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on 13 October 1999
What can I say about this book that hasn't already been said by someone here? It was absolutely amazing! I've loved the Harry Potter books since I read the first one last spring, but this is my favorite of them so far. The beauty of it, the layers of betrayal and friendship that are slowly peeled away chapter by chapter, are all simply breathtaking.
I started Prisoner of Azkaban one night as I got into bed, planning to read only a few chapters and then sleep. 435 pages and many hours later, watching the sun start to come up, I finally put it down, having finished the entire book. In the process of those 435 pages, I laughed, I gasped in surprise, and believe it or not I cried. The emotions of the characters expressed in this book as, bit by bit, the story of what really happened that Halloween night that Voldemort killed Lily and James Potter, were absolutely perfect.
One of the finest books I've ever read!
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on 2 December 2001
I thought Harry Potter couldnt get better after the Philosophers Stone but then I discovered The Chamber of Secrets and now, to surpass them all comes The Prisoner of Azkaban! Stephen Fry continues to amaze me with his ability to draw the "listener" into the story. I listen to Harry Potter every morning and evening on the way to and from work. Before discovering Harry, I used to get frustrated with the hours drive home in traffic queues but now look forward to having a long journey home, just so I can hear more of Harry. Im an addict - officially! Im 25 and my partner thinks Im crazy for being into this "kiddy" thing - well im here to tell you that imagination doesnt stop when you leave school and I find this the perfect antidote for a stressful life - I can escape it all and listen in bliss to the great Stephen Fry excelling himself and complementing the already brilliant Harry Potter!
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on 8 February 2003
Rowling manages the rare trick in an author of making each of her books better than the last. Harry Potter’s history is slowly revealed throughout the books along with his day-to-day schooling at Hogwarts and the current danger imposed by Voldemort or one of his underlings. It is the sewing together of these three strands that makes Harry’s adventures so gripping and original along with the increased maturity each novel brings (the themes of love, death and evil are intensified in each new book). Whilst the Philosopher’s Stone was suitable for a wider audience each subsequent book grows alongside Harry meaning Prisoner Of Azkaban may not be suitable for children under 12 or as well appreciated.
With the inclusion of more wonderful characters to add to the storyline such as the sinister dementors, Lupin and Sirius Black POA excites with the unfamiliar but still retains those elements that make Harry Potter books what they are. Time travelling, flying griffins, a map that changes and a certain pet rat’s history adds to the Harry Potter series’ charm and for over three hundred pages Rowling transports you to a new world.
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on 11 February 2016
Frankly, there is no need to give a review. I expect 95% of today's readers understand and appreciate how popular the legendary Harry Potter is. I am only writing one for this book because it is by far my favourite in the series. Rowling equips the story with the same sense of light humour and typical exciting games of Quidditch (standard!). The exceptional point that really marks this book as turning point is the slow-but-sure revealing of the truth. Harry's idolisation of his father is dented by Snape's remark that not everything is as it seems. However, Harry's adored vision remains firmly emphasised throughout. For me, I no longer saw Snape as purely biased bully of a teacher; his character spurred me on to find out what exactly happened between him and James Potter.

Regrettably, I am amongst those who liked the series too late. Fortunately, the HP rave seems to go on forever so reading it for the second time is just as good as the first.
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on 27 January 2003
It took me a while to succumb to Harry Potter fever, but now infected, I never want to be cured! I've seen both the films and enjoyed them so much, I was inspired to start reading the books. I hope any child who picks one up realises that they are reading one of the best, most imaginative, most delightful series of books since C.S Lewis' 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and Enid Blyton's 'The Famous Five'. 'Prisoner of Azkaban' in particular I literally couldn't put down and there is as much, if not more in there to appeal to adults as well as to children. Although slightly darker in tone than the others in the series, it none the less remains wonderful escapism for all ages. A large plus point is that J.K. Rowling doesn't assume prior knowledge of the other preceeding books, and 'Prisoner' is perfectly capable of standing alone - characters, situations and locations are re-introduced and 'what's happened so far' summaries are comprehensive while remaining brief for those who have read the other books - although I feel that anyone who just reads the one is missing out on a treat!
I haven't enjoyed a book so much in ages, and I sincerely hope J.K Rowling never tires of Harry and his friends at Hogwarts!! I certainly shall never tire of reading about them.
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on 26 March 2006
In my humble opinion POA is J.K's best so far. I think it's something to do with the characters, i love Sirius and lupin they make the book and the look into Harry's family history and his parents school life is as interesting and exciting as Harry's own.
Although not as long as the later books this is just as clever and sinister but maintains the magic and richness of the first two. What 4,5 and 6 miss in the way of Hogwarts tradition like the Halloween feast, quidditch or Christmas at Hogwarts book three keeps as well as giving us a more complex and shocking story paving the way for future plots and climaxing the expectations and rumors of the whole story line.
The whole books built on suspense and forces you to think and guess at it's conclusion and when you get to the conclusion it's more shocking and exciting than you ever imagined, and any minor part of the story that you did manage to guess leaves you feeling ridicously smug for the est of the day.
Every one should read Harry potter and even those who didn't get blown away by 1 and 2 will by the POA and will have no choice but to buy the entire box set.
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on 2 January 2016
Quite amazing how the author mapped out the whole plot with hawcruxes etc from the first novel, knitting it all together like one long story but nicely divided into Potter's different years at school.

