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on 20 June 2016
I've been on the Michael Mosley 5/2 diet for the past two years and when his new book arrived about the blood sugar diet I was keen to try it out but felt disappointed by the menu choices at the end of the book. That's when I turned to this book which uses the same principles but has a much larger menu choice using widely available ingredients (some of which I'd never used before) and above all else the meals were extremely easy to make, despite the menus having no photos to view. Putting this into context, before using this book I spent little time in the kitchen. I can make an occasional chilli con carne but the only other thing. I make is pizza and chips and that was my limit! However, I cooked every meal in this book with no help from my wife and my time in the kitchen increased from around 5% to 100%. I actually enjoyed making the meals as well as eating them.
The diet itself works totally for me. I never felt like picking in between meals and I dropped from 13st 10Ibs to 12st 4Ibs in 8 weeks and my fat contact reduced to 17% according to my scales (I'm 6' 3" and of slim build). Initially I was going to do the 8 week trial then think about reverting to the 5/2 diet but I feel so much better on this diet (less tired, less up and down due to sugar fixes) that I've continued to stay on the diet by increasing the amount I eat so I don't lose any more weight. My biggest issue was with coffee as I tended to have around 8-10 cups a day, but since drinking 'infused water' which as made drinking water so much more enjoyable I've been able to reduce my coffee intake to 3 cups per day (and this has also had a huge impact on feeling less tired in the mornings). I'll still have the odd day each week where I'll come off the diet and eat what I like for the day but quickly find I want to go back to it. Another thing about comparing the 5/2 diet and this one, during 2013 when I achieved my lowest weight on the 5/2 diet I managed to reduce to 12st 4Ibs but people told me to stop because I looked so gaunt in my face as a result. The difference in reaching the same weight under this diet is that people tell me I look healthy (and I feel it). Do I recommend this book (and the diet)? Absolutely - the book is my new bible and I have recommended it to others who have also gone on to buy either this one or other Patrick Holford books. I have found it so easy to use, cook with, lose weight with and, most importantly, stick to without feeling I'm missing out on my old food habits.
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on 14 September 2015
This is not a diet, it's a way of eating that helps you lose weight, feel great and enjoy food much more. Being a naturally sceptical person, I had my reservations about this low GL regime, but diabetes is a very worrying condition, and one that I and my husband really did not want to get. So, we decided to give this a go, and two weeks in, I can honestly say that we've never felt better or enjoyed our food more. I never thought I could give up potatoes, but not only have I given them up, I would never choose to have them now. The sweet potato has taken over my eating life, as has whole grain bread and those fabulous and filling berry smoothies. I still enjoy meat dinners, but I now know what to combine in a meal and what to replace for something else. It's not complicated or time consuming, because Dr.Patrick Holford's book simplifies everything, and a quick glance at the relevant section gives me loads of ideas for a meal without having to count any calories. The bonus is that we are losing weight steadily, yet eating heartily in the knowledge that we are doing something to prevent diabetes and it's associated health risks in the future. It has to be a win,win situation for us both.
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on 23 June 2017
I like this. I haven't followed any of the menu plans religiously but after reading all the details at the front I have adapted my way of eating, using various recipes at different times or cooking up my own having reference to the GI load info at the front. Lost half a stone in a month (bearing in mind I only need to lose half to one stone) without feeling I've been deprived and feeling much better on it plus it's stayed off despite some 'treat' weekends... I wouldn't have been able to be organised enough to follow the meal plans but I think the book is well worth it anyway. Also good meal substitution notes for dairy free, gluten free as well as a nice veggie section.
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on 21 June 2016
Very pleased with this book. It looks easy to follow and if it helps shift the pounds, what's not to like! Delivered very speedily by Nicky Sharp and despite being second-hand, it looks like new. Would definitely order from N. S again. (Also the personal message adds a nice touch).
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on 15 April 2017
So nice recipes in here. Shame about the complete lack of photos of any of them - it's nice to see what you're aiming for.
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on 9 March 2017
Makes perfect sense- not a fad diet regime. Good wholesome recipes that don't leave one hungry.
I know someone who has lost 3 stone on this regime.
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on 5 June 2017
I've used so many of these recipes; they're great! I feel so much less bloated.
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on 8 June 2017
The recipes in the book all look very good and appetising, not tried any yet, but will certainly be doing so in the future.
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on 26 April 2017
This book is incredibly easy to follows and the GL numbering is simple to use. The recipes are good and don't take too much time to prepare or cook.
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on 18 June 2017
Effortless purchase thank you
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