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on 28 May 2013
I was a bit apprehensive before I started reading this book because some reviewers had commented about the ending and how that they had mixed feelings about Jane coming back as a ghost. I already knew that Jane was going to be killed by a Lesser so I went in with an open mind and decided to reach my own conclusions. I can't say I was 100% sold on the ending, I feel it would have been far preferable had Jane somehow been 'saved' by the Scribe Virgin or by Vishous and in the process given a new lease of life. I think there were missed opportunities that the author could have exploited to come up with a more crowd pleasing ending.

Having said that, this does not mean I did not enjoy the book immensely - the story was really gripping and fast paced with lots of subplots going on. Vishous is most definetely one of the hottest brothers, and Jane a strong and inspirational heroine. I also liked how JM's story is developing in this book. Phury's tale is also starting to unfold, preparing us for the next book which is his story.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is undoubtedly amongst the best in this genre and the author has managed to create a vivid and exciting world that has readers gripped and continues to attract legions of adoring fans. Despite the slightly disappointing outcome for Jane in Lover Unbound, I still think it is a fantastic read and would actually give it 4.5 stars if this were possible.
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on 6 November 2012
I am a huge, massive fan of J.R Ward and love her Blackdagger books, and I am a fan of this series but this for me was a bit heavy, no great one liners that are with other J.R Ward books and while I was reading it I did get a liitle board which is a first for me with any of her books, I think this series needs a shake up, I have no idea what was missing but something was for me, I only dropped a star as it was still a good read but when I normaly finish a book by J.R Ward I normaly sigh and wish I hadn't read it so fast or theres was another chapter but alas not with this one. I still will read the rest of the series to see what happens but I hope the next one has the missing piece that wasn't in Rapture for me.

Rapture has the excitement,action and a bit of romance like the previous books and J.R Ward does a great job showing all sides of the characters good and bad guys still can be good and bad and make good and bad choices,the great twists were thrown in too, I think Matthias being the main lead for me was hard to take too, he was such a git in the last books I found it hard to like him in this one which I think was the point but for me I didn't like him still not even when the book was done, loved Mel she had fire and was a great female lead, as usual Jim and Adrian are big characters and I pray at some point we get to see both of them get a HEA , I would not read this unless you have read the others as the books do follow on and big parts will be hard to follow if you dont know the story or characters, the basic story is Jim Heron has to help a soul in each book make a decision for good. There are seven souls to be won, and so far his winning, if he wins overall, the souls of the dead which currently reside in hell under the watchful eye of his opponent Devina will be freed, if he loses then Davina will have full reign, one of the souls trapped is Sissy a girl Jim met in book 1 who was killed and tourtered by Devina and is now trapped with the other souls in hell. The book ends in a way you dont expect and does leave the reader wanting to know what will happen next I just wish the whole book had been like that.
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on 23 October 2011
Caldwell has long been the battle ground for the war between the Brothers and the Lessening Society. On the sidelines Rehvenge has built a successful business providing his nightclub clientele with whatever they want so it is unsurprising when he is asked to kill Wrath, the vampire King. Rehvenge has secrets of his own to keep, like his true symphath nature that would result in his imprisonment, and when the plots become too much he turns to Ehlena, the only source of light in his dark world.

This is the seventh book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (after Dark Lover,Lover Eternal,Lover Awakened,Lover Revealed,Lover Unbound and Lover Enshrined) and one I approached with trepidation. Not only was the previous book a let down, but this is the longest one yet at 716 pages. This is a total return to form though and I loved it.

The plot is cleverly done and there is a lot of it. Rehvenge's life is more complex than the previously featured Brothers, and this book reflects that showing his separate business, family, symphath and romantic lives. It also has different plotlines relating to Xhex and John Matthew whose relationship gets even more complicated and messy (luckily their book is next), Lash's new life as a lesser and his role within the Lessening Society and Wrath's changing role as fighter and King. There is so much story here I became a little overwhelmed but it is well paced with a ton of tension.

