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on 24 May 2012
I came across this book in the library and having read it wondered what other people thought and was surprised at so many positive reviews. Initially it is quite startling but to my mind does not stand up to careful thought. The doubts start from early into the book (p27 in fact). On her first hypnosis session where she was regressed to beyond her present life, when asked what year it was she said 1863BC!!! Well now, how did she know it was 1863 years before Christ?! She would have said, if as a peasant she knew at all, that it was the nth year in the reign of Pharaoh Senusret III. Next, to prove to her father that all she was experiencing was true she took him to the racecourse and picked the winner of every race! This is absolutely phenominal and of great scientific interest in its own right, 10% score above chance is considered interesting and 20% very interesting and quite exciting, yet 'scientist' Dr Weiss pays 100% correct score scant attention as though it was nothing exceptional. There are many more such questions and doubts throughout the book. Why didn't Dr Weiss try and get 'Catherine' to be more specific to enable facts, places and dates to be checked? Nowhere is there any concrete fact or place to give these regressions to past lives credence, he has just uncritically accepted everything that Catherine or 'The Masters' told him. In fact had he done some research into similar regressions he would have discovered that mostly where such specific information is given it rarely ties in with known facts. One part of the book is true, it certainly changed Dr Weiss's life as we now find Dr Weiss the showman on cruise ships with mass regressions - "Roll up! Roll up! Discover what you were in your past life" and so on and seminars at £200+ where presumably people are treated to the same. Not only that he can now fast forward people to a future (progression?) many thousands of years hence - having forgotten that The Masters told him via Catherine that humanity hasn't got much of a future. Dr Moody's book "Life After Life" I did find extremely interesting and did lead me on to a voyage of discovery, not so with Dr Weiss.
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on 23 September 2008
This books tells the story of the author's therapy sessions with a woman he calls "Catherine". She is a young woman suffering from anxiety, fear of water, swallowing pills, et cetera. After having tried treating her with conventional therapy for 18 months, he tries hypnosis. Lo and behold, they discover a couple of repressed traumatic events in her past! But it doesn't help. Not until he takes her even further back into a past life. And so it goes...

When it comes to regression, there are numerous theories as to what really happens, and I started reading this book with an open mind and a keen interest in finding out what theory would best fit this story. Some believe there is an akashic field or a collective subconscious which contains the memories of other people's lives and that such memories are experienced in regression. Others believe that we have lived multiple lives. Since I am interested in the paranormal, Out of Body Experiences, Near-Death experiences et cetera, I was looking forward to an engaging read.

Unfortunately, I do not believe the author, a fact that renders all kinds of theorizing superfluous. In my opinion, he is quite simply lying. Catherine, and the spiritual masters speaking through her, are inventions of the authors mind. She is a paper thin non-person, the narrative is incredibly one-dimensional, lacking in about every detail. The author constantly refers to his own scientific background and critical mindedness, and yet even a child can see through some of his "she could not possibly have known" - arguments.

There exists a great body of anecdotal evidence that these kinds of past life experiences do happen. I am not disputing that. I am not saying that near-death experiences are hallucinations either. I am convinced that we are more than our physical bodies.

All I am saying is that this book is a waste of time. It is a novel, not a true story, and a poorly written one at that. It could have been more entertaining if the author had bothered doing some research before he wrote it. Details and character development is foreign to this writer. As it stands, this rubbish could have been written by a teenager as a school writing assignment.
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on 13 January 2014
I read books from this author, I was totally convinced that he was telling the truth.
Then I became a Christian and realised that when you blank out your mind like they do in that therapy, it gives the opportunity for demons to enter your mind and create experiences, give demonic gifts of a new language or information from history. This is a very dangerous book that is very misleading. I began to see these demons and had to ask Jesus to close the door I had opened by reading these books. Be careful about opening yourself up to these realms, you don't know what your getting yourself into!
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on 17 October 2009
I think if you're already sold on the idea of past lives, you'll probably enjoy this book and you'll certainly find nothing in it that will go against your convictions. However, if like me, you're open minded about the subject but still looking for the evidence that clinches it, this book won't do it for you. I may doing Dr Weiss a great injustice here, and I apologise for this, but there was something in the narrative that failed to engage me. I think it was early on, in the first of the regressions quoted in the book, the subject under hypnosis was asked to give a date and told us it was 1863 BC - but how would she know? (I mean, think about it!) There may have been a perfectly reasonable psychological explanation - how a regressee speaking from a date prior to the birth of Christ would know what a Pre-Christian Era date was, but it wasn't explained in the book, and I think I lost faith after this point.

