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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2007
This is my second Lisa Kleypas book that I have read, and I thought it was excellent. I started this yesterday lunch time and finished it last night. Unfortunately for me I already knew who she was going to choose at the end of the book, so if u dont want to know, do not read the synopsis on Amazon for Lisa's new book at the end of the year "Blue-Eyed Devil".
Liberty was a very likable character, she was very well written and as a reader you can find yourself relating to some of the issues etc
Gage was just an absolutely gorgeous character, I liked him from the start even when he was being horrible to her.
Hardy, he was a good character, except I didnt like him towards the end, but I won't go into details of why I didnt, cos when read its obvious.
Overall for my second Lisa Kleypas book this was very good, and I cannot wait to my others arrive in the week :)
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on 25 November 2011
don't get me wrong people I love Lisa Kleypas and I have read many of her books, but this was advertised as a romance novel, wasn't it??

I bought this book thinking it was a romance novel, but when I started reading it, there was no romance whatsoever, not even halfway through the book.

The story starts off with the main character as a kid, then a teenager, then an adult who moves to the city, but she doesn't even meet Mr Right until near the end of the book????

Not the usual style of Lisa Kleypas, her usual style in romance novels is far different to this style of story telling, although I still love her writing style, but this was advertised as a romance for adults, not a teenagers book unless I'm missing something.

I was very disappointed because Lisa Kleypas is capable of much more, I wasn't inspired to keep reading this book and sent it back for a refund because this was not what i was led to believe, in particular because there was no romance with the 'sugar daddy' until near the end of the book, and to be honest, i have no idea how it ended because the climax died after realising that there was no romance.

This book confuses me I felt like I was reading a different story from the one explained on the back of the book.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 March 2007
Welcome, Texas is home to Liberty and Hardy Cates. Both hope to see Welcome only in rear view mirrors. She has always wanted a family and knows very little of her own relatives. On her father's side they're scattered across the state, and for some reason Liberty's mother refuses to discuss the family from which she came.

One day as Liberty is walking along she is frightened by two pit bull dogs and begins to run. She slips on the pebbled path, falls, and covers her head with her arms fully expecting to be bitten to death. But instead of bites she feels two strong arms lifting her and she looks into Hardy's eyes. That chance meeting would change both of their lives forever. There is, of course, an immediate attraction and the two fall in love.

Hardy is an ambitious fellow and falling in love wasn't part of his plan for success. He leaves Welcome and a broken hearted Liberty. After some time passes Liberty also leaves Welcome and finds a job in a large city. Once there she meets and is befriended by a very wealthy older man, Churchill Travis. After becoming Churchill's assistant and sparks begin to fly with his son, Gage, Liberty begins to enjoy life again, she is peaceful, content........until Hardy reappears. The eternal triangle!

Romance readers will take to Liberty as a worthy heroine, enjoy her adventure, and cheer for her all the way.

- Gail Cooke

- Gail Cooke
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on 19 October 2011
This is a type of book, that I usually feel 5 STARS just won't do it justice! More like 10 STARS!!!

While putting this amazing book on to my favourite shelf, I can't stop feeling overwhelmed by the story I just read. The story that covered almost a lifetime of a small family, but what a journey it has been.

Liberty Jones fell in love with Hardy Cates when she was just fourteen. But Hardy craves a life bigger and better than their hometown of Welcome can offer. While he's fond of Liberty and feels a responsibility to protect her, her crush is a complication he doesn't need. Yet despite all his plans and ambitions, they are both drawn to each other. But as he follows his dream he chooses to leave town, leaving Liberty broken hearted. She's all alone and left with her baby-sister in her hands, but Liberty is determined to make their life better.

I have to say that Liberty's character was such a massive inspiration. She's gone through so much, yet she still found the strength to carry on and fight for better life. She didn't give up for a minute, even at the toughest of times.

I was so excited when she met Gage Travis and it was interesting to see how their relationship developed, knowing that a big part of her heart would always belong to Hardy. And just as everything gets better with Gage, Hardy, now successful & rich, comes back into her life to claim her. Talk about wrong time, wrong place... What would Liberty do? Would she stay with Gage or would she finally be able to be with Hardy? Her heart is divided... I loved how Lisa Kleypas made my heart ache as though I almost had to make that choice myself, because I was so drawn into the story.

I think I read this book in almost a day, and that's rare for me, but I just couldn't put it down from beginning till the end. Now I am onto the next book in the series and I'm sure it won't disappoint either!
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on 11 August 2011
I'm a huge fan of Kleypas' historical romances and so started reading her contemporary books with some caution fearing that it may not have been wise for her to venture from her comfort zone. While the book itself was entertaining enough for me to get to the end, the main reason I could not give it anything higher then a 2 star rating is simply because the heroine does not end up with the right man.

