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on 26 April 2009
I am not an over generous reviewer so to get 5 stars from me takes some doing. I am a great fan of the BDB books even the last one that got a lot of stick from other long time fans.
This is Rhevs book and I had wondered how I would take to him as the hero given that he is a murdering, drug dealing pimp, but JR Ward did a grand job of making him believable, sympathetic and vulnerable.
The first 100 pages was quite slow, with a lot of Wrath in it, but once the relationship with Ehlena comes into play, I got so engrossed I read until 1am. There is a lot of chemistry between them and she holds her own against a very alpha male. There is not much sex in the book, but enough.
Thorment starts to make his comeback and Wraths story continues. Also John figures, with Xhex being quite prominent in this story.
I did find the ending a little rushed and not as satisfying as I would like. There is a cliffhanging ending but about another character, not the leads.
There has been much debate about whether the BDB books are now urban fantasy instead of paranormal romance - are they? Admittedly there is not much of the explicit stuff but sufficient, and the characterisation is what drives these books. JR Ward is a quality writer and I look forward to her next book.
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on 30 April 2009
Rehvenge has always seemed irredeemably bad, the brotherhood's drug dealer of choice and a decidedly seedy character. There have been hints throughout the series that he's not what he seems - his care for Bella, his sister, for instance; but a man of worth? I had never thought so.

J.R. Ward brilliantly liberates him from the shackles of evil here, painting him as a multifaceted character who would do anything to save the ones he loves - even if it means selling himself to the underworld. I was enthralled by his character. Granted, he's not a brother and neither is he warrior but he has the qualities that Zsadist charmed us with, that Rhage encapsulated - the best bits of the brothers drawn into one character and then twisted into their own unique being.

Half symphath half vampire Rehvenge fits into neither world completely. Symphaths are dangerous creatures, persecuted against and colonised by the vampires; because of this it is necessary for Rehv to hide his true nature and he exists in a web of lies. The web continues to spin when he meets Ehlena, a nurse who treats him for the side effects elicited from not allowing his symphath side to control him. His illness mirrors the symptoms of Parkinson's and he passes it off as such to most. Rightly or wrongly I found Rehv's limitations endearing; he needed a cane to walk and I suddenly found canes unapologetically sexy. There were scenes throughout the novel in which I felt heartbreakingly attached to him.

If Rehvenge is flawed darkness then Ehlena is pure light. She is a character who sees the good in everyone and everything and at her core wants to heal those who suffer. Disconnected from her race, having been born into vampire aristocracy and finding herself on hard times, she both understands and is understood by Rehv. The relationship she shares with her schizophrenic father is lovely and perhaps, in the end, is the reason she is able to accept every aspect of Rehv. Their courtship is delightful, strangely innocent and surprisingly so. Most endearingly it is almost `normal'.

As with previous novels in the series other characters are given plenty of page space. All of the brothers make an appearance at some point or another and it's good to see them back. I particularly enjoyed a subplot that involved Wrath and the developments in his and Beth's relationship. John and Tohrment appear throughout and I began to warm to John's character especially. For the first time I began to have faith in the new age of the brotherhood.

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ward back to her best after the disappointment of Lover Enshrined. Lover Avenged is more in keeping with the earlier novels as it gives equal time to romance and urban fantasy. While not without its flaws, it is sometimes hard to reconcile the drug dealer with the romantic hero, it would be churlish not to award Lover Avenged five stars. Those who have been following the Black Dagger Brotherhood will breathe a huge sigh of relief at finding them back on form and fighting fit.
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on 30 April 2009
Like the majority of readers the last book in the series was a disappointing transition to the new style and I can honestly say I was not looking forward to this book.

The previous books were read in one sitting (apart from Phurys) but Rev's book took me 3 days - not because I didn't enjoy it but because there was a lot to take in and I wanted to slowly absorb the differences between the earlier books and this new direction. This book is a clear demarcation between them and the blending of both styles was, for me, a success. The writing is tight, the hip hop style still working. The world that JRW has built is even clearer than before - loving it.

I won't spoil the story for you but suffice to say that Rev's journey is one you don't want to end, his interaction with Ehlena, Bella, his mother and even the brothers are brilliant.

One complaint, some of the abbreviations made no sense to me, it's either a UK thing or I'm denser than some but it doesn't detract from the scenes as you do get the context.
It was good to see the brothers back together although the interaction with their shellans was minimal to non existent apart from Beth. Mary has a part but there were no descriptions of her just her words so she wasn't totally fleshed out. In this new world that JRW is building, perhaps more interaction with the shellans - how are their lives post-mating? After all, they are such an integral part of their male why shouldn't they be included as after all they are also part of this fight.

I have given this 4 stars as there is still someway to go and although I did enjoy this book I'm not entirely sure if it's ready for hardback but I will buy the next in the series as apart from the odd complaint, I hope that it continues on this new and exciting direction.
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on 12 October 2016
I am in two minds with this book. I have read all the books and feel as so the story is going down hill.


Okay those that read the book will understand what I am saying.

Revenge met Elena and fell in love over the course of a matter of days in my opinion. I didn't feel as if they had a connection. I felt it was rushed.

There are so many characters in the book that the main characters got lost.

I didn't see the romance in the book. I was too interested in the other characters.

