fallen Angel series. I'm hooked on these too now.
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on 15 October 2009
The Prologue to this book upset me. It was dull, confused, and, as is so often said about JRW, about 80% incomprehensible to a British reader. I tentatively assume she's using some sort of sport as an analogy, but being English, and of the female persuasion, that's as far as I got. I don't know what sport she meant and don't understand what the point was. Put it this way - I had to re-read the blurb on the back to work out why Vin started becoming a main character and what Jim was doing.

I was actually worried I wasn't going to be able to finish the book, especially as I've been a bit fed up with the BDB, and therefore haven't even read Lover Avenged yet - I am waiting for the paperback version.

However, thankfully, once the horrible Prologue was over, straightaway this was an Excellent Book! JRW has definitely benefited from taking a break from the BDB - there was a freshness and energy about this book that's been missing in the later, angst-ridden novels (and let's not talk about the BD encyclopedia - although CF should really do something similar and stop cluttering up her books with that self-indulgent Carpathian language rubbish).

I did think the end was a tiny bit skimpy, and I definitely want to know more about Adrian and the other one, but I am really looking forward to the next in the series, and I did enjoy the little BDB bits, Phury popping up and the references to Rhev.

As soon as I finished Covet I started re-reading Lover Eternal - Rhage & Mary's story is my absolute favourite of the series.
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on 15 July 2012
Having recently fallen in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, I was hoping the Fallen Angels series would fill the gap until the publication of Lover At Last (Blay and Quinn's story). What a disappointment this book has been. In the BDB I love at least 98% of the characters but frankly I didn't give a rat's about one single character in this book. Jim Heron doesn't have even a quarter of the charm, sex appeal and humour of Lassiter (who I hope will get his own BDB story). I found the depiction of the 'British' archangels ridiculous and can only suggest that before she writes about us JRW comes over to the UK and actually meets some Brits for herself. I won't be buying any more books in this series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 October 2009
Jim Heron, a man with a dubious and violent past is selected by both angelic and demonic forces to ultimately decide the outcome of the millennia old war waged between good and evil. Jim has been chosen to influence the lives of seven people as each is tempted by one of the seven deadly sins; whilst their resulting actions will decide whether good or evil finally prevails.

In book one Jim's target for salvation is Vin Di Pietro, a successful but shady businessman who has succumbed to greed; coveting the possessions he has accumulated and the beautiful woman he has in his life. Yet Vin is not totally lost, and the only person who seems able to understand the strange events happening around him is a man who claims he is here to help save his soul.

Of course as an avid fan of this author's BDB books, I cannot help but make comparisons between these two series. Jim and his angelic cohorts are physically similar to the BDB vampire warriors and have the same kick a** attitude when it comes to fighting the bad guys. As they certainly have no problems with violence or sex, the emphasis is definitely on Fallen rather than angel when it comes to labelling this new breed of hero. There are the odd touches of humour I expect from this author; namely Jim receiving divine messages from the television whilst the story line is almost breathtaking; its multitude of sub plots creating an intense, twisting, action fuelled novel capable of satisfying any adrenaline junkie.

The initial action is somewhat slow paced at the beginning of this book as the author sets the scene, but expect to be blown away once the real battle begins. There is also an interesting romance between Vin and his lover; a woman with a past JRW is able to make the reader empathise with, and as expected from this author some seriously hot moments. "Covet" is certainly on par with any BDB novel and definitely has the potential to blow the first series out of the water. Forget vamps, I want a fallen angel.
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