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on 5 August 2009
My favourites in the Dark Hunter series are the Wren and Vane stories, so I've been waiting with enthusiasm for Fang's story (he and Aimee are the inter-species Romeo and Juliet of the Dark Hunter world!). The day before 'Bad Moon Rising' arrived, I reread Fury's short story to bring me up to date with the wolves. Ho hum, there wasn't much point. I'll explain...

I can understand that we need to see Fang and Aimee's side of previous stories. However, as the book progressed I began to read faster and faster. When was I going to get to something new? In retrospect I should have read slower (so that's my warning to you!) because we only read about the 'present day' (in terms of the Dark Hunter storyline) in the very last section of the book. Everything else is just a rehash apart from one interesting section. It's not giving anything away to say that this section concerns another realm (don't worry, it's far more interesting than more Greek god stuff!)and we're introduced to an intriguing new character: Thorn (an Archeron replacement in terms of interest?). I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Thorn (hope so).

After finishing the book I'm left with the feeling, 'so what'? If you're a Dark Hunter fan then of course you have to read this book and it's perfectly readable (apart from the rushed writing which gives the characters things like an 'evil smile', followed on the next page by an 'evil laugh' - I'm getting used to this in Kenyon's later books and it's one reason I've stopped automatically buying all her books). However, the book could have been so much better. This is the first time we've had a bear as a main character, but to be honest you wouldn't know it apart from a liking for honey and the way the cubs's room is decorated (plus a little bear left on Aimee's pillow - cute). I don't even know what Aimee looks like as a bear (OK, she's foremost a human, but the bear must still be part of her character). And that's what is wrong for me with this story - it lacks depth. So much more could have been made of the struggle in their relationship and discovering the differences between the species (in Kelly Armstrong's books her wolves are truly wolves).

Perhaps 70% of the book is a rehash of past (and better) stories and the characterisation is a bit muddled (I think there are far too many 'clever' remarks and ALL the characters make them, not just the characters where it's part of their characterisation, so what is meant to be clever or funny just falls flat and distracts).

Therefore I suggest reading and enjoying, but don't expect too much so you're not disappointed. Plus don't rush the reading to get to something 'new' - there's not much of that so just enjoy what's there (I rushed too much and I'm therefore confused by Varyk and puzzled and irritated with Maman Bear's character - I should reread but I'm not convinced I can be bothered, which is very unlike me). By the way, before you give me a 'not helpful' for not raving about Sherrilyn Kenyon's book, please note I'm a fan, albeit a disappointed fan who lately has become more disappointed with the publication of each new book, but I haven't given up.
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on 3 October 2016
An Adult Fiction Series for Supernatural/Horror Fans that I highly recommend.

Love, Passion, Humour, Tragedy & Abuse Recovery.

Sherrilyn Kenyon is a fantastic writer & The Dark-Hunter Series expresses emotions of the lead characters (different in each book) & support characters so well within this fictional world & the genre of horror/supernatural that I can fully relate to them and usually am in tears or laughing out loud (trying not to when around family to avoid seeming insane)

All the books are inter-related plot & characters (Dark Hunter World) but can be read as individual supernatural love stories.
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VINE VOICEon 27 May 2010
There have been several reviews where people have said that this book is a re-hash of events that have happened in other stories e.g. Vane's story. However, there are 'new' bits to it. This book gives readers a chance to understand more about the problems of Arcadian vs Katagari, which is touched upon in Vane/Bride's stories, but not to the same extent here. That Vane was not the only one to switch at puberty makes the whole scenario more interesting.

Even more interesting is what happens to the famed Sanctuary bar, and the implications that this has for future stories. This is where the strength of this book lies: in laying the groundwork for what is to come, with the new Infinity book and the story of Dev which is due sometime.

As a result, even though there are passages which come from other stories, I still rate this one a 5 star.
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on 13 June 2017
Enjoyed reading about these two. Cried buckets when Mama+ Papa died. Read it before so I was expecting it but it still got to me. Xxxxxx
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on 2 June 2017
I have never read a Bad book by sherrilyn Kenyon and know I never will . The lady knows her mythology just add great sex and an even greater punch up . My kind of book !!!!!
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There is little to differentiate now between SK's Dark, Were and Dream Hunters, as the plots intertwine between all the series, plus the Were and Dream Hunter books are now as action packed and as frenziedly paced as their Dark Hunter counterparts. Starting in 2003 and moving up to events which occurred in the last paperback release "Dream Warrior", I liked how this book ran in conjunction with other stories that I already knew the outcome of. That said, I was hoping to learn more of Nick; however he is barely mentioned in "Bad Moon Rising".

