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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 October 2006
Before you read the review of ARK ANGEL, you need to take into account that this is the sixth book in the engaging, entertaining, action-packed adventure series starring Alex Rider. If you haven't read the first five books in the series, you'll probably want to do that before you pick up ARK ANGEL. Although it can stand on its own, you'll feel more in the loop by reading the previous books first.

ARK ANGEL picks up immediately where SCORPIA, book five, left off. At the end of that book, we saw Alex Rider on the ground, wounded by a sniper's bullet. For those who thought that Anthony Horowitz was planning to kill off our favorite young MI6 agent, please be assured that ARK ANGEL does not in any way imply dead. Alex is alive and relatively well, recuperating in an exclusive private hospital in London. The sniper's bullet missed his heart, instead bouncing off a rib and exiting out his arm. Now, as he's recovering in posh room nine of the hospital, he becomes friends with Paul. The same Paul that turns out to be the son of Nikolai Drevin, one of the richest men in the world.

When Alex saves Paul during a kidnapping attempt, Nikolai invites Alex to finish his recuperation at his estate. Alex soon wonders at the wisdom of being in Drevin's company, however, when he learns that an eco-terrorist group known as Force Three has threatened not only the Drevin family, but the safety of the entire world.

Nikolai Drevin's latest project, Ark Angel, is in full swing. Designed to become the first ultimate luxury hotel in outer space, it contains everything the world's richest people could want. It's also, at least according to Force Three, a threat to the environment of Earth as we know it. Now the members of the terrorist group are out to stop Ark Angel from ever opening, and they'll do anything--and everything--they can to see their mission come to completion. Even if it means hurtling the hotel back through the atmosphere and onto Earth's surface.

ARK ANGEL is another action-adventure read that will keep you turning pages right through to the end. Alex Rider has come a long way since the fourteen-year old boy roped into complying with MI6, but there's part of him that's still determined to leave the spy organization for good. Yet he knows that his skills are needed, and the unending action of ARK ANGEL show in detail why that is. You won't go wrong with any of the books in the Alex Rider series, and I can say that I'm excited about the opening of the movie STORMBREAKER, the first Alex Rider adventure, which is in development now.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Wardrip, aka "The Genius"
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on 18 April 2005
Alex Rider didn't die when he was shot by a Scorpia gunman in the last chapter of the previous book. The book thrusts you right into the world of Alex Rider, for the 6th time. The world of deceptions, anger, revenge and war. The world where a schoolboy is reluctant to become a spy, instead of the other way around. As said at the end of book two, by Alan Blunt, Head of the MI6, "Most schoolboys dream to become spies. With Alex, we have a spy who dreams to be an ordinary schoolboy." Alex did not choose to become a spy; he was blackmailed and forced in the first book (Stormbreaker) to work for the MI6.
Back to Ark Angel: Ark angel was Alex RIders 6th adventure, but first one yet to be because of him, not because of Alan Blunt and his slightly less blunt assistant. This book picks up a little after Alex Rider was shot in Scorpia, the previous adventure, by a Scorpia gunman. Alex rider throws himself in the way of would-be kidnappers of Paul Drevin, the rich son of the Russian millionaire, Nikolei Drevin. Later in the book, Alex finds out the truth about Nikolei Drevin and has to stop him from destoying the world.But how? Buy the book and find out! (Hmmmm........Does this sound familiar? It should because this kind of plot was in bk.3, bk.4, and bk. 5)
Ark Angel is a slightly slower-paced book than the fast-paced Eagle Strike, and the simply rocket-paced Scorpia. There is still Mr. Smithers, thank goodness, as he along with his gadgets, are one of the funniest things in the series. These are weird gadgets (I won't mention any of the gadgets in Ark Angel, as not to spoil the laughs!) like exploding chewing gum, Gameboy games with functions like a smoke grenade, Nuclear wave detector, and so on. The CIA have made another name for themselves, this time in New York (people who have read Skeleton Key should remember Centurion International Advertising).
All in all, Alex Rider is in for another hair-raising adventure in Ark Angel, book 6 of the series (presumably called Alex Rider, but not confirmed). Great book, okay storyline, but the laughs and jokes far make up for the slower-paced storytelling and the ordinary storyline. Alex Rider fans: GET THIS RIGHT NOW, if you have'nt done so already, but for people new to the series, start at Stormbreaker.
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on 6 April 2005
If you have been following Alex Rider's adventures up 'till now you will not be disappointed with Ark Angel. The six book in Horwitz's Alex Rider series. However to fully understand this book you will need to read the other five. This book is fast pace from the word go, with some amazing scenes that will one day stun cinema goers. Alex Rider is recovering in hospital when he befriends the son of a Russian multi-billionare (I know he sounds like Roman Ambramovich, but trust me he's not!) who is being targeted by and eco-worrior terrorist group. After that Alex is thrust back into the world of spys when he is forced by the CIA to spy on Drevin (the Russion Multi-Billionare) who has let Alex stay with him on his own private island, and is not all that he seems. This book then has some of the best action scenes ever written and culminates in a deadly battle in space between Alex and a strangley tatooted Kasper. The only critisim I can find for the whole Alex Rider Sieries is that so much has changed between when Stormbreaker was Written and when Ark Angel was written that some of the gadgets in Stormbreaker seem a bit dated now (The Gameboy colour!). This book is a must read for youg and old. it is funny, fast paced and has some characters very similar to real people (see if you can spot the David Beckham looky-like) and although we feel sorry for Alex, being forced to be a spy, it leaves us asking "Will there be an Alex Rider 7?" Because the auther says he will stop when Alex is 15!
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on 18 July 2005
Alex rider is in hospital after being shot by a sniper. He meats paul who is also in hospital and this is the beginig of his 6th adventure.
Paul's dad (Nikoleai Drevin) is the biggest criminal in the world, and that night he finds some more crooks are on the lose, force three. MI6 and CIA send Alex on a mission to find out more and alex soon finds the connectoin with force three and Nikoleia Drevin. But then Alex finds out a worse plan something that could change the world for ever.....
Read on to find suspence and danger. And thats just the next page. prepear for this action packed, absoloutly crazy book! IT DEFINETLY IS A BOOK YOU HAVE TO READ!
Also read the other Alex Rider books for more adventures!!
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There is a level of political and economic sophistication in the book that impressed me, particularly in the motivation for Nikolei Drevin's crazy plot of destruction. I enjoyed the sideswipe that Horowitz is clearly taking at Russian oligarchs via the character (and the football game with Chelsea was a nice touch that advanced the plot). I did think that an opportunity was missed with Paul Drevin though - a lonely boy of Alex's age who can't meet his father's expectations and who really seemed to want Alex as a friend - I think he could have been used to draw a little more emotion out of Alex and made him more vulnerable, but equally, given the ending of the book I hope to see Paul Drevin again (although hopefully not as an enemy).

