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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2000
A wonderful treat to read another of the Cynster stories and I must confess to being hooked. I found Flick to be a very lively and engaging heroine and Demon sounded even more attractive than the other Cynsters (if this is possible). A good story and I'm glad to see that the passion developed so early in the novel, it gave it that extra twist, also nice to read a story where the heroine has a nice name. Though I love Devil's Bride, I admit to cringing every time the name Honoria was written. Overall, another recommendation to any true romance lovers.
My only complaint is the over use of the word 'humph', a seemingly persistent fault ominously present in all of the Bar Cynster novels. I'm sure that I can't be speaking for myself only when I say that this is ever so slightly annoying, and really effects the overall enjoyment of such a wonderful romance series.
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on 2 January 2000
'A Rogue's Proposal' was another fantastic book in the Cynster series. Demon is a very sexy hero, and Flick was a very likeable heroine. I adore all the Cynster men, and I can't wait till July when Gabriel's story is released! Stephanie Laurens is one of the best romance authors I have ever read. If you want to find out about her other Cynster stories, go to the Avon Ladies website, where she has her own homepage. It also tells you the order in which her other books will run. After Lucifer's story, it's the turn of the Earl of Chillingworth, then Amanda Cynster, then Amelia Cynster, and then Simon!! She's thought far ahead!! Well done, Ms Laurens, keep up the great work, and (of course) the hot sex scenes!!
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on 8 March 2003
Book 4 in the Cynster series - or Book 5 if, like me, you count The Promise in a Kiss as Book 1 - features Vane's younger brother Harry, known as Demon. After seeing three of his fellow Bar Cynster members happily chained in marriage, Harry knows that he'll be next if the women in his family have anything to do with it. So he decamps to his stud at Newmarket, a place where he's very sure he won't encounter any marriageable women.
A new jockey at his stables catches his attention - the jockey's bottom, in particular. It's not a man's rear. And he's right: the jockey is actually Felicity Parteger, the ward of his nearest neighbour. She's investigating a race-fixing scandal - the obligatory Laurens A-plot and this time, thankfully, one which doesn't take over the story. The last time Harry - Demon (I really think these nicknames are silly!) - saw Felicity, she was in pigtails and still obviously a teenager. Now, she's 20 to his 31, and she's beautiful. Not only is she beautiful, but he's attracted to her.
To my relief, this story proceeds a little differently to the four earlier books. Harry actually *fights* his attraction to Felicity - Flick, as he calls her - and he doesn't propose until almost half-way through the book. Very sensibly, Flick turns him down. She's been in love with Harry all her life, but she knows that he doesn't love her. He proposes for reasons to do with propriety and also, as she knows, because he finds her attractive. But she will only marry for love.
How their courtship develops, against the backdrop of the A-plot and, eventually, the London season and the rest of Harry's family, is generally well-told. This time, Laurens develops the romance steadily and well, instead of marrying her characters off in the first half of the book and thus taking away any romantic suspense. This is *definitely* an improvement on the earlier books, and I really felt as if I was reading a love story.
I also liked Flick a lot. She's an independent young woman with a mind of her own, and she's determined not to be pushed around by Demon. She has a sense of humour and intelligence coupled with innocence, but she won't let Demon use his greater experience and age to get the better of her. One of Laurens' better heroines so far.
But there's still the unanswered question of how Laurens' heroines manage to escape pregnancy while they're blithely and happily having sex with their men before marriage.
Laurens' choice of nickname for her hero here led to a lot of distracting repetitions, too: "Demon leashed his demons..." and similar phrases occur throughout. And she *really* needs to look up 'disinterest' in a dictionary. It does *not* mean 'lack of interest'; it refers to a state of non-involvement or objectivity.
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on 14 September 1999
In 1820, Harry Demon Cynster vows to not fall as his relatives Devil (see DEVIL'S BRIDE), Vane (see A RAKE'S VOW) and Scandal (see SCANDAL'S BRIDE) have and take women into his heart. He wonders who will be the fourth member of the Bar Cynster group of six male cousins trapped in the arms of a loving woman? However, Demon believes no lady will ever gain his love. Still, he flees London to the "unfettered freedom" of his Newmarket, Suffolk estate where no female plotters exist.
His hope for escape immediately splatters when he recognizes a new male employee can only be a female in disguise. Demon realizes that the newly hired Flick is actually Felicity, ward of his neighbor General Sir Gordon Caxton. She explains that she is incognito because she cares for the General. Her disguise is to help expedite Gordon's irresponsible son from a race-fixing racket. Unable to resist her lure, Demon agrees to help Felicity. Circumstances force them to spend a night together. The honorable Demon offers marriage with passion and no love. Felicity wonders if that is enough.
The formulas of the Cynster books are simply adaptations of one of the prime directives of the Regency romance sub-genre: A rake falls in love with an exceptional woman. Logic figures that by book four of a series that in essence repeats the same theme, the novel would be flat. Instead, quite the opposite is true as A ROGUE'S PROPOSAL is the typical exciting, non-stop action enjoyable work that fans expect from Stephanie Laurens. The story line provides insight into 1820's horse racing with an emphasis on the fixers rigging the events. Demon is a great character, but it is Felicity who steals more than just his heart. She attains the hearts and souls of the audience. Readers will demand early release of Gabriel and Lucifer's story.

