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on 5 June 2001
It's hard to explain why I loved this book so much. Every chapter comes with its own surprises, anecdotes and interesting theories on life and death. If you've ever wondered what happens when you die, or you ever experienced a deja-vu or simply are intrigued by a woman who can chat daily to her spirit guide and hear exactly what she's saying, just read it. You won't regret it.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2003
The interesting introduction by neuroscientist Melvin L. Morse refers to the work of evolutionary biologist Rupert Sheldrake and physicist Paul Davis. Browne's own style is conversational, even folksy, and quite engaging as there's lots of common sense, humor and positivity. She deals with subjects like inter alia miracles, déjà vu, coincidence, synchronicity, astral travel and the development of the individual's psychic abilities. Her take on the soul-mate myth made me laugh while her explanation of imprints, kinetic energy, hauntings, ghosts and spirits is informative and interesting, whether you agree or not. The chapter on psychic protection is valuable, while her warnings against cults should be taken seriously by everyone. Helpful meditations are provided, for example one for examining past lives. She's very honest in stating that no psychic is able to make correct predictions all the time and admitting her own failures. In this regard, her chapter of predictions for the new millennium does contain some errors, e.g. that breast cancer would be preventable and curable by the end of 1999. The book concludes with an appendix of affirmations. Although this work has inspired a fair deal of negative criticism and although there are aspects of her cosmology that I disagree with or that I consider too simplified, there's no denying that The Other Side is an enjoyable reading experience. One doesn't have to agree with everything to derive enormous insight and pleasure from this book.
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on 7 August 1999
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful, unique book by Sylvia Browne. It is more of a handbook to life and the unknown. Not only will you find pages upon pages of wisdom, you will also find meditations, and exercises you can do to enhance your own life!
This book is clear, and easy to understand. I couldn't put it down. Sylvia offers her view of life, through the eyes of a very gifted psychic... and of course that famous humor that only Sylvia can bring. If your life needs answers or if you are unhappy, I urge you to get this book. It can really make a difference in your life.
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on 9 January 2002
This book is the most valuable and thought-provoking I have ever read. I've always been open-minded about the possiblity of a spirit world beyond death, but I never really acknowledged it, despite the strange things which have happened to me. This book made everything click - it explained things which have been happening to me all my life, and finally made me believe in the psychic ability we all have rather than dismissing it. Sylvia is a very gifted and special lady yet she is so down-to-earth and writes in a very easy, engaging way. I've now ordered the sequel to this book because I'm hooked. I recommend this book to anyone searching for clarity.
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on 23 July 2010
several years ago,I have read many of the books written by Browne. They fascinated me. I was open minded but uneducated. I tended to believe rather easily. Several years later ,I became much less gullible and started to see things for what they were, rather than for what I'd like to believe. Now I would never read something and take for granted that it's true, unless the reputation truly lives for the author. In this day and age of the Internet, where it's not so hard to evidentiate so many myths and frauds, I'd strongly encourage you to look into the Browne wikipedia article, where her fiascos are exposed, such as one in a mine. Another one involves two poor parents that asks Browne about their deceased daughter, the video is on youtube, look at it yourself and you'll start to reconsider the beliefs that you hold about Browne.

What can I say about this book? It's written for the layman, by a 'layman'. It speaks about how things are and look when we die, it mentions a 'soul-mentor' (can't remember how Browne calls it) called Francine, and so on. It basically speaks of a reality outside of our own, however I see no use of that for anybody. I feel like I have wasted valuable time.

Several years ago, her books made me believe that Browne could really see and do things the way she claims she can, but several years later, after getting to know HER other side, she completely disappointed me.

I myself have seen some strange stuff, so I am not closed minded, but I also know that for every little true thing, there is a gazillion of fakes. If you research about Browne you'll will not find one single ,concrete shred of evidence that she ever gotten one of her 'prophecies' right.

My conclusion is that although there might be an 'other side', I have no need to risk being 'taught' from someone who steps in boldly claiming she can do this and that, and then seeing such miserable fiascos like the ones you'll see on youtube , if you search.
Don't be gullible, and never feel the need to believe anything without strong evidence that it is true. Be open minded but smart and not gullible, and always hear claims from 'special' people, from both sides, not just one of them. Wikipedia is almost always a good place to look.
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on 7 August 1999
This book, like so many others that supposedly report on the nature of the spirit and life after death, is too airy-fairy, fable-like and simplistic to be taken seriously. Not recommended for the serious student. I recommend Jane Roberts "Seth" books for those who want quality insights into afterlife existence.
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on 13 November 2001
I could not put this book down, its was as Sylvia had taken over and she was inside of me. This was the first book that i bought of Syliva's, the conversations that she has with Francine(Sylvia's Spirit Giude)makes you think that you are not alone. When reading this book it made me fell at ease and helped me understand what the "Other Side" is all about, I hope that you will enjoy this book as much as I did.
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on 13 September 2000
If you have ever been interested in the afterlife and are considering purchasing a book to discover more - choose this one! It's amazingly brilliant and has a light (not too heavy) reading approach. After reading this book I felt more encouraged with my own well being and less fearful of death. Such a valuable insight into our purpose here on earth is detailed throughout the book and what a wondful place is described when we venture on our journey back home to the other side...This book answers the questions you only ask yourself - such a thought provoking read - I would recommend this to anybody who is a believer and to non believers - you just don't know what you are missing!
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on 7 August 1999
Sylvia Browne makes an earnest, rather convincing effort to "de-mystify" the most driving question for most of us: what happens after we die?
There are different explanations for experiences that seem to be "obvious". If one summons a "spirit guide", he or she might very well be successful in getting an "otherworldly being". The problem is is that we cannot be sure as to who these beings might really be. The idea that those who have already passed are imbued with all knowledge is far from proven. There are personalities on the other side that can be lying or egotistic. People on this side are often so anxious to learn about anything they can concerning the after death experience, they accept anything detailed as having to be factual. This can be dangerous and wind up causing us to follow those we should not. The mediums themselves can be "taken in".
One thing of great comfort to this reviewer however, is that there seems to be solid evidence of animal afterlife, a topic so rarely addressed and so important to so many. You do not have to believe in reincarnation, for instance, to see that animals do, indeed continue to exist after death. There is a book that deals with this evidence, specifically: it gives overwhelming, credible evidence of animal afterlife; it should turn any skeptic into a believer. It is called "The Soul of Your Pet". One example is a mother and daughter who see a "ghost" cat-- a former pet; the two living cats chase it out of the room. In another case, a vet sees and describes a ghost horse to the former owners who do not see it. The people who experience these interactions are filled with happiness and hope; they will be together again with their beloved pets. These examples above cannot be explained away as "grief-induced" hallucinations, obviously; there are many such accounts in the book.
There is no doubt that there isn't a boring page in Ms. Browne's book; all this reviewer hopes however, is that everything isn't automatically taken as fact.
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on 12 August 1999
I bought this book one day and the next thing I know...I'm already done with it! This is the first book of Sylvia's that I have read, and I am already comtemplating my next purchase! Sylvia's manner in this book is so easy to follow and understand. It is like listening to one of your very close friends talk on the subject. Her instructions for meditative excercises as well as performing your own past-life regressions are so detailed and understandable. She gives hefty insight to the Other Side and how we are in their presence everyday. The only time the book dragged was when she went off on cults. She kind of lingered on that subject a little to long...of course it would help someone who has ever been a victim or is thinking about joining but I was waiting to get back into the good stuff! I definitely recommend this to anyone who will open their mind and not be afraid that it will invade your religious spirituality or beliefs.
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