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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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"Psychological thriller" is not a genre I would normally choose but this was a Reading Group selection. At the beginning I was put off by the slightly clumsy structure of a young woman recounting a story through writing a letter to her sister. However after a few pages I settled down for a gripping read.

Bea returns from New York because her sister Tess is missing and pregnant. When her body is discovered in Hyde Park Bea is not happy with any of the explanations offered and sets out to find out what has really happened. It's a fairly complex story involving Tess's affair with an Art Professor who is unwilling to admit he is the father of her child and a clinic carrying out dubious drug trials. Bea becomes more and more embroiled in searching for the truth and alienates both her mother and her partner.

As the story develops there are hints about Bea's own illness. Has she been surreptitiously drugged? Could she be pregnant?

The tension grows throughout the book and the ending is both surprising and shocking. It is a tribute to the writer that the plot had both logic and credibility.

A surprisingly good read......
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I would lie if I said I did not enjoy reading 'Sister' a lot. I did. For a first novel it is massively impressive. But yes there is a but. While the (past)relationship between the two sisters rings very true and is very beautiful too, the alternate narrative between present and past feels sometimes awkward and not quite 'flowing'. Without revealing too much of the suspense I wish to say that quite soon you guess that there is something too odd in the unfolfing story to be really what it seems. But yes maybe that is what the author wants you to feel. So the 'twist' does not come as such a big surprise, but then the 'resolution' of the whole conundrum is really a bit far-fetched and incredible. Personnally I did not believe a split second in the plot explanation but that's fiction after all and can a fictitious story be blamed for not ringing true enough ? dont know. The misdirections were not very well done either but there is no point in finding faults afer all, in what is a thoroughly enjoyable novel-thriller. Good escapist read and no doubt the second one by R. Lupton will be even better.
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on 5 December 2010
I devoured this book in one day, which is obviously a mighty good sign.

I would describe this book as a Crime fiction novel, for people who don't like crime fiction. Like me! Usually I shy away from crime writing, my feelings on the matter being that I read enough scary, harrowing things in newspapers to really want to spend my entertainment/quality time filling my head with fictional gruesome goings ons. BUT, I was recommended this book on amazon based on my previous purchases and thought I'd have a wild card when ordering some books this month.

The story starts off with a mystery - Beatrices sister has gone missing, so she flees New York back home to London to hunt for her. When Beatrices sisters body is found, it is shrugged off as suicide. But Beatrice knows her sister, and knows that something more sinister is at play. The book covers multiple themes:
1. Crime- the twists and turns and red herrings cleverly keep you guessing right up to the final chapter as to the truth of the death and who are the victims/who are the criminals
2. Family - the sisterly bond is so well written and the love between the two girls is so truthfully described. I won't lie, this book has me in floods of tears twice, perhaps as I can empathise with having a close sister.
3. Science - the science element of the book is cleverly weaved in. It's not baffling with information, but enough to feel you have learnt something new by the time you have finished the book, which is a nice addition.

All in all, I really feel like this book has it all. Strikingly, realistically written and completely gripping. It is written in rather an odd narrative structure which I found slightly off putting and strange at first, but there is a point in the book that you realise this tool is for a very legitimate reason and it makes you want to return to the start and reread armed with your fresh slant.

I can't believe I have to wait until 2011 for a new book by this author!
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on 7 September 2010
This book deals with the bond between sisters and with guilt. It's a thriller and a true pageturner that had me sitting up all night reading. The author uses various literary tricks to keep you reading and to keep you guessing what really happened and who, if any, were involved and who can be trusted. If you're bored with detective novels being all about men and Americans, then this is an excellent alternative!
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on 14 July 2012
I was looking for something different in the crime/mystery/thriller genre. The title of this book appealed to me at first, having an older sister myself. I then started to read the preview chapters and was completely drawn in. I downloaded the book onto my kindle immediately as I wanted to continue to read this intriguing story. I didn't exactly finish it in one sitting but it was pretty close.

I'm not going to say what the story is about because other people have already done that. What I will say is that I found it deeply affecting and moving. It's one of those stories that will stay with me for a long time and will make me question what it is to be a sister, mother and daughter.

If you are looking for a fast paced, conventional, police procedural or thriller, then 'Sister' might not be what you are looking for. If you are looking for a beautifully written thought provoking and intriguing story, then I can thoroughly recommend this book.
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on 6 December 2011
I bought the Kindle version of this book over a year ago and somehow it slipped to the bottom of my reading pile. I wish I hadn't waited so long to read it, because I enjoyed it so much, whipping through it in 2 days.