Harriet Klausner
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on 12 December 1999
As the fourth book in the series I was wondering how Stephanie would manage to keep the excitement going, and I definitely wasn't disappointed! Demon Cynster is another man I would love to meet (along with the other five!) He is handsome, charming, romantic and VERY sexy. Although the (yet again HOT!)love scenes took a while to happen, the passion was constantly smouldering amidst the lively sparring between Demon and Flick. Yet another male Cynster married, and although I was disappointed that there wasn't more of the newly married couples of the previous books involved, the family closeness and unity was maintained with the older Cynster ladies, plus with the tempting snippets of the remaining bachelors Gabriel and Lucifer. I can't wait for the next novel, but I have to ask - what is going to happen with the twins?
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on 11 May 2014
While this book features your average Cynster – arrogant, dominant, unwilling to commit to one woman and terrified of the words ‘I love you’ – I was glad to see that it finally seemed to deviate a little from the previous three efforts.
Harry Cynster, mostly known as Demon, flees London and its flock of women of marriageable age, terrified that he too might fall prey to the shackles of marriage, like three others of the Bar Cynster have done so far. Things don’t quite work out that way, of course, since the moment he arrives at his stables in the country he spies Felicity – Flick – Parteger, disguised as a boy and riding one of his best horses. Flick is trying to uncover a syndicate that fixes horse-races, something which the son of her ward has managed to get himself involved in, so when Demon finds this out he has to get involved, being the Cynster he is.
I liked Flick, up to a point. Determined, unafraid and rarely intimidated by Demon she pretty much does as she pleases, much to Demon’s exasperation. He is used to instant and unquestioning obedience, after all. Demon is, as said, a typical Cynster. I still have to roll my eyes at a man who is supposedly your typical alpha-male, yet too macho to admit that it is possible to love just one woman, but I did like the fact that he accepts that Flick can’t be reined in, so rather than trying to do so he just follows her to try and mitigate any possible damage she does or danger she gets herself in.
What I didn’t like about Flick was her lack of common sense. At one point she hares off to follow the one man they know is involved in the race-fixing, taking a room in an inn while disguised as a young widow. So far so good. Demon follows her, of course, and ends up in her room. Another man tries to approach this obviously rich and therefore appealing young widow, and is rebuffed by Demon. At this point no one knows who the widow is, but Flick is daft enough to show herself to the other man, who is then free to tell everyone that Demon is alone in a room with Felicity Parteger. The times being as they are, this means her reputation is ruined, and it irked me that Flick didn’t have the sense to realise that. Instead she stubbornly maintains that nothing happened, so nothing is wrong.
Still, on the whole this was an entertaining read. The sex scenes were as always steaming hot, and there was enough deviation from the previous novels to not make this a repeat of what happened before.
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on 3 November 2012
As a recent convert to this author I thoroughly enjoyed this book, good flowing style of writing which holds the interest of the reader from the first pages. Another excellent story by Stephanie Laurens!! I don't think her heroine might have behaved like this in real times but never the less a good tale.
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on 20 March 2013
This isn't the cover that was on the copy I obtained from the local library, but it's close enough.

Demon Cynster (Harry) returns to Newmarket to rusticate shortly after another Bar Cynster had fallen to the fickle hand of the parson's mousetrap. Having vowed to surrender to no woman, he goes on to do just that when he comes across Flick Parteger (young ward of his Mentor General Sir Gordon Caxton) sneaking around and riding his prize horse on the gallops.

I can't deny I enjoyed the story, but it wasn't one of the best offerings I have read by Ms Laurens, so rating as 3 Stars. That having been said, it's horses for courses, as my Mother really enjoyed it much more than I.
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on 21 September 2008
great read. obviously when you are reading this its part of series but is also good as a stand alone novel as i havent read any of the previous books, it didnt take away from the story. lots of passionate moments between demon and flick and they match each other very well as they have a lot of interests in common. if you enjoyed this i would also recommend checking out Gaelen Foley's Knight Miscellany series.
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on 18 September 2012
Here I go again...this the my 4th collection of the Cynster Novel! Although they are rather expensive to download onto my kindle (£4.49 per book), I cannot bear the thought of missing out on the story.

Stephanie Lauren is very good at making the Cynster men so sexy. Demon Cynster is cool!! A little too cool for me though, plus he worries too much about what the fashionable society will say. The story does revolve round the horse racing syndicate and breeders. Less love scenes when compared to Richard Cynster's story ( Book 3). Enjoyable but I preferred Ms Laurens' last three Cynster books more. However, I would still recommend this book......
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