If you're coming to this book for the first time, I should also point out that it was first published in 1988, and it may be worth looking for more up to date titles on the subject. I sound like a sceptic but really I'm not, and have explored many titles on paranormal subjects. This one just didn't come up to the mark for me.

Can I suggest some of the Jane Roberts titles as an alternative? Possibly Seth Speaks? Again this is quite an old work, but one I personally found far more intriguing. There is also an excellent critical review of past life research in David Fontana's "is there and afterlife?", which I found to be scholarly, and far more enlightening.
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on 4 February 2016
I'm no scientist or sceptic, I do believe some writers things and had strange unexplainable experiences, and I do like a good spiritual read. But this was utterly awful. Cringingly unbearable. I would feel ashamed to pass on this book to anyone so it will go in when the logfire is lit tonight.

I struggled to finish it but I couldn't put on down because I knew I would never pick it up again. All the while reading it, I longed for the author to get to the point. There seemed to be no sense and no reason at all to those (unverifiable) long and tedious past life recollections, except that giving this prophet doctor messages from beyond somehow miraculously cured his beautiful patient. Those recollections take up a significant portion of the book, but the point of them seems to only get to the death of the patient so that the doctor would receive messages from the masters, for his own benefit.

I dabbled in psychology and counselling and therapy before, and I was just startled how suggestive and leading the doctor's statements and questions are. In addition, somehow he feels that her recollections are absolutely true and serve as evidence of reincarnation because he dubs her simple and just "knows" she's uninterested in everything related to those recollections and that she would have no way of knowing any of the things she recollects. There's nothing specific or technical to her recollections - she did not specify locations of treasures or elaborate plans or events, she did not speak other languages, she did not remember names and very rarely could pinpoint locations or year - those recollections are at best poetic and at worst ambiguous and dreamlike.

The writing is absolutely awful. He makes statements continuously for which there seems to be no reason and which lead the reader nowhere, such as she was always a servant in her lives. Her "lessons" from those lives are just unbearable platitudes - forgiveness, charity, love... nothing of substance.

For a "man of science" or whatever he keeps calling himself, he reads an awful lot into what she says, how she looks, and makes most dramatic statements about Catherine without providing any basis for them whatsoever. His hubris is incredible, arrogance overflowing, and it seems, he continuously insinuates and makes unfounded claims, which he backs only by his formidable credentials and his experience at various universities.

The book is just a lie from which the author has clearly made a fortune designed to appease the easily suggestible. Don't waste your time.
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on 18 December 2011
Many Lives, Many Masters is easy and entertaining to read. In this book, Dr. Weiss, describes the past life explorations of a patient he referred to as Catherine. Catherine suffered from a wide-range of fears and after unsuccessful treatment using his standard psychiatric techniques, Dr. Weiss decided to experiment with hypnotherapy and ask Catherine to return to the time when the problems originated. The entire book goes back and forth over Catherine's various lifetimes - she apparently had 86 lifetimes, but only several seemed significant for helping Catherine deal with issues she was facing at a time when she visited Dr. Weiss.

