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on 22 May 2017
Superb version that adds depth and meaning. As a thirty year user of the I Ching, and of course owning multiple versions, I can state that after acquiring the Total I Ching there is now no need to use any other. It gets better and better with experience too. Karcher's use of language is excellent and the Shamen section to each reading is particularly helpful. Love it.
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on 20 April 2006
In this translation Stephen Karcher brings to bear 30 years of studying the Yijing. He has carefully removed the later moralistic Confucian accretions to reveal the brilliance of the earlier work. For each hexagram he gives the myths and stories which underpin it and which the original authors would have assumed that the reader would have known. These bring clarity to otherwise obscure passages. He publishes articles which further elucidate this book and his approach on the web.
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on 13 July 2015
Not had the chance to read it yet but as by the same author it should be good
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on 16 April 2014
Yes, I really rate Stephen Karcher. He has clearly dedicated his life to this work and it shows. He is steeped in Chinese alchemy, and his writings on the Trigrams are second to none, being written from three viewpoints that could be seen as "Head, body and heart/soul".
He is familiar with the Tradition, yet does not hesitate in translating the Work in ways that enhance our understanding and make the Book of Changes relevant both to our everyday lives and our spiritual understanding. Perhaps not a book for anyone totally new to the I Ching...perhaps start off with his "How to read the I Ching" which is better for novices.
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VINE VOICEon 12 July 2003
This is the best book on the I Ching I have ever encountered, a genuine masterpiece by a true scholar. The introductory chapters opened my eyes to the wondrous mathematical architecture of the I Ching, and to the relationship between hexagrams. To find that there are 'hidden possibilities' and a 'mirror world' contained in each reading was a revelation to me. The treatment of the hexagrams themselves is second to none, rich in detail and redolent with historical, linguistic and mystical understanding of the symbols used by the text. I have used the I Ching for many years and accumulated several translations over that time, but I am awestruck by this contribution. As the title suggests, it does offer everything one might need, including excellent explanations of divination methods and the questioning and interpreting process.
On a personal note, the extra detail in the text has produced some uncanny references to time frames and even dates for my questions. I was thinking of taking a certain course, but perhaps waiting until my daughter had finished university before embarking on the expense. The I Ching urged me to make a move, and to my surprise the changing line suggested, literally, that to wait 3 years was a trap! I looked back on a previously important question and found the advice that to finish in the 8th month would be a mistake. Again this was an astonishingly accurate remark, as I knew from hindsight. Most recently, I decided to consult the I Ching on something of great importance to me. The answer likened my situation to King Wu who, it said, had taken an event on 20 June 1070 as a mandate for change, which had persuaded him to make a divination. The astonishing thing was that it was 20 June 2003 when I had decided to do the same thing!
This kind of synchronicity can send shivers up your spine. It may not work that way every time or for everyone, but I do think that the wealth of detail in Total I Ching offers up the possibility that would be lost in any less comprehensive translations.
This book is a must for any serious student of the I Ching.
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on 23 May 2003
What follows is an unapologetic rave... This book is simply brilliant. I've spent thirty years exploring the I Ching and used more than ten different editions. In 2002, I attended a lecture by Dr. Karcher at the Jung Institute during which he discussed this upcoming translation. Dr. Karcher's impressive credentials included supervision of the first complete English translation of the I Ching on behalf of the Eranos Foundation in Switzerland. At his lecture, Dr. Karcher said that, with his next book, he hoped to make the I Ching less opaque to modern readers without diluting its power. For many months, I have patiently awaited its publication. I am happy to report that the finished book, Total I Ching, exceeds my expectations. Having shared it with many friends, we all agree that the Total I Ching is the most user-friendly and profound translation of the I Ching ever published in the West. There is no question that it will appeal to both novices and experts. My highest recommendation.
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on 21 May 2004
Stephen Karcher's approach to translating and presenting the famed Chinese oracle "I Ching" appears to take on board Jung's famous invocation to "dream the myth onward". The result is a paradoxical conjoining of the ancient and the modern. For each hexagram, Karcher takes us on a penetrating exploration of its deepest roots in Chinese history and mythology, slowly unfolding each little symbol's big picture, and revealing the archetypal material the hexagram might encourage us to consider in context. The result is deeply psychological and gives the modern occidental reader unique access to the ancient oriental wisdom implicated in the oracle's poetry. If you use an oracle to divine, explore, and contemplate rather than to "tell fortunes", then I expect you'll come to marvel again and again at Karcher's wondrous work with this most intriguing old book, as I have.
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on 3 April 2006
I've been an amateur student of the I-Ching for 25 years and have read and used many translations and interpretations. This is quite simply the best. Karcher combines academic scholarship with accessible, user-friendly interpretations of each hexagram. Whether your main interest in the I-Ching is psychological analysis, prediction, self-awareness, or an historical perspective on the I-Ching's symbolism, this book is brilliant. If you have puzzled over other, less insightful interpretations, then try this - you'll return to it again and again.
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on 18 May 2009
I have a dozen versions of the I Ching, but this is the real living oracle.

Wise beyond description, other versions claim great titles, but this is far beyond them.

It's language is simple but speaks to your soul, not caught up in rhetoric and complexity, but at the same time it contains the most mysterious metaphor for every occasion and condition.

Stephen, if you are reading this,
I know I am not alone in wishing you the greatest success and in requesting a hard back version of your great work.

If you are new to the I Ching or are already well versed in the ways of the force, you will not make a mistake in buying total I Ching (ten tortoise divinations cannot control this).
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on 8 June 2009
This book did it for me, it hit the spot. Helped me out with symbols and words that i was able to fit into my mind and feel more positive about the the situation in question! Thanks. Some of the information on the hexigrams became a little bit difficult to follow at the begining of the book,and some practical explanations may of been helpful. But i found it the best 'I Ching' book i've ever read.
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