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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 6 November 2013
Morganville has changed since Claire and her friends left, as everyone seems happier and the vampires are nowhere to be seen. Now upon their arrival their group is separated, with the vampires Michael, Oliver, Myrnin and Jesse staked and taken and the humans arrested and bought to see the leader of the Daylight Foundation, Fallon. The Daylight groups aim is to free the humans from the fear and oppression of the vampires, and to bring salvation to both humans and the vampires. However, Claire and her friends know that they are not as moral as they seem, and have to try to break the vampires from a type of prison before the Daylighters make all vampires extinct.

Daylighters is the last book in the Morganville series and it is brilliant, as it has lots action and I never got bored. However, I did miss the different points of view from the previous books as I really liked seeing what others were thinking.

As this is the final book I can't help but look back as see how much the characters we first met in Glass Houses have changed and grown as people. Especially Claire, as she has developed into a strong, independent woman. This is really shown in Daylighters, as she has to deal with the grey area of doing what is right by trying to free the vampires, even though the humans feel safe and secure. Also, the other characters, particularly Shane and the rest of the Glass House, have developed as they are willing to stand up to the vampires and for what they believe in and I have loved getting to know them.

I am sad that this series has ended as I have really enjoyed reading them but at least it was a good ending and we got closure. I would recommend The Morganville series to anyone who likes YA paranormal books.
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on 1 February 2014
So this is it, the end of Morganville. I cannot believe it's over, took me longer to get through the series than I planned (a whole month longer) but that wasn't due to the books, just my busy life and work getting in the way. I have really loved being a part of this world and feel like I could walk down the streets and talk to the characters as if I had been there for years. It feels like I have had to say goodbye to friends finishing this series, but I know I can always go back to visit.

So Claire and her friends return to Morganville after their brief stint in MIT. They've returned with an extra person too - Jesse the vampire we met in the previous book, which I was pleased about as I really liked her.But now they are back they are in for a shock- the Daylight foundation has taken over. All the vampires are being held in an 'enclave' although it sounds more like a sophisticated prison camp. The humans finally have the freedom they craved, but just what are the Daylighters going to do with the vamps. Whatever it is Claire knows it can't be good. Not wanting to choose sides she has to figure out what is right and what ultimately will bring about the most peaceful future.

I read most of this book this morning in one sitting and was totally hooked, it's a bit more moral than the rest, makes you think about what makes one persons life more valuable than another but the book isn't preachy or trying to tell you what to think, it just makes you stop and wander.

Having read this far, as I'm sure every Morganville fan will agree, it is impossible to choose a side. I love Claire, Shane and Eve, even Hannah Moses is cool and a mix of other background characters would be friendly neighbours. But then I also love Amelie, Myrnin, Oliver, and a host of other vamps. There is no way I could pick one side over the other.

The Daylighters are written perfectly, they really make my spine tingle and my hairs stand on end. Something about them just leaks a feeling of evil, bad intentions, but they can also charm you and make you think they may have a point. The sort of villain that appears as a friend, would pull you into a hug and then stab you in the back whilst still smiling at you. It's creepy - bravo Miss Caine, splendid writing!

I couldn't wait to find out how it would all end but I didn't want it to be over. I was however left with a feeling of 'completeness', like everything was right. It isn't completely wrapped up, there is some open ends, but they are so well built up that I can picture a future for them and know it's all ok. Enough is brought to a satisfying end that you are more filling in the gaps than writing your own ending which is how I like it.

This is a series I will always treasure and re-visit and thoroughly recommend to anyone. There is so much to experience and fall in love with that you will count yourself as an honorary Morgnaville resident and never want to leave.
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on 27 January 2014
What a terrific ending for one of my favourite series. I have loved Morganville vampires for so long. I have been there from the beginning. I have lived it. And loved it.

Daylighters was a very fitted ending. Morganville has changed a lot since Claire first arrived but its just changed again. Now Claire has got to work out which side is good and which is bad. Or is there a difference.

Arriving back in Morganville our gang realise there has been some major changes. Huge changes. The daylight foundation have got their claws into the Morganville residents. Even Hannah Moses. Our gang need to find who is on their side and quickly. They quickly separate the humans and the vampires. Splitting up Eve and Michael.

The changes the characters have gone through, they have grown and adapted. They have had to as their town has changed. The town of Morganville is now run by Fallon. Who believes all vampires need releasing from their curse. He is not giving them a choice. He gives them the cure or they die. But the cure isn't a 100% effective. It kills more than it cures. He has the vampires all in an old mall with shock collars on. Claire to the rescue again, with the help of her crazed boss Myrnin. He was and will always be my favourite character. He is the poster ad for can crazy!! but can't help but root for him. Some how the shock collar doesn't seem to effect him like the others and he finds a way out and gives Claire advice.

Glass house is special, it is alive. It helps the residents who live there and the founder as it is a founders house. It has saved them so many times. Claire risks her life to save the founder when the hell hounds, one of the hell hounds is very familiar to Claire, are after her blood.

