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on 4 September 2003
I've just finished this book and have to say it ranks up there with the finest of Mastertons work.I find it very odd that his novels aren't more widely available (just check your bookshop,there'll be nothing) as he's easily as good a writer as the more popular authors of the genre ie stephen king and james herbert.the subject of ancient indian spirits is a novel one and one that i haven't come across before and i found this absolutely unputdownable (if that's a word),very highly recommended!!!
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on 1 February 2013
The third of the Manitou books and to my mind the best. Misquamacus once again battles to take over the land that was stolen by the white man, and once again cynical soothsayer Harry Erskine tries to stop him. Gruesome in parts, and a nice cliffhanger at the end - surely I wasn't the only one to pick up on that?
Karen Tandy from the first Manitou book is back, playing a more active role this time as she introduces Harry to the people whose apartment the evil wonderworker has intruded into, and we get a glimpse of the spirit of Singing Rock, trying once again to help Harry in his task.
This time, the whole continent is in danger, as the evil ranges from New York city to Kansas to Chicago and beyond. Have we seen the last of Misquamacus? I hope not!!
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on 25 May 2016
it helps if you have read the Manitou and Revenge of the Manitou,before reading Burial.Burial is yet another sublime Horror/ very ordinarily human book.its the tiny so so authentic human touches of the characters that make them feel real(such as the burping mr Kleiner in the lift; the grey haired lady with the random twitch etc that anchors this book in "the real world" despite the outrageous rewrites of history- Aktuniwihio at Little Big Horn,Misquamacuses team up with Dr Hambone etc,i know that none of this happened but it feels like it did because of Mastertons mastery of the banal and mundane touches that make up real life.and Harry just gets more and more real in every book he appears in.if you love books that can shock,disgust,move you to tears,feel both exotic and prosaic simultaneously and seem as real as tommorows headlines,yet are entertaining and interesting and unputdownable,read this(thus is the third or fourth time ive read Burial).oh,and read everything else that Graham has written.he makes you suspend all disbelief and takes you on an amazing roller coaster ride,in all his books,but for me,Burial is his best book(probably-i also have a special place for Revenge of the Manitou which was the first one of Grahams books i read,and i love the Night Warriors books too,and Katie mcguire and the Scarlet Widow and...well all of his books,really.
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on 22 August 2013
Liked the description of places and morbid incidences involving individual characters. However dialogue poor and repeats the mention of past experiences too often.

Story went on far too long therefore I would not recommend this book.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 June 2016
Not content with destroying Erskine and those close to him Misquamacus decides to go for broke and destroy everything, by using mystical sinkholes to suck buildings, streets and whole towns into the abyss. This is perhaps Mastertons most cinematic novel, like Flesh and Blood, Burial is a longer than usual novel, and Masterton makes the most of it, creating a blockbuster feel to the book. In this day and age of remakes and reimagining, the fact that a book like this is crying out for a big screen treatment, still goes unnoticed is a crime against the genre.
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on 5 January 2013
From the understated, almost muted beginning, to the jokey world of Harry Erskine and his one liners and wry observations on human gullibility, to the shattering climax when all the powers of darkness are unleashed, this is a classic.

The descriptions of the gradual destruction of (mainly) white America and its legacy, are powerful and numbing, dragging the reader along on a ride to the Underworld and beyond. The sub plots blend in well and the vision of vast swathes of the USA being pulled down into oblivion have stayed with me, even today, years after I first read this.

A real cracker and one which deserves at least 10 stars.
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on 5 June 2014
Another great book from a first class author I did enjoy this book but you do need to read the first book not what I would call a trilogy but if you don't you may find it hard to get into.as I started to read I remembered what had happened before and I soon got back into the characters so give it a go you will not be disappointed.
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on 7 August 2009
The third instalment of the manitou series and the best so far, even though the first two were great books, and manitou blood wasn't really much of a manitou book at all and was more akin to descendant. Harry erskine is back again in another great tale. This book is longer and has more depth than the first two, its a must to a masterton fan, buy it and enjoy it
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on 5 May 2013
I never knew about this book so I was amazed when I found out that there is a continuation story about Harry Erskine and Manitou. This story brings great memories to me. Graham Masterton never fails to scare, great book once you start you simply cannot stop. Wish you happy reading :)
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on 15 December 2014
This would certainly not have been my type of book I would of chosen (or so I thought ).However once I started reading and then found I could'nt put it down.What a brilliant imagination this author has.Looking forward to his next book I have ordered
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