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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 September 2005
"Getting married was murder. Eve wasn't sure how it had happened in the first place. She was a cop, for God's sake". Those are the first phrases of "Immortal in death", the 3rd book in the "In death" series. That should give you a good clue of what is going to happen in this book, namely that police officer Eve Dallas is going to marry, and to nobody else than Roarke!
If you have read the previous books in the series, something I recommend you to do in order to fully enjoy this one, you will know that Eve is still a little confused with the fact that she fall in love, and with a billionaire no less. Roarke, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants: Eve. And he got her agreement to marry him in a very unorthodox way, in the most unlikely situation (do you remember the last pages of "Glory in death"?). Now, there is a wedding to plan, and a wedding gown to buy. Of course, Eve couldn't be moodier, because she would rather fight a criminal than go shopping :)
Thankfully for her, the crime of a supermodel in which both her best friend Mavis and her wedding fashion designer Leonardo are involved will keep her mind busy, as she tries to find the true culprits and acquit her friend Mavis and Leonardo, Mavis'new lover and previous boyfriend of the dead supermodel, Pandora. In the course of Eve's investigation, she will discover that Pandora's death may be just the tip of the iceberg, as she was involved in shady dealing involving a new and dangerous youth drug.
In my opinion, this is probably one of J. D. Robb's best books in her futuristic "In death" series. The mystery behind Pandora's crime isn't easily solved, so you won't be able to stop reading this book until the very last page. Also, the relationship between Eve and Roarke is developed, and you will learn more about their troubled pasts. And finally, some eccentric new characters that we will see again in future books are introduced, so pay attention to them. On the whole, "Immortal in death" is the kind of book you should buy, read and keep. Enjoy it !!
Belen Alcat
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on 6 May 2004
At the end of the previous book, "Glory in Death", Roarke proposed to Lieutenant Eve Dallas after they were both involved in a life-threatening situation with a dangerous killer. Nora Roberts, writing as J.D. Robb, shocks us right from the start of this book, when we find that Eve accepted the marriage proposal! For those of you that have read the previous novels, this must come as much of a surprise as it was for me. Eve has always had trouble accepting the fact that she was in love, so it was almost unthinkable that she would be willing to share her life with the billionaire Roarke. However, this sets the tone for the things to come in this book, where we will find out several interesting facts from Eve and Roarke's past. These tidbits of information help us make sense of the attitudes we witnessed from several of the main characters in the past.
This time, the crimes Eve has to investigate are very close to home. Eve's best friend, Mavis, has convinced her to consult with designer Leonardo about her wedding dress. Mavis is in a relationship with the designer, and facing a very jealous ex-girlfriend, Pandora, who is literally fighting to get Leonardo back. One night, Mavis calls Eve in a frantic state from Leonardo's study and asks for help. She had found Pandora, the supermodel with which she had a big fight hours ago, lifeless on the study floor. Eve sets out to find out the culprit and clear her friend. In the meantime, one of Eve's informants turns up dead too, and the investigation leads to a new and deadly drug.
Robb has created a wonderful setting for her mysteries, New York in the year 2058, and has perfected the mix with some great characters, making this one hell of series. In this particular case, besides the "usual suspects", we are introduced to the character of detective Peabody, Eve's new partner after Feeney's promotion as captain of another division.
Even though I think there is a clear advantage of reading this series in order, and grasp the complexities and personal history of each character, the books stand well on their own. Moreover, J.D. Robb does a great job in describing the futuristic world efficiently through examples intertwined in the narration of the events, without making it boring for those of us who are already aware of what the "rules" are. Whether you try this book on its own or you start from the beginning of the series with "Naked in Death", I can guarantee that you will enjoy reading about Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her friends.
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on 18 October 2013
The third book in this series continues the pattern so far, albeit with a slight deviation. The first murder seems unimportant: one of Eve's informants, a lowlife drug dealer cum street thug, is found in the river with his face bashed in. Eve takes on the murder since he was hers, but at this point in time she is distracted and worried about her upcoming wedding and how on earth she's going to cope with that.
With that in mind, Eve's best friend Mavis drags her over to her new boyfriend Leonardo, an up-and-coming designer who wants to design Eve's wedding dress. During the fitting they get a visit from Pandora: supermodel, all-round nasty person and Leonardo's ex, who isn't prepared to let him go just yet. This seems no more than a nasty spat, but then a few days later Pandora is found dead at Leonardo's apartment with her face smashed to smithereens and all the evidence points to Mavis as the perpetrator.
For Eve this gives the case extra pressure and significance. She knows Mavis too well to even think for one moment that she did it, but with her best friend's freedom in the balance it makes it extra difficult for Eve to find the real murderer.
As before, I had absolutely no clue who the culprit was throughout the book, and it was a major revelation when I finally did find out. I do like a murder mystery which actually remains a mystery until the grand reveal at the end. On the relationship side I was amused by Mavis' tireless attempts to make Eve pay some attention to her appearance, and the chapter where she is tackled by a hairdresser/beautician at the same time as she is hassled by Leonardo and his assistant over her wardrobe was pure Eve. It's fun to see her gradually change from hard-ass cop to a woman who can let go a little and enjoy what life can give her outside of work.
However, there is a dark side to this too. Eve's continuing involvement with Roarke, and the fact that she is starting to have a life outside work, finally gives her mind the impetus to start dealing with her traumatic past. This manifests itself in nightmares - flashbacks - which reveal things about her past that she didn't want to know about, and which she has difficulty reconciling with her job as a homicide detective. This adds another layer of depth to this book - and this series - which makes it better than average.
Roarke remains much as he was. I know many readers of this series find him too perfect, but personally I have no problems with this, and I find him quite an interesting man. Still, there was nothing in this book to really lift it to amazing levels, so I'll drop it a little in rating to a 4.
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on 12 February 2003
I absolutely ADORE Nora Roberts' work and her work as J.D.Robb is even better. Roberts is a real pro at getting the right mix of crime, humour and romance. I can't get enough of her work, and I really should know better than to start reading her books in the evening... 'cos before you know it! its morning!!!!
I love the war of emotions in Lt. Eve Dallas when she's torn between her head and her heart. Her new husband, Roarke of course does not help matters. He sends even my pressure rising. I would absolutely kill (no pun intended!) for a man like Roarke :o) and would probably get arrested by his wife for it.
Ms. Robb .. keep 'em coming!
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on 15 January 2016
I originally bought this in paperback form and have enjoyed the 'in Death' series. Since buying my kindle, I have started buying them that way so I can re-read at will. I would recommend a newcomer to start with the first book to get a better understanding of all the characters and how they develop. It took me a while to start on the first one, but have become a fan since.
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on 5 May 2016
The in death series are my favorite books, if you like a little of every genre then these are the books for you. This is early in the series (book 3) and the first i ever read. Loads of laughs, tears, fights and shocks. Oh and the craziest wedding preparations ever
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on 18 November 2015
J D Robbs 'in Death books' very rarely disappoint. Eve and Roarke are just a great fictional couple, with believable verbal byplay. The murders and investigation keep you interested and all the usual characters are in the book. It is rather like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers, reading one of this series of books. if you have never read any of them you should start at number one, Naked in Death, and work your way up to this book.
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on 8 April 2016
I love Nora Roberts writing as j d robb, I think she's brilliant in all of the books haven't read this yet but I just know it will be good the characters eve Dallas and roake make the story lines great at the moment I have a list of all the in death books and I will buy all of them . Anyone who likes Nora Roberts these are a must read
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on 24 August 2013
As always this book is excellent, this is the continuing story of eve and Roark as they make their nuptials, of course they have to catch the baddie first, it kept you wondering till the end. I do feel badly done to having to purchase these books again in kindle format as I have paid twice for the same book, is there only me feels this way. Still a great read though
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on 14 March 2011
Another great read.

