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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 20 March 2013
Bitter Blood is another great book in the Morganville series. Rachel Caine has written another fantastic book in this series that still manages to impress me. I am always riveted by the story no matter what happens. It is such a change to other vampire books out there as Vampires are living with humans. Some know about them others do not, which keeps the story fresh and original. The characters are amazing and so developed that I always feel like a member of the Glass house myself. I recommend this book mainly to people who have read all the others in this series; as you may not understand this one as much without the knowledge from the other books... This is a great book and I cannnot wait to see what happenes in the next book. I know this series is coming to an end soon but I will never forget about it. One of the best vampire series out there along side Richelle Mead in my opinon. One of the things I love about these books is the fact that everything is not perfect and happy - things go wrong and things change quite quickly. I am unsure how this series is going to end and that is what makes it so enjoyable and interesting to read. Great!
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on 6 May 2017
Good series of books, very addictive once you start and a fair few in the series to keep you going. A good read for any fiction or vampire fan to keep you going. Bitter Blood is one of the later books in the series and if you like twilight this is definitely for you.
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on 4 March 2017
Great book. Thanks.
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on 10 February 2014
the series of these books are great i have read every one of them if you like vampire book these are a must read, Rachel Caine is a great author.
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on 15 June 2013
Up to the usual standard. Very enjoyable just about to start the next one. Looking forward to seeing if Claire does go to MIT
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on 8 November 2012
With each book in the Morganville Vampires series, I find it more and more difficult to write reviews that get across exactly how much I love these books. I feel like I repeat myself about how good the series is, or how Rachel Caine is an amazing author, but I do it because it's true. Bitter Blood is the thirteenth book in the Morganville Vampires series, yet I am still blown away by each new book I read. This series is never predictable, always exciting, and each book brings something new and action packed. Thirteen books down the line in the series, and Caine has still got it.

The draug have been defeated, and the vampires of Morganville have nothing left to fear. No creatures alive pose a major threat to them, they are at the top of the food chain. the absence of fear has brought a change to the town. Amelie and Oliver have formed a relationship, and Amelie is partially listening to Oliver, who is wanting change. He wants vampires to be more like vampires, for humans to be seen as what they are - a source of food - and to not be given so much when they are so beneath them. Of course, Amelie is still queen of Morganville, and isn't giving Oliver all his way, but allowing vampires a free pass to hunt one human a year, what harm? The humans are livid and refuse to stand for it. There's a Captain Obvious, and he is rallying the humans into fighting back. And with a new mayor needing to be elected - one the humans want, but one the vampires will allow - tension is rising, and things are starting to look ugly. Amongst all the political turmoil, in rolls a film crew wanting to find ghosts. Filming in Morganville isn't good for anyone, and Claire is caught in the middle of it all.

There is so much wow going on in this book! So much! Unlike Black Dawn, which was quick and snappy as it was held over around two days, Bitter Blood has gone back to a similar timing as the previous books, over a span of a few days, a week or so. It feels a little slower, and getting to the real meat of this story takes a while, but there are so many other things going on - seemingly small, but never, ever small - that you're never bored and constantly intrigued. Things are getting so bad in Morganville between the vampires and the humans, the divide becoming much larger, that even Myrnin is thinking of leaving. Yes, Myrnin is scared of what's to come. This is not the town he came with Amelie to this part of Texas to build, and he can only see it's destruction in it's future. This has Claire worried, but she just can't see Amelie going so far, or the humans really going against the vamps.

There's also the grief the four members of the Glass House are getting. There's one thing the vampires and the humans can agree about; just how wrong Michael and Eve's relationship is. Since Michael and Eve's wedding, the four of them are under attack from both species. A walking food-bag should not be given the same status as a vampire, which is what happens when vampires marry, and Eve is sleeping with the enemy. There are death threats, there are physical attacks, there is nothing good. And with Amelie as she is at the moment, there is no help from that quarter.

What's fantastic is Caine has kept up with the multiple point of views. Claire is still the main narrator, but other characters get to speak too, and this is especially important for us. We find out what's going on much sooner than Claire and friends. While they have no clue, we know time is a-ticking. There is no better way for Caine to get us sitting on the edge of our seats, knowing the danger that's coming, but only being able to watch as it all unfolds. It's excruciating! But so exciting! It has you desperately turning the pages, urging the characters to move, or think, or open your bloody eyes! Oh my god, I was fit to burst with the stress and excitement of it all, and I just loved it!