With all these DVDs, though, there is quite a bit missing in regards to the books as there is just not enough space in the dvd to cover the whole thing. So, right after you see the dvd, I would highly recommend that you get yourself an Audio-Book, and listen to Stephen Fry telling you the longer story of what happened in The Prisoner of Azkaban. (Fry communicates the different voices excellently.) That way, you have all the images from the dvd and you can run your imagination with all that in place. Like two exciting stories from one.

Harpy New Year!
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on 11 May 2004
In my opinion, this is the best book in the Harry Potter series. The kids have all grown up a bit, and have a much clearer understanding of the wizarding world.
We are introduced to brilliant characters - Remus Lupin + Sirius Black, and we learn much more about the life and death of Harry's parents. Full of emotional twists, and humorous elements, this is definitely a must have novel.
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on 10 August 2015
Well, I found myself writing a review after reading the second book in the series asking for something other than You Know Who visiting harry for a duel and well it certainty delivered. The book does of course mention You Know Who throughout the entire story but doesn't end in the similar way to book one and two in the series instead takes the reader on a very detailed list of events from the past.

Everything is not as it seems in this book and based on the plot is the best one in the series so far although I personally still enjoy the first book for the entire freshness the most. J.K. Rowling has a brilliant way of writing novels that have all the hints in-front of your face and the plot is still not obvious until you're reading the end of the novel. I found myself at multiple times throughout reading the twisting plot in this book eyes literally widened in anticipation at what was going to happen next and that brings me on to the next point.

This book is a definite page turner, I picked this book up in the early afternoon and haven't put it down since, well, not a constant read of course but several chapters at a time finding myself in night time finishing the read and writing this review. I just simply couldn't put it down, page after page the story unfolded and events unraveled.

The plot is so well written that this book really has a story and a meaning to it personally I felt like the first two books where more of a begging to end novel where by Harry defeated You Know Who time and time again, well if not defeated somehow coming out on alive on the other side after his unfortunate encounters. The ending to this one leaves open questions but reiterates my point above that all is not as it seems at first glance in this novel.

The only negative, sigh, there's always one, was the ending length for me. In comparison to the first two endings they came quickly and with a moderate amount of readable detail for me to understand what was going on all in one go, it may have been how much reading I had done today that made me of this opinion but without spoiling the ending to this novel at one point it goes into great detail about the past, while that is all I can say I feel that this detail was a lightly of a lengthy read and therefore threw my mind of course and wandering as I read page after page of detail attempting to take it all in, in one go. Although on the contrary the novel pulls itself together and takes Harry and Heroine on a very unique and unexpected adventure just before the end of term to round off the plot, a very unique and unexpected ending, very, very well done.

Talking of the end of term and plots this book also drops hints and fits nicely into the next book in the chapter, although the length and amount of reading I've done in this one shall leave me waiting a few days before continuing the adventure. I eagerly await the adventures that Harry, Hermoine and Ron shall be taken on during their fourth year and throughout the holidays.

I would defiantly re-read this book and would encourage anyone who felt, like I did, that despite the second one being a bit the of the same as the first this will defiantly give you a breath of fresh air and inspiration to continue to read the entire series.
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on 9 April 2014
When Harry blows his Aunt up during the holidays and get kicked out of the Dursleys' house he fears being arrested. He goes to the first place he can think of - Diagon Alley. He is worried when he finds out that the Minister for Magic is looking for him, only to be told he isn't in trouble. They aren't going to arrest him but they do want to protect him now that mass murderer Sirius Black is on the loose. Hogwarts in an interesting time, the security gets cranked up a notch, the Dementors are guarding the school and Harry learns something that will make him the happiest he has ever been.

I feel like I'm starting to warm towards Professor Snape, he's still as cold and calculating as he was in the previous two books, if not more. His fierce hatred of Harry Potter is still evident. I think it's the fact you can feel his conflicting emotions that just makes him a bit loveable.

There's predictable elements throughout the book but even so you are still left wondering what might happen. We all know that Harry will once again save the day with his two trusty sidekicks - Ron and Hermione - or in this case just Hermione. Ron is in the hospital unconscious. We, also, all know that at the end Dumbledore and Harry will have a little heart to heart and Dumbledore will tell Harry something that will come in handy in the future.

I have to say I'm glad that Draco got his just deserts. He had it coming, eventually, with his cocky and arrogant behaviour.
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