They didn't go indepth on who was revenge dad. I felt that was a loss to his character. Or why his mother was taken. They spoke a little about the man his mother married.

I would have like to see more interaction with revenge and his sister Bella. She is only with him for one chapter.

I think there was a lot missing for Elena. It is understood that she cares for her dad. Yet she moves into the first family house and her dad is not mentioned again.

All in all it was a good book but lacking in romance.

You would need to buy it in order to read the next book or you be at a loss
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on 8 April 2017

WOW. With this book its like the author had finally gotten back on the usual BDB track that we all know and love. Phury's book..... Wasn't great to be honest. Too much focus on Cornea opening her eyes to the bigger and more colourful world, and Phury's own problems.... That was a transition book. This, Rhevenge's book, takes us back to the usual pace. The sympaths sound like an alien race altogether. And while not as much hot, intimate action as I would like, I do love the interactions between Rhevenge and Ehlena. Its sweet and almost romantic. Abit too much focus on Wrath and Beth getting back the together, and as much as it was great to see their flame coming back on, I would rather the fire was given to Rhevenge and Ehlena. Still, a fantastic story.
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on 28 November 2010
'Lover Avenged' is the story of Rehvenge, who is not part of the Brotherhood but is related to them by marriage (his sister Bella is married to Zsadist, the main characters in 'Lover Awakened', book three of the series) and he also had dealings with Wrath, the leader of the Brotherhood. Rehvenge has always been a secondary character, mentioned throughout the books because he owns SumZero, the nightclub where the brothers are regulars. You do not know much about Rehvenge except that he is half symphath which he has to keep secret because sympaths are seen as evil and have been banished to the symphath colony.

Rehvenge struggles with both his vampire side (from his Mother) and his symphath side (from his Father), he has many secrets which has led to blackmail and misery for Rehvenge but everything he does, he does for his family and his friends, if his secret is revealed, there will be a ripple effect with more secrets being revealed.

Rehvenge's life changes somewhat for the better when he meets Ehlena, a nurse who works in the clinic which Rehvenge attends for medication which helps to hide his symphath side, Ehlena is different because she is not caught up in the politics which consume Rehvenge's life but can Ehlena accept Rehvenge's lifestyle?

As you know from my previous reviews I have enjoyed all of the books in the series so far but with 'Lover Avenged', J.R. Ward has taken the series to a new level, the story is exciting,there is more drama with the Lessening Society and issues being addressed (something which has been done in the previous books, which I forgot to mention) which makes for interesting reading, it shows that the characters are not perfect and have flaws. There are also political issues within the vampire society being addressed and you cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief that Wrath is in charge.
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on 21 February 2013
Another excellent read in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This novel features Rehv and Ehlena and tells their story as Rehv finds what appears to be true love at last, despite his "other" side.

All of the BDB books I have read have all been excellent, however I skipped Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6) purely because the reviews weren't so good but having done this I found that things must have happened in book six that I was unaware of so when reading Lover Avenged I had to fill in the gaps - so far I've read them in order and having skipped the one I would strongly suggest that they are read in order, whilst each individual book is a different story the author has incorporated some pieces of information that follow through.

All in all the BDB is an excellent series, vampires (although not the Dracula kind), their enemies (Ward has Lessers), romance, a good smattering of sex although and crucially a very good story line!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 February 2010
I have just finsihed this 700+ page book and what can I say. Amazing!

I started to worry with Lover Unbound and Lover Enshirined that perhaps the series was losing its momentumn. The stories were begining to loose focus, and whatever it was that made them special seemed to be slipping. But with Lover Avhenged you can stop worrying, the story is fantastic and all the good stuff is right back in it. The focus of the love story is not solely Rhevenge and Ehlena, but also Wrath and Beth and to a lesser degree (excuse the pun) John and Xhex.

We find out more about the colony of Sympaths and see the strengthening of the bond between Rhevenge and the Brotherhood. The story in some places is truly wrenching and yes I shed some tears. Having read all the books in series now, including the Insiders Guide, I find myself in a strange place, knowing there is another story out there that picks up on the cliffhanger this one ended on, but it's just out of reach. If there was ever a plea to bring forward a release date for Lover Mine, count me in.

The BDB stories are the first book I have read that have actually made me quite anxious for the characters, I found myself willing the outcome to be good and hating it when things went wrong, to the point that sometimes I had to put the book down and take a reality check. To come back later ready to fight the fight witht he characters and make it all better. The stories are total excapism and I will recommend them to anyone looking for a good absorbing read. But word to the wise - read them in order and make sure you have the next one to hand before you finish the one you're on. I bought all 7 before I started and it was the best thing I ever did. I got the insiders guide to and read most of it in betwen Lover Enshrined and Lover Avenghed and the short stories it contains cover the time period GAP in the BDB beautifully.

JR Ward's writing is fantastic, I am a firm fan after only two weeks of being immersed in the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood - because that's how long it took me to read all 7 stories and the IG. I'm definitely going to get the first of her new Fallen Angels series as well. And long may she continue to write about the Brotherhood.
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on 13 March 2017
Good quality arrived quickly well wrapped good price
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on 15 March 2017
One of the best series I have come across. Keep them coming. Wish they were cheaper though. Jan f..end. x
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