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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 February 2017
Yet more reading and less sleep. Housework awaits for me to do what I should have this morning.. awesome - just awesome. Could you not bring in an older human female.. I'm 65 and escapism with one my age to these centuries' old Carpathian men.... Sigh bringing her in to meld and be rejuvenated - for her life through conversion...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 January 2010
This is my second time of reading this series and I have to say Lucian is another of the characters that I looked forward to reading about again. Lucian is the most revered and feared of all Carpathians' he is probably the most powerful being on the planet. For the last two centuries he has pretended to be a vampire so that his beloved twin brother Gabriel would devote himself to hunting him and be unable to turn vampire himself. It has been long since Lucian has had emotion or seen colours, so when he finds Jaxon and these things return to him he knows he has found his lifemate.

Jaxon has her own history, tracked her entire life by an obsessed family friend who has murdered anyone she has ever dared care for, she seek to protect Lucian from a similar fate by trying to deny the chemistry and attraction between them.

As they battle together against vampires, ghouls and seek to draw Jaxon's stalker away from those they care about their relationships develops. As domineering as Lucian is (as well as being the oldest Daratarzanoff brother) he is the first we meet in this series who allows his mate to take an active role in the hunting and facing of thier enemies.

The Daratarzanoff brothers are my favorite Carpathian's I have to say, and whenever I read about them I can never work out who I like most, but if anyone its definitely one of them. If you enjoyed reading about Lucian and have not read any of Christine Feehan's other books I recommend firstly to read the in order, but in particular the rest of the brothers:Dark Magic - Gregori, Dark Fire - Darius, and Dark Legend - Gabriel. Dark Challange is also a good one as it is about Julian Savage and his lifemate Desarai, who is the younger sister to the Daratarazanoff boys.

Such a brilliant book!!!
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on 24 May 2005
I really have no idea what the first reviewer is wittering on about. This is the first of Christine Feehans books that I have read, in fact my first vampire book. I was enthralled from start to finish and have developed a thirst for more. I like the idea that there is this seperate race of beings that have untold power but still need to love and be loved. Lucian is what every woman wants, a powerfull man to love and protect her but who has the sense to let her be her own person. The power of this book is about balance. Lucian in spite of his strength and incredible abilities still needs a woman to ground him and keep him from self destruction. Jaxon is an intersting character in her own right with her own seperate abilities. This book works because you care about what happens to the main characters and want to follow their progress. This book made me want to live in their world, made me want to fight vampires, to be converted, and I don't think that the next time my husband nibbles my neck that I'll feel the same way about it! I have always given vampire tales a wide birth as I used to think that there was somthing uncomfortable about the thought of a male physically dominating a woman but with the way Ms Feehan as made Lucian vulnerable to the power of love and the way she descibes the need for him to cherish and protect his 'lifemate' make this story heartwarming. The sex scenes are finally crafted without to many euphamisims or to little detail just enough to pull you in without being overly salacious I intend to start from the first book in this series and follow through to the end as I'm keen to get to know the other members of this vibrant sexy world that this author has created.
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on 31 August 2003
This is my first Christine Feehan's Dark series and boy, am I hooked! Lucian is probably the most powerful of all the Carpathians, the oldest of all the ancients and gifted with a power beyond the imagination of most. Feared by even the ancients of his race, Lucian's existence was an extremely solitary one, especially when he had to break off his relationship with his twin, Gabriel. Despite all this, once he meets Jaxxon, his human lifemate, he became an extremely gentle (well, by Carpathian standards anyway) lover. Patient with her fears (not that she has that many. Jaxon is my favourite heroine in all the Dark books), protective of her feelings, strong and sexy Lucian is her perfect match. The love scenes in this book are hot, as is Ms Feehan's trademark, but the characters' obvious love for each other was also well expressed. Other than the final meeting with Jaxxon's step-father, I felt that the whole story ties together brilliantly. A wonderful hero, a courageous heroine, this is a book that you can enjoy your quiet evening in with and dream about the hero after.
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on 26 August 2002
This was the first book i read from Feehan's Dark series - i picked it up in an airport for an easy read on the plane and was hooked! My intention of discarding it at my destination was thrown out the window. Ive never really been a fan of writers who go all out to descibe in minute detail explicit love scenes, but Feehan does it with such panache and skill and weaves the fantasy/supernatural themes through it so cleverly, that i couldnt help but like it. She kept the pace of the plot going throughout, teasing the reader with little snippets of info on the carpathians so i couldn't put it down for the duration of my flight - 8 hours, which went by so fast i truly didnt notice! Lucian was just the right mix of dangerous and desirable male, while Jaxon - who started out seeming inaccessible and too independant - gradually showed her vulnerable side and opened up. They made a great couple. Now i just have to start reading the series in order to understand the background, and the characters feehan kept referring to! Can't wait....
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on 4 July 2008
I found this book to be a much better read then the other 'Dark' books I've read.