At times in this book Dr. Weiss sounded as if he were trying to convince either himself or the readers of the validity of experiences presented in this book. From therapeutic standpoint though, while historical details of past life regressions may be debatable, past life regression is considered one of many useful tools in hypnotherapy for clearing inner obstacles and perplexing issues. And in this book, through this lengthy process of exploring Catherine's different experiences, not only did her current fears clear spontaneously, but some spiritual powers started to emerge.

Apart from Catherine's account of her experiences, in the interlude between her lives, other spiritual beings to whom Dr. Weiss refers to as "masters" would come true and offer tidbits of spiritual wisdom. Some of the wisdom came from Catherine's higher level of awareness, like:

"We all have abilities far beyond what we use. Some of us find this out sooner than others."

"You should check your vices. If you do not, you carry them over with you to another life. Only we can rid ourselves of the bad habits that we accumulate we we are in the physical state. ... And only when you decide that you are strong enough to master the external problems, then you no longer have them in your next life."

"Some of us possess greater powers than others, because they have been accrued from other times ... People are born with talents, abilities, and powers accrued fro other lifetimes."

"We choose when we will come into our physical state and when we will leave. We know when we have accomplished what we were sent down here to accomplish. We know when the time is up, and you will accept your death for you know that you can get nothing more out of this lifetime. When you have time, when you have had the time to rest, and re-energize your soul, you are allowed to choose your re-entry back into the physical state."

"People who are in comas ... are in a state of suspension. They are not ready yet to cross into the other plane ... until they have decided whether they want to cross or not. Only they can decide this. If they feel they have no more learning in physical state, then they are allowed to cross over. But if they have more learning, then they must come back, even if they do not want to. That is a rest period for them, a time when their mental powers can rest."

"Everybody's path is basically the same. We all must learn certain attitudes while we're in physical state. Some of us are quicker to accept them than others. Charity, hope, faith, love ... we must all know these things and know them well."

"You will be guided in time. When you accomplish what you have been sent here to accomplish, then your life will be ended. But not before then."

"You must eradicate fears from your minds. It is a waste of energy when fear is present. It stifles you from fulfilling what you were sent to fulfill."

"Learning in the spiritual state is much faster, far accelerated from that in the physical state. But we choose what we need to learn. If we need to come back to work through a relationship, we come back. If we are finished with that, we go on. In spiritual form you can always contact those that are in physical state if you choose to. But only if there is importance there ... if you have to tell them something that they must know."

"Coexistence and harmony ... Everything must be balanced. Nature is balanced. The beasts live in harmony. Humans have not learned to do that. They continue to destroy themselves. There is no harmony, no plan to what they do. It's so different in nature. Nature is balanced. Nature is energy and life ... and restoration. And humans just destroy . They destroy nature. They destroy other humans. They will eventually destroy themselves."

"We have debts that must be paid. If we have not paid out these debts, then we must take them into another life ... in order that they may be worked through. You progress by paying your debts. Some souls progress faster than others. "

"You can renew yourself through light ... through light. You must be very relaxed so you no longer are expending energy, but you are renewing yours."

And while this book explores lives of one person, the book like Mind Probe Hypnosis by Irene Hickman explores cases of many different people, and other books like Journey of Souls, explore life between lives, and is also very interesting to read.
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on 7 February 2017
Let's get one thing straight - I am not prone to follow every new wind of change or every new fad or path of "enlightenment", merely on a whim. I'm also not easily won over....

This book changed my life. There is no other way for me to say it. As a standalone book it is intriguing, easy to read, gripping, and beyond interesting. As a self help book, something that I genuinely don't think was the author's intention, this book quickly became the book I was recommending to those closest to me.

I was reading Memories Of Heaven by Dr Wayne W Dyer & Dee Garnes, and this book was referenced. That's how I "found" it. To be honest I think the book "found" me.