I've liked Rehvenge ever since his introduction as the Reverend at the beginning of the series. We've seen him grow and change throughout the books, showing his protective family side and the responsibilty he has taken on to keep Xhex safe. He lives in a very dark place because of his responsibilities, and Ehlena is brilliant for balancing out Rehvenge's darkness. As someone who cares for a parent I can say that her emotions as a carer are spot on and this really made her character come to life for me.

The ending is incredible, giving all the characters an opportunity to be the best they can be - even Wrath and Tohr who had occasionally annoyed me earlier in the book. It reshapes the BDB world and also leads straight into the next book so I can't wait to see where the author goes from here.

All in all this was an awesome read and I can't wait to get stuck into Lover Mine.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 9/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 48/50
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on 16 March 2013
This is one of the few books that I’ve had to think about before writing a review or committing my thoughts to “paper” (as it were). I have read all of the BDB books to date (can’t wait for book 11 later this month) but made a decision not to read Lover Enshrined – because of the reviews, there was one in particular that made me think that the book would be wishy-washy, that it was slow and that most of the Phury’s story took place in “the other side”, as I like a fast paced novel (and nearly all of the BDB series is) I decided to skip book six. I’ll be totally frank, the only reason I downloaded it was because I didn’t know what to read next and wanted something to fill the gap between finishing the last and book 11 being launched.

Personally I enjoyed Lover Enshrined, I liked it very much – yes, it’s not as fast moving as the others but it is still a very good story that brings in other characters within the series, I now wish I had read this when I should have done, that is after book 5, as it tells us how Lash came to be a lesser, the full story as well as other details that were missed by skipping this initially.

In short a good story – not as fast paced as the other but still worth reading.
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on 30 June 2013
This book is the second book from the brotherhood series in which I read many negative reviews, but was greatly surprised with how good it actually was.

I see many people comment on the fact Ward is using more vulgar language, honestly I'm not bothered or petty enough to let it change my view on book, the swearing is used by NEW different characters which reflects their personality.

I really wasn't sure on Rhevs character at the beginning if the series, but I am won over with this and love him as much as the brotherhood. The same with Xhex, she's badass. We see the introduction of Payne, who seems pretty funny. Thorment, who is fighting his way back again!!

Some upsetting moments to do with wrath, but I'm glad we finally hear a lot more of Wrath and Bellas story again.

I was very hesitant on reading any more brotherhood books for a while after being disappointed with Phurys story and reading about the other books in the series I had yet to read, I felt like I was just going to dislike the series eventually, but I have been pulled back from that with this book.

Again I skim read the lesser parts, read what seemed significant in them parts.
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on 25 June 2012
Thank goodness we seem to be back on form !!
This book focuses on Rehvenge who is a half breed, half vampire half sympath. This character has been on the fringes of the other books and to be honest I wasn't sure if I would like him. He is the owner of Zerosum one of the brothers favorite hangouts, and as the owner he is involved in all the dodgy dealings of drugs, prostitution and gambling. I must say I was so pleasantly surprised by this character, and by the end of the book thought the guy was a great addition to the cast of characters!
Rehvenge meets and falls in loves with the kind and caring Ehlena after she treats him whilst working at the vampire clinic. There romance is a sweet one which I thought developed really nicely over the book, I especially thought there phone calls were really cute, the no you hang up moments showed the relationship develop nicely.
This book also focuses on the relationship between Wrath and Beth, and Wrath's relationship with his failing sight. I thought it was nice to revisit this all important couple as they have stayed in the background of the other books.
At last we seem to have a bad guy worth hating in the form of Lash, I still found the surrounding lessers to be a bit annoying but bearable. I hope the plan is to make him bigger and badder !!
As JR Ward crams even more great characters into the book I start to find that this makes them to full of story. (sorry cant think of a better way to put it) Instead of keeping to the plot line detailed in the blurb there are many more strains of story throughout the book you also have the developing attraction between John and Xhex and Thor readjusting to life back at the brotherhood mansion just to name a couple. Its as if she can see where the story is going and wants to cram it all into the one book, which for me is sometimes story overload!!
Overall I really enjoyed the read. For me nothing so far has beaten Lover Awakened but this seems to be back on form after the slump that was Lover Unbound and Lover Enshrined, just my opinion.
Towards the end I was all excited to see what happened and the cliffhanger you were left with had me downloading the next book to my Kindle straight away. The next book focuses on John Matthew and Xhex so I can't wait :o)
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on 28 November 2010
'Lover Avenged' is the story of Rehvenge, who is not part of the Brotherhood but is related to them by marriage (his sister Bella is married to Zsadist, the main characters in 'Lover Awakened', book three of the series) and he also had dealings with Wrath, the leader of the Brotherhood. Rehvenge has always been a secondary character, mentioned throughout the books because he owns SumZero, the nightclub where the brothers are regulars. You do not know much about Rehvenge except that he is half symphath which he has to keep secret because sympaths are seen as evil and have been banished to the symphath colony.