Fans of this author's Hunter series will not be left disappointed by this book. The chemistry between bear shape shifter Aimee and wolf shifter Fang has been brewing for quite a while and at last SK lets them take the lead. Of course the path to true love is never easy in SK's sexy paranormal world, so why would Aimee and Fang's adventure be any different? True to form, there are not only racial issues to be dealt with as Aimee's familial obligation to produce a pure blood heir is highly unlikely if Fang is her mate, there are also death threats, demon attacks, sacrifices made and the interference of a brand new character who is yet to be determined as good or evil. I eagerly look forward to learning more of Thorn and his interesting heritage, which hopefully will be revealed in the next Hunter book scheduled for release in August 2010. Dev (Aimee's older brother) will find himself matched to Sam (the Amazon Dark-huntress who hates men) in "Scars and Souvenirs". For equally eager fans check out this brief posting on SK's website:

"See what happens when a Were mixes with a Dark-Hunter. The Daimons are back and the DH learn their new secret. Things with Nick heat up and Thorn returns with an explosive meeting between him and Jaden. Sparks fly as rules aren't broken. They're shattered."
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on 28 September 2009
But I enjoyed it a lot more then most people seem to. First things first don't even attempt this book if you haven't read any others in the series - it won't make sense at all. Secondly in response to the main criticism that this book is just a rehashed rewrite of 'better' books, well thats not untrue but it is unfair. Aimee and Fang's story was always going to seem too familiar as we caught glimpses of it and it was hinted at in several other books (especially Vane and Wren's stories).
So what we get is kind of like a 'fill in the blanks' story where scenes that we read before from Vane's point of view are now seen from Fang or Aimee's.

The essential bones of the story is the unacceptable inter species romance between Fang (wolf) and Aimee (bear), and while that moves along in a fairly standard fashion it is all the other information that interested me most and held my interest. The Dark Hunter series is in line for some big changes (reader's have known this since Acheron's book) so all the new characters that are revealed or ones who have previously only been hinted at, are all starting to come through. For example the relevations that Fang finds about all the different types of demons and a whole new set of mythology with Thorn and Zeke. Plus I've always liked Savitar and his surfing mojo.

Its a good read and for devoted fans of the series its a must as there are hints of new dangers to face. The series has changed since the first books and that was necessary as you can't stick to the same Dark Hunter save girl, protect from Daimons, fall in love, get soul back kind of story. Those elements always remain as they are part of the mythology of the series but things move on. My only real criticism would be that there is little explanation of things like the inter species politics and wars, sometimes only a throw away sentence, so if you can't remember who is fighting who it can get confusing.
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on 11 August 2009
Since being introduced to this series last year, through Amazon recommendations, I've read (sometimes late into the night) every single one. Lately though, I have felt something missing. I pre-ordered this book with some hesitation, wondering if it would come up to scratch against earlier books, such as "Night Embrace" or "Dance with the Devil",
It falls far, far short. I wish Ms Kenyon would take a good long look at the list of characters she has created and realize that some of them seem to have undergone a complete and for me, wholly unwelcome personality change. The whole thing now feels rushed and a bit messy. I hate to say it, but it has the feel of a money making scheme, with stories hashed together in the least possible time and hurried of to the publishers with no real thought being given to loyal fans of the series and their love for the characters she has created. I'm afraid after this book Ms Kenyon will not be getting any more advance orders from me. I've struggled to read it, putting it down time and time again. This is not one for the keepers shelf."Bad moon rising" more like "Bad book writing".
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on 1 September 2011
This is one of the best book iv ever read and a simple must read and carry on through the series til you have read them all including the inside guide just look for:
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on 26 October 2009
Having read (I think) every book by this author, I think this was one of the least enjoyable. I found the main characters weak, and frankly a little annoying. Every good author has to write a not so good book once in a while - this one is Ms Kenyon's. I haven't given up though; and hope for much better next time.
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