I have a love hate relationship with thrillers, often finding that there's not enough human interest for me, but that's not the case here. The whole story is built around human interest with the lead character recounting how she found out that her sister was missing and how she went about finding the truth about her disappearance. I found the lead, Beatrice, rather cold and difficult to like at first, but her grief opens her up and makes her seem real. Having a close sister myself, I could relate to the relationship that was woven through the book.

I found the plotting gripping and enjoyed hearing it from Beatrice's point of view because it left her interpretation open to some speculation by me as the reader. I was surprised by the road that the plot started going down at about the half-way point because I was expecting something rather more mundane. In actual fact, it was an interesting and well-researched plot angle that had me keen to know how it would be resolved.

The ending is apparently controversial. I personally didn't find it to be so. Yes, there was a twist and no, I didn't see it coming. I had suspicions that something wasn't right but all my speculation was wide of the mark, which I enjoyed. I don't like to be right when it comes to a thriller! I didn't feel that it was left open. I drew a conclusion and I enjoyed thinking about the ending after I had finished reading. Some people like their reading material to be neatly tied up without any loose ends or points to ponder. Fair enough, but not for me.

I would recommend this book to anyone, but I think it is particularly suitable for people who think that thrillers aren't for them, or who have become bored with them. The plot is pacey and interesting and the characters are well-drawn and believable. It was a nice change from the, often formulaic, books being churned out in this genre.
The Kindle edition is generally well-formatted, but there are some lengthy gaps between lines in several places. No typos or errors of that kind.
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on 18 March 2016
Wow - I read this book in less than 3 days, I literally could not put it down. Beatrice is living in New York and gets a phone call to say her younger sister has been missing for a few days. She immediately flies home to help in the search for her. As the search goes on more and more information comes to light. Brilliantly plotted with believable engaging characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be buying more by this author.
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on 28 January 2013
This is the second Rosamund Lupton book that I've read and enjoyed it as much as the first. I read lots of thrillers & crime novels and read more books written by men than ladies so it was an added perspective having female emotions running through the thriller storyline rather than mainly action & speed.
For me the story unravels relationships and roles in the family structure & challenges the view we have of our own roles and why we appear to act in a certain way, how it's easy to label someone as distant when they are actually afraid or think of someone as being unresponsible when they have the courage to live life to the full.

'Sister' is a debut novel and I feel sometimes that shows a little in repetitiveness and the fairly abrupt ending. There is a twist at the end that I see has divided reviwer opinion but I don't suppose an author will ever please everybody at once. I quite liked the twist, it didn't spoil the ending for me at all.

It amazes me with reviews how vastly different people's opinions are about each book, I've recently slogged my way through a book that is getting rave reviews and yet it didn't do much for me, however 'Sister' has some pretty negative reviews and I flew through it in 24 hours, couldn't put it down!
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on 15 March 2016
I found this book an engaging read once I was used to the style of writing and how it flipped between scenes. Occasionally it felt a bit self obsessed and the repetitive nature of the emotions grew a bit irritating. However there is no doubt that the story line was gripping and the twists and turns of the book could not be anticipated in advance so right to the final pages it kept my interest and packed a few surprises!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 November 2014
Well, reading the reviews is itself a major undertaking, not to mention some of the very strange comments.

Although I confess to enjoying this novel for the most part, indeed to finding it compulsive reading up to a point, I have to agree with some of the negative comments. The male characters are at best thin, Emilio Codi especially insubstantial and stereotyped. In addition, despite the fact that the novel had its hooks embedded in me over the first half, I found the second half fell away badly with rather woolly shades of “The Constant Gardner”, but lacking Le Carre’s tightness of control. The ending, not so much the twist as the events, seems alarmingly perfunctory.

On the other hand I still feel that there is a good deal of lively intelligence at work and that it wouldn't have taken a major shift in direction to turn it into a compelling psychological study. Neither would I go along with some of the strictures on the style. The literary allusions seem to me to work well, far more than just there to give a commonplace story an academic gloss as some argue. The writing is literate, far from assured in many modern novels and at its best sharp and penetrating.

The vehemence of the anti-brigade have rather taken me aback and made me re-consider my immediate response. Certainly the "Author Q and A" does the book no favours and I'm less than enthralled to discover that “Perfume” is a favourite novel, though ”The Secret History” and the Anne Tyler make me feel a deal warmer towards Mrs. Lupton. I still feel it was a novel worth the reading and better might follow.
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