Rehvenge struggles with both his vampire side (from his Mother) and his symphath side (from his Father), he has many secrets which has led to blackmail and misery for Rehvenge but everything he does, he does for his family and his friends, if his secret is revealed, there will be a ripple effect with more secrets being revealed.

Rehvenge's life changes somewhat for the better when he meets Ehlena, a nurse who works in the clinic which Rehvenge attends for medication which helps to hide his symphath side, Ehlena is different because she is not caught up in the politics which consume Rehvenge's life but can Ehlena accept Rehvenge's lifestyle?

As you know from my previous reviews I have enjoyed all of the books in the series so far but with 'Lover Avenged', J.R. Ward has taken the series to a new level, the story is exciting,there is more drama with the Lessening Society and issues being addressed (something which has been done in the previous books, which I forgot to mention) which makes for interesting reading, it shows that the characters are not perfect and have flaws. There are also political issues within the vampire society being addressed and you cannot help but breathe a sigh of relief that Wrath is in charge.
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on 4 May 2015
The bad boy with a soul. OMG Rhev's story was a roller-coaster of eye blinking, heart pulling, gut wrenching moments and didn't I just fall head over heels for the Mohawked drug lord. Who knew sex & drugs could be so hot? But he does it all to protect those he loves.

Ehlena rocked, her compassion and love produced another strong lead

Xhex has become my heroine! Loved everything about her and a damn strong female!

JM's story is about to explode, Payne is mentioned, Thor is gaining strength all this plus the Lash thread and a lesser I actually love! Mr D the Little Texan.

Gah! Need my next fix
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on 8 March 2014
After the tedious book Lover Enshrined I was was really worried about the next book but I needn't have because she was back on track meaning that the book was all about the main characters Rehvenge and Ehlena. Again the story was beautifully told with all the sub plots within their romance.

I liked the story between Wrath and Beth it showed how their relationship is growing (dealing with trust issues) and also that the other Brothers made an appearance. Glad to see that Tohr is on the mend and I love Lassiter(does he have his own book?)
Also the story between John Matthew and Xhex develops which I believe is the next book so looking forward to that.

Just one tiny gripe the SLANGS!!!! NFW, POS. I have to keep going to my ipad to find out what they mean.It is annoying.
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on 21 February 2013
Another excellent read in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This novel features Rehv and Ehlena and tells their story as Rehv finds what appears to be true love at last, despite his "other" side.

All of the BDB books I have read have all been excellent, however I skipped Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6) purely because the reviews weren't so good but having done this I found that things must have happened in book six that I was unaware of so when reading Lover Avenged I had to fill in the gaps - so far I've read them in order and having skipped the one I would strongly suggest that they are read in order, whilst each individual book is a different story the author has incorporated some pieces of information that follow through.

All in all the BDB is an excellent series, vampires (although not the Dracula kind), their enemies (Ward has Lessers), romance, a good smattering of sex although and crucially a very good story line!
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