Rachel Caine is an amazing author who i had the chance to meet. This is an amazing series,i would recommend it to anyone who loves vampires. I am sad to see it go. Its been a good ride and i've enjoyed every minute of it. And it was an amazing ending.

Huge huge thanks to Rachel Caine who brought Morganville into my life. She gave us some great characters, some we love, some we love to hate. Myrnin will always be one of my favourite vampires. I love the crazy bones of him.
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on 14 February 2015
I loved the whole morganville series, there were always interesting and unusual plot twists and unexpected turns in the books that left me wanting to read more. You simply fall in love with the characters as you follow them through their morganville lives. Each book each held a small piece of adventure and no doubt if you come to read the books 'you'll never want to leave' myrin is one of my favourite characters. I'd love to read a book about his manic life. No doubt his bipolar mind holds many a secret and you can't help wondering about his past that's mentioned in bits and pieces throughout. Oliver's another great character, and though not described as young or handsome you can't deny he has his own charm hidden behind his ruthless nature.
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on 9 January 2014
I must say that I feel a little sad that this great series came to an end. Great to get to know the characters through each book. Loved Myrnin. Shane definitely grew on me too. It will be good if there was another one to follow up, now that they are all grown up and settled. Myrnin seems to have met his match too.
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on 29 November 2013
This is a book I have been waiting for since May. Yep, a whole 6 months since I read Fall of Night and NEEDED to know how this epic series was going to end.

I have to admit, whilst it was a bit anti climactic, there was no other way for this series to end. Caine was able to tie up every lose end which gave readers and fans of the series closure. I've seen more than one person saying it felt as if they were saying goodbye to good friends.

The characters were the biggest draw of the series for me. Shane, Claire, Eve, and Michael in particular. Considering these are YA books, these four characters never delt as if they'd been babied down for the intended audience. They swear, they make mistake, and they have sex. Nothing is gratuitous, it's all done with taste and give them that essential third dimension to make them realistic.

Daylighters picks up not long after the ending of Fall of night and our motley crew have returned to Morganville. Things are different as the vamps are no longer in charge. That's a good thing, right? You'd think so, but Claire and the gang are resolved to turn things around to save their friends and loved ones.

With the help of recurring characters, they fight the good fight, but will they succeed and survive? Well, i'm not going to spoil it for you.

Once again, Caine is able to suck you into a world that seems entirely plausible and makes the reader think a lot of "what ifs". This is the sign of a good book. if you feel like it could happen... somewhere, then instantly you feel as if you are part of the story.

As with all the other books in the series, I couldn't put it down until I knew what happened. A page turner from the very beginning, this is a series I will definitely read again now it's complete. I'm not quite ready to say goodbye.
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on 1 December 2013
So everyone arrives back in Morganville only to be arrested and get split up. They discover the Daylight Foundation has taken over Morganville and ousted the vamps from their post as rulers. Everyone seems happier and Morganville is suddenly safer but Claire, Eve and Shane realise that it's not all it seems and that maybe it WAS better with the vamps in control rather than the weird Daylighters. They find out that the guy in charge has a "cure" for vampirism and is looking for volunteers, but nothing is ever as it seems, is it?

This book saddens me because it's the last book in an amazing series, it also saddens me that the cheesy ending really ruined the book for me. I kinda wish I could go back in time and tell me to just finish a bit earlier and leave on a high.

I don't think I'm going to be able to do a spoiler free review so I'm not going to try. The following section will contain spoilers, you can highlight to read if you don't mind.


The story itself is just as interesting as the rest of the series, it really is just the ending that lets it down. Despite that, I will still recommend the Morganville series to others - it's a great series with lots of ups and downs and some great characters, plus it's getting made into a TV show thanks to the fans (myself included). I love the series and it's sad to see it end.
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on 28 December 2013
It's the end of Morganville. It's just so sad. 15 books of struggles and fighting to survive through thick and thin we've watched The Glass house and it's residents fight to stay alive. It's been an amazing journey. So sad to see the series finish. Maybe one day we may get to revisit.
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on 4 January 2014
The title isn't enough to describe my upset That this series has ended... im an avid reader but more for true life, I have a fixation with vampires though which is why a friend bought ghost town for me, I have read ever single book now (including ghost town again) and I barely ever leave reviews but I have one the last couple morganville books, I hope sometime in the future they kick off again with new adventures, New threats, New friends and New plots, the majority of stories fizzle out and become repetitive but I think rachel caine could go on like such things as doctor who! Going to try out the weather warden series I think now :)
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on 15 January 2015
Unfortunately, this is the final installment of the superbly wonderful Morganville Vampires.

I have loved every step of the way in these books. I'll admit it's going to be different to read anything else by Ms Caine, but I think her writing is wonderful.

Who survives the Daylighters rule? Does Amelia and gang die once and for all in this wonderful book? What does Claire, Eve and Shane do in Morganville? All will be revealed in the final book. You have to read it to believe what happens? Also WHO IS THE DAYLIGHT FOUNDATION?????????
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