I completely understand the concept of 'first love' and the fact that people change over the course of several years. However, my problem is that Kleypas does not make it believable that Hardy and Liberty's love was just something of the past. Liberty spends majority of the book consumed in her feelings for Hardy. The way Kleypas conveys their feelings to the reader makes you convinced that he is the love of her life and that they are destined to be with each other. As Hardy leaves Liberty one quote in particular comes to mind. He tells her; "I'd sell my soul to have you. In my whole life, you'll always be what I wanted most". How is it possible for the reader to not expect him to fight for her? How is it possible for the reader to believe that he would ever love anybody or anything else more? Most of all, how is it possible for the reader to conceive the idea that they are not meant for one another?

What annoyed me even further is the fact that nearer the end of the book, Hardy turns out to be a cold hearted villain who cares very little for Liberty at all. Instead he is much more absorbed in his business endeavours and lets Liberty walk out of his life with nary a protest. It is obvious that Kleypas used this as an easy way out, allowing Liberty to turn to Gage. After the amount of time that was invested into the Liberty and Hardy storyline, I could not help feel cheated out of a satisfactory conclusion.

Perhaps the reader could have understood her motivations in choosing Gage had it seemed as if their feelings for each other were anything stronger then lust. As far as I recall, they seemed to have one conversation together and suddenly Gage decides to dump his girlfriend and is practically committing himself to Liberty. I found it highly unrealistic that a man of his experience can suddenly fall so hard and so fast when there were not even any real sparks between them. Their physical relationship just seems so out of place with the Liberty who needed help with an algebra test, the Liberty who couldn't play basketball to save her life, the Liberty who raised Carrington on her own and most of all the Liberty who was consumed with her love for Hardy Cates.
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on 11 May 2015
I thought at first that the first 3rd of the book was a little slow but once I got into it then it all made sense. The book would not have been the same without it. When it all started coming together it was a wonderful story and I love the characters. You get to know them so well and can relate to them love them all. I'm so pleased she made the right choice I was on tender hooks until she did.
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on 6 June 2007
I was very dubious about trying a contemporary book by one of my favourite historical authors as in my past experience, they haven't been nearly as good. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Sugar Daddy; it transported me off to another world and I read the entire book in one sitting. It made me cry and made me laugh and it was so nice to know that there's someone else out there with the same hopes and fears for a relationship, even if she is a work of fiction!

The first person narrative made a nice change and was different from anything Lisa had ever done before and I would certainly recommend this book to relatives and friends and will be looking out for her next contemporary work.
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on 7 January 2009
Before I read this book I was sure I wouldn't like it. But From the moment I started to read it I hated to put it down. This book made me laugh, cry, and made me feel good. The world is so full of negetive things, it's good to be able to loose yourself so completely in a book. The book flowed well and I never once needed to skim read it or jump pages due to bordem. I would reccommend this to anyone even if they aren't a romantic at heart kinda person because it would reach you at some level. I would strongly reccommend this book.
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on 29 December 2011
Let me start off by saying that I am a huge Kleypas fan. I think I've read every one of her historical romances, so I was expecting big things from Sugar Daddy. Unfortunately, and perhaps because of my high expectations, I was disappointed. I got this book as a Christmas present and got to reading it straight away. There will be romance, sexy times, and lots of emotion, I thought. But there wasn't all that much. Yes, there are tender moments, sad ones, happy ones, but nothing that made me get a tingly feeling that usually comes with a top notch read.

The big problem? Well, there really wasn't all that much romance. There's some at the beginning, some at the end. Really, Sugar Daddy is about Liberty Jones' life, her struggles and her accomplishments. The romance is almost an afterthought. It was by far the weakest part of the book, which is, admittedly, written very beautifully. The biggest disappointment was the big decision Liberty has to make. It was too easily overcome, dealt with in a few pages. I expected more struggle, heart-wrenching tears, but there were none.

And when I put the book down, one thing kept niggling at me. Why on Earth was the book titled Sugar Daddy?
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on 8 April 2011
I keep rereading this book and I love it every time. It has been a long time since I have been so emotional while reading a book. I love the story and I love the people. The characterisation is brilliant and I completely got Liberty. I have always loved Lisa Kleypas and I adore her for writing such a wonderful story. I greatly dislike authors that go from romance to blood and gore and mad serial killers. Ms. Kleypas wrote a perfect contemporary story.

Spoiler alert

I usually don't like when the heroine only meets the hero in the middle of the book, but here that's the way it has to be. This is a book about Liberty and her ability to love. After the complete heartbreak of her youth, she still loves and inspires love. I feel like an idiot writing this, but it is much easier to criticise a book than to explain how much you love one.
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