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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2010
I find this novel poorly and perhaps hastily written, very much into introducing new characters etc rather than concentrating on the two main people. It is fast paced, full of action but has no depth, you don't get to know the hero of the story (Dev Peltier) or the heroine properly, it has some rather dry descriptions of their past but somehow they don't grab your attention. It seems to be quantity over quality, breathlessly rushing onto the next book, pushing a character from previous and future novels to the fore. Her earlier books were full of interaction between the main characters and the secondary ones remained that, secondary, but the last few books feel as if the publisher is pushing her and making her write a book with only half her mind on it. Only the most devoted fan could give this book 5 stars.
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on 18 June 2017
Dev + Sam's story is brilliant. Dev is my fave bear. Would love the other bears to have happy endings too.xxxx
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on 12 September 2017
Have loved this series from the first book. I look forward to seeing how each character develops. My only hope is as see more of some of the earlier characters and Acheron reveals his secret to everyone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 September 2010
Since the last Dark-Huntress who took on a significant role in this series was Danger in "Sins of the Night" published in 2005, it's been a considerable wait for another. Well Samia Savage, an Amazonian Queen whose death cry of vengeance was answered by the Goddess Artemis is well worth the 5 year wait. Sam's warrior skills rival that of any hero found in the DH series, and it comes as no surprise that she is a machiskyli; a "Dog of War" considered an elite warrior even amongst the highly trained Dark-Hunters. Yet Sam's psychic ability of psychometry; the ability to "read" an object, is somewhat debilitating as she can be overwhelmed by the history and emotions of anyone who has handled an object she touches.

Her match is Dev Peltier, the bear shifter who has popped up in many previous DH and Were-Hunter novels. His own emotional scars match those of Sams, yet Dev definitely hides his heartache behind wisecracks and sarcasm. His one liners and verbal sparring with Sam are pure SK at her best, and even during major battle scenes, Dev's comments in the face of danger easily raise a smile.

There are plenty of familiar faces featuring but I've got to say I'm not liking where SK is going with Stryker. Yep there's no denying he's a bad guy, but in "One Silent Night" in which he took a lead role, he was portrayed as honourable and although bloody thirsty, his quest was understandable. Well in "No Mercy" he's back to his old ways which seems at odds with the villain with a heart SK made him out to be. I'm also losing patience with Nick Gautier and his angst ridden attitude; come on Nick we know you have a problem with Acheron but get over it already!

That aside, SK has produced a standard furiously paced, action packed DH novel, with plenty of heat between the leading lovers, an imaginative plot plus some intriguing characters that not enough is learnt of despite their increasingly frequent appearances; namely Savitar and Thorn. Even after writing a ridiculous amount of books set in the Dark-hunter world this author still manages to thrill with exciting and new story lines.
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on 18 September 2010
I enjoy this series, the author has the ability to take the reader on an exhilerating journey of passion and heartache mixed with action and humour. However, there have been some complaints about too many characters being introduced and plotlines being dragged out and I have to say that when it comes to No Mercy, I agree with those complaints. Now that Acheron's book has been written I understood that we were now entering another story arc with either Savitar, Thorn or Jaden. Well..that doesn't appear to have happened in this book. Jaden and Jared don't make an appearance. Nick is still acting like a brat (so tired of his behaviour now) and more subplots to confuse us. This book is another bridge which isn't what I was expecting. We already had this in Stryker's book and to be honest for an author of this calibre I expect quality not quantity. As it is, I got neither, the book is small with big print and margins. I would have liked something I can get my teeth into. Unfortunately, I really didn't care about Dev and Samia as there was little character development and more time spent on yet another form of demon and other new characters. The plot was rushed and it had no substance. Okay, it was funny in places but nothing about this book made my heart surge and I felt that the ending was all a little too conveniant. Dev was a Were Hunter and Samia a Dark Hunter, naturally, because of their race and occupations they were going to face some upheaval in their future but 'ta-daa!' it's all fixed in the Epilogue as if by magic. Not good enough I'm afraid. No Mercy does very little to progress with the continuing storylines from previous books and that is very frustrating to me.

I gave it 2 stars because I did enjoy revisiting New Orleans and as I said, it was funny but when you have authors like JR Ward, Larissa Ione and Kresely Cole writing books in excess of 300 pages with excellent plotlines, situations that are resolved in 2 to 3 books and the ability to evoke strong emotions in the reader without fail...I think Kenyon neeeds to step up her game. There are so many secrets and little twists and turns that I find myself forgetting about what has happened and that isn't a good thing for any reader.
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on 2 October 2010
I have been reading Sherrilyn Kenyon's dark-Hunter series for years now, ever since Kyrian's book, but for the last few books probably from Sin and Kat's I have felt like something has been missing. They are still okay books and can be funny at times, but the feeling that the author is being pulled in too many directions due to multiple plots, constantly new characters in the last few book, and way too many series, 10 and counting. Means that I am starting not to care what happens to the characters especially to Nick! I realise that until his own series is finished he will be a brat in the dark hunter books but why did we need more spins off's from this series! I admit Jesse's book is next and for the first time I probably won't buy it. I knew that this was a long series but some books seem to becoming formulaic now, sorry Sherrilyn but you have lost a reader.
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It seems like only yesterday that I reviewed the first Infinity story featuring Nick in Sherrilyn's Young Adult series, so I was a bit surprised when the new Dark Hunter novel landed. Sherrilyn is definitely prolific so it's always a worry about whether its quantity over quality alongside relying upon the author's name to sell the title.