There's not much more I can say without spoiling things. It's brilliant! And the ending... wow. Caine is contracted to write up to fifteen books in the series. From how this book ended, I think it's a possibility that book 15 may be the last. Relationships have changed, drastic actions are taken, trust is fragile, and people are hurting. It really feels like things are changing in a way that will lead to the end. Either way, there are at least two more books to go, and I believe I have some inkling as to what they will involve. There are some new things to explore, and I am so excited to see where on earth Caine will take the series next in Fall of Night, released on 7th May 2013. But if the ending of this book is to go by, I'm not sure it will be anywhere too happy. Bitter Blood is another incredible addition to a phenomenal series, and if I had my way, it would go on and on.
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on 30 December 2012
It has been a few months since the Draug have been eradicated and everything on the surface seems to be getting back to normal in Morganville. However, with their enemies gone, the vampires are not willing to compromise and are back to hunting and holding humans in contempt. This is causing the humans to take up arms and defend their rights against vampires or anyone who has been allied to them. This causes a problem for the Glass House as Claire has always been connected to both sides and Michael and Eve are married causing hate on both sides. To make matters worse a TV ghost hunting show has decided to film in Morganville which could mean the fighting between the humans and vampires could end up on the national news.

Bitter Blood is the 13th book in the Morganville but it is also one of my least favourite. Not much happens during the first two thirds and then everything is rushed through the last third.

I did not like the group in this book they seemed very selfish and self-involved in this book compared to the others in this series.

One example is that the group caused Miranda to try to kill herself and they thought she did die and they only grieved for an evening and then did not think about it or feel guilty at all

Even though this was not my favourite Morganville novel I did still enjoy it, but was just a bit disappointed as I know that Caine can do better. I will definitely be reading the next book but I just hope it is more like the other books. I would recommend this to people who have read the other Morganville books.
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on 7 November 2012
Another brilliant delivery from Rachel Caine, I love this series, the plot is always engaging and cleverly so, I love the characters and how they interact. It's a great storyline, and a great world to get lost in. I bought it when I woke up, and finished it by the afternoon and it put me in a pretty good mood, (but also made me a little sad because I REALLY wanted the next one). I quite like the fact she's introducing other POV more often in her book, it adds another dynamic from the story seeing it at another angle. There was also quite a big 'OH MY G-' moment that gave me a somewhat small heart attack, just to warn you. Anyone new to the series, I very much recommend you start from book one and work your way up. I'm not actually one for writing reviews, I just wanted to tell everyone that this was another awesome entry to the series. :)
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on 26 January 2014
My goodness the weeks are flying by, I just haven't had much time to read recently and it's no fault of the book, I've just been snowed under.

So I got out of the groove a little bit with Morganville and in places this started to feel a little bit slow, the plot line of the last couple of books had rounded off and this one started on the next 'chapter' of their story and I wondered where Caine would take it. Don't get me wrong - she does a fabulous job but it feels like she is setting up something bigger to come which means there is a bit more backstory/filling. But when you get to the last third of the book - it all becomes worth it. Talk about explosive endings - my word does she know how to pull you in, shake you up and spit you out again.

So, things in Morganville have taken a turn for the worse - vampires have regained their freedom to hunt, humans are trying to fight back and Amelie seems to have lost all signs of sense and reason. Could this be a very bloody end to the town? For once Myrnin is the only one that seems to talk sense - scary I know hehe, but can Claire and her friends help him to bring the town back or will this be it for everyone. With a returning enemy and a host of new troubles this book does have it's very exciting moments.

The longest book in the series so far it still packs a lot in. I actually laughed out loud at this book, and also screamed in frustration when I thought we were going to lose one of my favourite characters - actually make that twice!

I am desperate to get my reading time back, I still love this series and can't wait for the next installment, but at the same time I know I only have 2 books left and I don't want it to be over. ahh conflicting emotions. Rachel Caine has got me completely hooked.
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on 17 December 2012
Spoiler Warning: The following review and/or blurb may contain or does contain spoilers for previous books in the series.

What happens when just about every enemy that cowed the vampires has been defeated and as your last act, you royally annoy them? Well of course you lose favour with the most powerful vampire in Morganville and go back to square one, but worse. Living in fear of what lurks in the dark. And the light. See, Eve and Michael's marriage at the end of Black Dawn didn't just annoy the vampire population who see a human rising above her station but also the human population who see a human resorting to the lowest thing possible. Siding with them. So once again, the residents of the Glass House have a problem, and as a result Bitter Blood is non-stop. So much happened in this book it was impossible to put it down. We have mayoral elections, chipped ID cards, free hunting passes for vampires, a ghost hunting show in town at the wrong time, and an almost bearable Monica who is running for mayor alongside a new Captain Obvious. Oy. "Only Monica could think Vote for me or I'll break your leg is a decent campaign slogan." Morganville has become a distinctly darker place and it's better than ever.. for us at least.

We still see the story through the different character's viewpoints which, while handled much better than in Bite Club, I'm still unsure about. I did enjoy seeing inside the mind of Myrnin and really seeing how crazy he is and a little bit of why, but I don't know. I suppose I like to be kept guessing about some things. Still, Bitter Blood is fantastically written and I don't exactly fault it for its' different viewpoints I'm just a little bemused as to why Claire's narrative is in third person and everybody else's in the first.

Yet again, a fantastic Morganville installment. I know I keep saying this, and I might say it for Fall of Night too, but Bitter Blood really is the best yet. By the time I'd finished reading I just couldn't read anything else.
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