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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 January 2015
Great condition! My 9 year old was very happy
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on 15 July 2000
This book gives a very good read for both young and old. I am 13 and I really enjoyed this book. My whole family did. Everyone from my 79 year-old grandmother to my 8 year-old cousin loved the book. I am from the states. Can you believe that some people are trying to get the book banned! I myself can't believe this at all. They say that the idea of witchcraft is a threat to their childern! It is just a book! That's it! GET A LIFE PEOPLE! I rate this book with 5 stars b/c it gives a really believable view(It is fiction though) of what wizards would be like. bye
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on 31 December 2000
This book captures your imaginagion from the very first page. I got totaly rapped up in the amazing adventure of Harry and his friends. It is one of those books that you cannot put down, no matter how hard you try. J.K. Rowling has one fo the best imaganations that I have ever seen. She is a brilliant athour and she has tallent. This book captured my heart and at parts I laughed and at others I cried. I will read this book again and again until I get bored of it and I doubt this will ever happen. I love this book adit is simply the best book that I have ever read.
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on 23 February 2000
This book definitly lived up to its guarantee of being the best book in the WORLD. It inspired me greatly. One and only one fault in this book is that some words were too hard to pronounce for example " Exilir", " Hermione" and " Quidditch". I'm not saying its a bad book or anything because its great and I cant wait to read the sequels " The Chamber of Secrets" and " The Prisonor of AZKABAN".!
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on 21 December 1999
In Harry Potter's very first adventure, he was left on his aunt and uncle's doorstep when he was a tiny baby. This was because his parents were killed by the most powerful Dark wizard of all time, Voldemort. Mysteriously, however, Voldemort's power seemed to break the moment he tried to kill little Harry. Eleven years later, Harry gets a letter from the wizarding school of Hogwarts, telling him that he has a place in the school. Harry discovers that he is a wizard... This was an excellent book that kept me guessing until the end. Well done Joanne!
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on 14 December 2000
The people who express concern that J K Rowlings will influence young readers into developing an interest in the occult are probably correct. the author shows a genuine well researched knowledge of magical herbalism and lore. However the reader is given warning of the retribution for abusing magical gifts and I feel that it is unlikely that the readers will develop an interest in satanism as suggested. The book is colourful and lively and missing the dose of political correctness that often contaminates todays fiction.A fascintaing read for any age group
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on 27 April 2001
I'm nearly 30 and so what if I'm addicted and have just finished 'The Goblet of Fire'. So what if my work has suffered (I took the book to work to read in my lunch hour that seemed to stretch into two..) What's great about these books is the room for sheer imagination and magic, something that is sorely lacking from our lives. We spend so long trying to prove everything in existence with 'logic' and scientific fact that magic and fairy-tales are slowly being squeezed out of our drab lives. Well done Jo Rowling for bringing Harry Potter to all of us.
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on 5 March 1999
I am a fifth-grade teacher in a small town in California, and I haven't had a reaction like this to a book since Dahl's BFG came out. My students were wild for the book, and were heavily invested in Harry and his success. I think that what makes this book so great is that the people have utterly normal reactions, but they live in a fantastically, wonderfully,magical environment. Both adults and children can be good or bad, and people make choices and mistakes JUST LIKE WE DO. Thank you, thank you for this precious addition to childrens' lives.
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on 3 February 2016
arrived quickly and as described, thank you!
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on 22 November 2015
Book came as described. Excellent. Thanks!
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