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on 6 May 2017
I had previously read Dying to Wake Up another amazing book and saw Saved by the Light mentioned. I've always been fascinated by these experiences and found Saved by the Light another inspiring book. The story of this man's recovery from being struck by lightening awe inspiring, and I'm grateful that he wrote this book. I will never answer the phone when there is a storm, something my Mother always warned me of doing!
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on 8 November 2012
I was very impressed with what this man had to say. What he experienced during "death" was truly awe-inspiring. It does make you more aware that what we do in this life will make such a difference to what happens in the next. It was marvellous to be made so aware of God's love and compassion.
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on 21 April 2017
I am not sure about this guy .
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on 20 March 2017
Could not put it down.
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on 4 August 2013
Dannion Brinkley is for sure a great missionary man chose by the Light Beings to deliver comfort and peace to those who, for any particular reason, have lost their faith in God and/or humanity. By writing this I don't necessarily mean going deep into religions, making big religious commitments nor preaching and pursuing others to follow what is "right" under your own point of view. It's about feeling that light spot right inside ourselves, the "action and reaction" chain force created by love.

This particular book has enlightened me with such feeling of happiness and content that the closest thing I could possibly associate it with is undoubtedly childhood only because of the purity of love.
I couldn't stop reading until I finally reached the end of the book and I've already started to read another one also by D Brinkley.
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on 14 April 2001
I read this book a few years ago after seeing the film on t.v. It has helped to validate what I had already felt and lead me to seek more answers. This book was one of the pioneering books that have lead me to a more spirtual path of life. It is much more than just a near-death-experience. It yet again demonstrates that the messages intended for human race are no longer sent to just holly men but also through anyone who is willing to accept and more importantly to share these messages with others. The truth of Mr Brinkley's words can be felt if the reader has an open mind. This book can also help for grieving people as it helps them to understand that their departed loved ones are safe and protected by the highest form of Love. Well now, that can't be bad! My deepest thanks to the auther and if any one knows of Dannion Brinkley's web site or any updated information on his creations, then please be kind enough to let me know. Thanks and happy reading.
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on 17 March 2011
This is an amazing book in which I was curious to read after seeing his interviews on the internet. I was amazed to hear of his account of dying. This man got struck by lightening three times and died receiving a death certificate each time. He had a near death experience where he was transported to the after life world in which he was introduced to beings of light who told him great truths about himself and the possible future of humanity. It sounds a bit out there for the every day man on the street, not many can conceive of such an account but this is a true story, whether the events were imagined or not is besides the point, they changed his life from being a miserable, angry and unhappy man to being a positive and poptimistic spiritual man. Anyone who is interested in personal transformation and life after death will love this book, it is an absolute must read for anybody interested in the subject and for anyone with an open mind.
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on 10 April 2011
Years ago, when I was a hard-line sceptic and materialist, I read a couple of books about near-death experiences, including Raymond Moody's classic "Life after life". I didn't believe them, of course. Still, I was intrigued. The out-of-body experience reported by many patients close to death, in which the subject "sees" himself from the outside, struck me as difficult to explain. Could this be the smoking gun evidence against the materialist worldview...?

Then, I read Dannion Brinkley's "Saved by the Light" and was repelled. The book cured me from any ideas about dabbling with non-materialist worldviews. Indeed, it had the same effect as a thunderbolt! It would be an exaggeration to claim that Dannion Brinkley scared me from taking the spiritual worldview seriously, but it would not be far from the truth. It's all your fault, Dannion! :-O

I recently re-read the book. "Saved by the Light" is extreme, no doubt about it. The book really challenges the reader's credulity. However, it no longer repelled me as much as it did about 12 years ago, when I read it the first time. These days, my initial reaction to the book amuses me. But do I believe in it? Frankly, I have no idea what to believe. Raymond Moody, who actually hired Dannion Brinkley as his assistant, don't know what on earth to make of him either. He has my sympathy!

The problem with this book is not Brinkley's supposed lie about his time in Vietnam. The problem, of course, are the extravagant claims about paranormal phenomena. Brinkley claims that he can read other people's minds. He also claims to have met spirits or angels during his first near-death experience who gave him detailed prophecies about the future. All of the prophecies have proven to be false, except three: the fall of the Communist bloc, the war against Iraq and a visit by Moody and Brinkley to Moscow.

Cold readings? Co-incidences? Perhaps. Still, the book is a fascinating read. Equally fascinating is the fact that Moody seems to believe in some of Brinkley's claims.

After "Saved by the Light" was published, Brinkley seems to have become a fellow traveller to The Summit Lighthouse (TLS), a controversial new religious movement often accused of being a cult. TSL's leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet mentions Brinkley in her book "Saint Germain's prophecies for the new millennium". Brinkley apparently claimed to have seen the Violet Flame during his near-death experience, something not mentioned in "Saved by the Light". The Violet Flame is a supposed cosmic energy that plays a central role in the religious worldview of TLS.

"You are going to make the Ascension in this life, Dannion".

I'm not sure what to make of Dannion Brinkely and "Saved by the Light", but if you want to test how strong your will to believe really is, there is no better book than this one...
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on 5 January 2006
In 1975, Dannion Brinkley died after being struck by lightning through the telephone. The telephone melted in his hand, and the nails in his shoes became welded to the nails on the floor. Dannion died immediately, and neither ambulance workers, nor hospital personnel, were able to revive him. Twenty-eight minutes later, we woke up in the morgue with a sheet over his face, where he was soon discovered alive by a morgue technician.
One-third of the book is the story of what Dannion saw on the other side. He was forced to undergo a "life review," and it was not pleasant. He had been a bully, and become a soldier. He was forced to relive every incident, with the pain he had caused others, even to animals.
Another third of the book is the story of the positive changes Dannion made in his life in the succeeding 14 years. He then had heart failure and again dies (for the second time) on the operating table. He is again taken for a life review. He is forced to relive again the first part of his life, which is just as painful as it was the first time. Then, when he relives the second part of his life, he is uplifted by the joy he feels. Reliving it in the life review is even better than the events had been in real life. However, the being of light lastly tells him that his work making the "energy centers" on earth is not yet finished, and that he must go back to finish his work. He wakes up in the recovery room.
This is a fantastic book, which can really make a difference in the lives of many people. It shows clearly (as do many other books recounting near-death experiences) that our each and every thought and action are weighed by our intentions. We are held responsible for our each and every action toward others. This book shows that ANY ONE OF US really can change our lives for the better, no matter HOW any of us were before. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in near-death experiences, or anyone who cares about living a good life.
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on 14 December 2004
This book highlights the transformation that occurs at true NDEs, and the psychic phenomena that often accompanies experiencers is shown clearly here. I think this book together with Psychic Gifts Tools to Connect by Dr. Snow (another NDE experiencer) make some of the best reading on transformation from NDEs that I have ever read. Both also highlight how the choices we make here in our lives ripple on through to our death experience, and how we can connect to our higher selves and each other, and fine tune powerful spiritual abilities, right here on earth. We all have much to gain from reading these accounts.
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