What unfurls within this offering is a mystery with classic Urban Fantasy heroes who strive to achieve their goals whilst dealing with their own personal struggles and insecurities. It's quirky, it's definitely got great dialogue and an old favourite or two also appear. Great fun and something that will happily occupy your time. On a subsequent side note you can read this without having read the previous titles, however, a lot of the in jokes and sub reference will leave the initiate reader wondering what's happening alongside trying to figure what they're missing.
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I really enjoyed this book, finally another female feisty lead in Samia and obviously the delectable Devereaux's story - finally! I've liked Dev ever since we first met him with his witty quick remarks and roguish personality so it's definitely only right that his love interest should be able to keep him on his toes.

This is the nineteenth book in the series and obviously as I've just said features Devereaux Peltier a were bear and Samia Savage a Dark Hunter and member of the Dogs of War. Not only does this story tell Dev and Sam's blossoming love story but we also find out what has happened to Sanctuary since the major battle there in Bad Moon Rising. Dev and Sam's relationship starts off mainly for carnal needs but they soon find themselves actually caring and falling in love with each other even though a relationship between and were-hunter and a dark-hunter being frowned upon. They find themselves having to search and win Hippolytes girdle (an Ancient Amazonian Queen and Sam's grandmother) along with a little help from their friends in order to help protect Sam from the evil that is coming and it is during this quest that they realise how much they actually care for each other.

I don't know if it is because I have read all of the Dark Hunter books so close together with only having started reading them in January this year (2011) but I do find myself disagreeing with some of the previous reviews from long standing fans of the series in that I really enjoyed this book, yes I agree with a lot of the points and agree with some of the previous books not being as good as they could have but for me personally this was another great read. Having just finished this book the new book Retribution has just landed on my door mat this morning and I'm off to eagerly read the latest instalment.
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on 21 June 2011
This is number 19(!) of the dark hunter series and many reviews for the last couple of books have mentioned how the series is past it and is dragging a bit. I would love to say I totally disagree but to be honest I can't. There is a formula to her books and nothing really surprising happened. Dark-huntress (Amazonian Samia Savage) and Were-Hunter (the awesome Dev Peltier) are the latest soul mates of the series and while I still loved the story and the characters and pretty much everything really, I can't help but be aware that most of this comes from the fact that I have been a devoted fan for a long time now and the new bits and pieces just fill in the gaps these days instead of being totally new (understandably).

If I was a new reader at this point I probably wouldn't have been as keen which is a shame - i still look forward to SK's books and know i can get a decent read and a good laugh and this book doesn't disappoint in that respect. My problem is that a few books ago (silent night/Acheron) it appeared that the books would continue introducing us more to characters like Savitar, Jaden, Jared. Nick obviously has a huge role coming and Thorn is another important newbie, however the last couple of books while being good in all the usual ways have not done much to further this storyline along so that while this book is still really great we are still kind of at the same stage were a few books ago. (A reviewer mentioned that this may be to wait for Nicks own spin off to reach its conclusion and if so I hope it's soon or SK should put off writing more DK books until she can make the big picture progress a little more).

The plot obviously centres around Sam and Dev and their relationship but there was also Stryker and his Daimons after Sam and her unusual powers leading to a mission to ensure her protection which was rather enjoyable.
Just purely because of how great she is I have to get picky now: the previous stories had really amazing connections between the main characters and by reading the book you were really drawn in. In this book we didn't get to know the characters all that well and only got small glimpses of both their pasts. Their relationship was also very quick to the point that the book felt split in two. The first bit the relationship the second bit the rest of the plot which was unfortunate.

Ok. This review has been pretty negative but I really loved this book and read it in a matter of hours. I'm still a major fan of SK and her dark-hunters but I do think she needs to decide where she is going with the series because while I am still hooked, from the other reviews it appears that others are not.
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on 25 September 2010
As a long time fan of SK, this latest instalment is just that - another story in what is now a very long line of stories set in the DH world. Dev, a recurring character from Sanctuary takes centre stage. He is a bit funnier than some of the recent leads but the story is old hat, same old daimons, Stryker et al. Ash makes his usual cameo appearances, there are a new class of baddie introduced. Nothing really happens, I would be hard pressed to distinguish this book from any of her last 6 books or so. A brilliant series, now past its peak. Readable only because of my fondness for the world and my wanting to see Nicks story pan out.
Read it but don't expect fireworks.
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