However,I felt the author should have made Jaxon more objective to her 'Carpathian' transformation, instead of calmly accepting it. After all she is supposed to have a very independent nature!

The other complaint I have about this book is the use of the word 'honey'
Come on, Lucian is 2000yrs old, with Old World manners. So, wouldn't he use terms of endearment he learnt eons ago before he lost all emotion, and since his speech tends to reflect this, instead of the modern day endearments?
Except for those 2 objections, I enjoyed the book and found I couldn't put it down, till I reached the end. The chemistry between the H/H was great, very believeable.

A star less, because of the two complaints.
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This another superb edition to Christine's DARK series.. this time featuring Jaxx she's a woman who has had everything she loves or befriends taken away.. violently.. by her deviant of a step father.... enter.. Lucian.. Lucian is the twin brother of Gabriel featured in Dark Legend.. Jaxx is his lifemate.. its highly entertaining because Jaxx is worried that her stepfather will kill Lucien.... he laughs it off... he finds it intriguing to find someone who is not frightened of him... but for him...... I shall say no more of the story.. but its excellent..
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on 20 August 2003
I have long been a romance fan and am a strong fan of Linda Howard,Nora Roberts and Stephanie Laurens et al. But living in the uk it has previously been difficult, to find new romance authors. Because of this I have paid keen interest to the amazon suggestions and reviews. These reviews have introduced to the truly excellent Karen Mairie Moning and Julia Quinn.
After such a wonderful introduction and despite being new to paranormal romances, I was willing to try Christine Feehan.
I bought both Dark Guardian and Dark Prince. I found them to be engrossing reads. The female roles she created were strong and engaging. And the sense of passion she creates between the 2 characters leaps of the page. If this was all I would have been able to rate Dark Guardian higher.

However my major reservation with both books is the lack of conscious choice that occurs. That two such strong women are seduced into another world during times when they are most vulnerable was something I found distrubing. And for the characters, author and readers seriously disappointing, all of whom deserved better. This was not romance.
However even with this reservation, the quality of the good bits in the story were enough to encourage me to read some of the others in the seris. It is my hope that in those books where both Characters are Carpathians. I will find the best of this book without the worst.
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on 24 September 2009
awesome tale about one of the oldest carpathians, lucien, who finds his lifemate in the form of jaxon the poilce officer. she is being plagued by her stepdad who killed her family and now anyone who is close to her as he thinks she belogs to him and no one else. lucien, being carpathian and her lifemate, is overprotective and so sure of himself he fails to see any danger to him until he is shot from a distance behind bu=y her stepdad who he then kills once he has been healed from the inside out.
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on 25 November 2013
This book is one of many well written vampire books by an amazing autor that captures the reader in a world of romance colour and detail. Not like todays puff vamps that sparkle in the sun! They don't sparkle they burn! They're violent brooding creatures of the night. No one story is like another in this series, it has a way of keeping you on your toes making you want more. I have stayed awake for 8 hours reading this, I'm hooked. And I don't need rehab from this one!
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