If you are interested in Regression at all then this book is for you. If you have an open mind and you are intrigued by reincarnation then this book is for you. If you are considering trying a session of Regression Therapy then THIS BOOK IS DEFINITELY FOR YOU. I was so blessed by it, and gleaned some important information for my own life. It gave me an insight into the Therapy side of Regression and prepared me for my first session. Up until I read this book I was merely curious about past lives and the whole concept of reincarnation. After reading it I understood a lot more and was a lot more aware of the healing potential and spiritual benefits of Regression Therapy.

I hope this review helps someone make their mind up either way. xx
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on 2 December 2017
This is one of those books that is even too easy to dismiss as "made up". Yet, the credentials of the author speak for themselves.
If you are interested in these sort of topics - albeit being dubious, like me - this is a book that you <can> read. And there are many others written by authors (physicians and scientists, mainly) which are beyond suspicion. I also believe it is too easy a position to say "that's all bonkers and the author must be a nutter". Putting our own believes in doubt is a hard and painful process. However: how else are we going to grow? So, although the read is probably not for everybody, I strongly recommend it because it will make you think and ask questions.
I found the read easy, gripping and well representative of what a man of science must go through when confronting such an extraordinary experience.
The only reason why I do not give 5 stars, is because I believe that the author should have add a chapter explaining how the academic world has received this story. Indeed there are a few lines about it, yet I believe that a more detailed account would behelpful. Reading how others, especially in the scientific world, have reacted and why they have accepted it or not, may help readers to make sense of their doubts and questions,
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on 18 November 2014
Being someone who loves reading all kind of books on life after death, spirit world, dream interpretation, nature of reality kind of stuff, I thought this book would be pretty good considering the amount of 4 and 5 stars it gets. There's just something about this book that smells of being fake. Weiss regresses Catherine back to different places and she can explain ornaments and other trivial rubbish in great detail but when asked about easy things like the name of the town/village he/she is in the answer is always something along the lines of "I don't see that". Why Catherine doesn't use the word "here" instead of "there" when describing where she is is also puzzling. Weiss also asks too many leading questions, odd given that he is supposed to be a top psychiatrist. Questions should be open-ended rather than seemingly guiding his client to answering him in yes and no answers. Not a patch on the Journey of Souls books by Dr Michael Newton. Another thing about this book is the fear-inducing that it has about it. It all smells of religious indoctrination and that we all have karma to pay continuously throughout all our lives. My own understanding is that we are infinite love and all compassionate when in spirit. But if this book happens to help you personally then good for you, but it just didn't sit well with me at all. I will keep reading books by other authors on these subjects, though, as you can never read enough on these types of things. I'd recommend any books by Dr Michael Newton, Sanaya Roman, Barbara Marciniak, Ekharte Tolle and even the Conversations with God books by Neale Donald Walsch as healthier alternatives.
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on 7 March 2012
I am a Catholic and always believed that there was an afterlife following on from our earthly existence. Whilst there has always been a reference to Heaven, Hell and Purgatory, my understanding of Purgatory was always confusing. This true story began to put this into perspective for me inasmuch that as we strive for purity to be with our Father in Heaven, to achieve that purity, one has got to right the wrongs of your previous life or lives. After death our soul goes to what I might regard as purgatory where we reflect on our life and have access to "our master" (one has to speculate whether the master is our Guardian Angel as I cannot imagine anything else to be honest) with whom we can reflect on our lives. We then have the opportunity to re-enter "the world" to right those wrongs. What is also of comfort is that our souls are entwined with our loved ones and that we will always be together though relationships might differ.
I'm not sure that the Church would subscribe to this theory but as the author himself stated (Jewish faith); it radically changed his views on life. IF this book is genuinely based on a TRUE event which I do believe it is, it helps us to understand our relationship with God i.e. our need to achieve a degree of perfection before we are accepted into his Kingdom.
My only disappointment is that if I have to come back, what will I come back to? The world has not changed for the better in my lifetime with the emergence of secularism and attempts to change the fundamental fabric of our lives.
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