We get to see exactly what Eve Dallas will do when someone she loves is in trouble in this fantastic third instalment of the In Death series.

How can Summerset accuse ever Eve of being disloyal? She's one of the most fiercely loyal people you could meet. And although she may only have a very select number friends, those people have her loyalty and she will protect them with all she's worth. This books shows us that loyalty in action and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Speaking of Summerset, I said I would find out what was going on with him, didn't I? I knew he wasn't just the hired help. And although we do find out a lot more about him in this book, I still think there might even be more to come.

In finding out about Summerset, we also got more of an insight into Roarke's past. Up until now, we've definitely been getting more of Eve's backstory than Roarke's, so it was nice to get some of his history, too. My one grievance where Roarke's concerned would be, does he have to have slept with every beautiful woman Eve stumbles upon? It would bother me a whole lot more than it's bothering Eve, let me tell you! To be fair, though, there's a little bit of the green-eyed monster coming from Roarke's side of the fence in this book, too. A colleague of Eve's is seen to be showing what Roarke considers an unhealthy interest in her, and he openly admits it bothers him. I actually really liked that scene; the way he sheepishly shoved his hands in his pockets, looking at the ground, while she grinned like a loon. So sweet!

There's more revelations from Eve regarding her own hellish past in here too. The dreams have become more frequent and have taken on a flashback quality, rather than just the snippets she was getting before. She's finally able to recall exactly how she came to be in that alley at 8 years old, bloodied and broken. It's hard to read, and it's hard for Roarke to hear. These were excellent scenes. Roarke is so supportive and patient. Even when she's being ridiculous and trying to rush out the door, ashamed.

The crime in this story revolved around a drug case, but as it's set in the future, it's an interesting new drug with fascinating properties and side effects. I kind of guessed who the bad guy was, but I was still open-minded and would have been happy to have been proved wrong.

In case you haven't guess yet, I'm loving this series. Can't wait for book four!

5 stars! ★★★★★
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