There is one large contrivance that sets up the end of the book, wherein Alex has to go up to the Ark Angel space station. I think that it would be obvious to any teenage boy reader that the situation is a set up and what the set up is, but Horowitz persists in going through the motions in a way that's actually tedious. A far better way of doing it would have been to acknowledge what's waiting for Alex up in space and give him the decision as to whether or not to go. But that's just me.

I do wonder if the series is perhaps running out of steam. As Horowitz acknowledges through the character, Alex is not going to be 14 forever and I do wonder if there's anything left for him to do - particularly given the amount of attention he's received during the series, which means he's no longer a secret spy any more. Horowitz has said that the series will stop when Rider reaches 15 and he'll get a happy ending. I hope there's enough steam left in the series for that.
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on 17 March 2005
Ever since i read the first Alex Rider book I have been gripped by all 6 intense storylines. Book 6 has undoubtedly been the best for me, although all are literary masterpieces. If you havent read any Alex Rider Books, I would reccomend them heartily. There is never a boring moment in an Alex Rider book. I Would say to anyone and i mean anyone that you should buy all 6 books in the series. Read all six and you will be itching for the seventh.
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on 4 April 2005
The Alex Rider series reaches its sixth book and so loses a lot of its charm and originality from the earlier books.Ark Angel seems to be Horowitz's attempt to turn this cult classic into a blockbuster, with more high speed action but slightly less attention payed to plot and character developement. Ark Angel also seems to be very satirical, with characters in his book mirroring real life celebrities(Adam Wright-David Beckham)and while this is funny at first, the novelty soon wears off.
However, while this book never quite reaches the heights of Point Blanc or Scorpia, it is still fast paced and, like all of Horowitz's books, very readable. Seeing as its the sixth in the series, it is predictable at times, but that was to be expected. Most people will race through this book, and enjoy it. It is undeniably fun, thrilling and a superb example of why horowitz is still in the top sector of childrens novelists.
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on 5 February 2005
I have never being so emotional over a book. Scorpia had a moving resolution and the most crucial of cliffhangers mixed into the saddest and greatest end of all the books I have read. When I heard that ARK ANGEL was to be released, I was so glad because I honestly thought Alex was dead! Now i have no doubt in my mind that this will be the greatest book of the brilliant Alex Rider series. If any teenager wants that essence of the young James Bond,these are your books!! And if you've read the other books like me, I'm sure you will be as eager to read ARK ANGEL as I am. DEFINTELY RECOMMENDED WITHOUT A DOUBT!!!!
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on 2 April 2005
Ark Angel is the incredible sequel to Scorpia, which is in my opinion the best book ever wrtitten. Ark Angel is a direct sequel, and continues in the hospital where Alex is recuperating from a snipers bullet which by some miracle hit 1/2 a centimetre above his heart. I didn't think it was possible to beat Scorpia, and unfortunately, i was correct. Ark Angel doesn't beat its predecessor in terms of incredible, although it does have a brilliant escape from a burning towerblock and a final, gripping showdown in Outer Space. Although the action does not quite reach the spiralling heights of the predecessors, the charatcer development far surpasses any before it, and you feel you know the characters better than the back of your own hand. Unfortunately, the ending leaves no cliffhanger, although there will be more (AH said that the books will end when Alex turns 15), it does still leave you with an incredible high, as though you are there with Alex stuck in a WW2 dreadnought, sunk and locked from the outside. You're flying over to New York with him, you're feeling the heat on your back as you tightrope 8 storeys up away from a burning building. It is this that makes the Alex Rider books what they are. Pure Class. Impossible to not buy. Impossible to not love. Buy it now, or regret it for the rest of your life.
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on 14 August 2006
If you've read the rest of the Alex Rider books you have to read this one as well. I agree that it is probably not as exciting or interesting as Scorpia, but it is still brilliant.

The only problem is that in this one the ending is a little bit TOO ridiculous. I won't give anything away, but it involves a type of spaceship and when that happened I started to think that maybe the series as going in a direction that made it silly instead of just great.

It doesn't really matter anyway because Anthony Horowitz is still an amazing writer who knows how to keep you in suspense and following the characters all the way through to the very last word.

Alex Rider was the first series of the new type of spy and action book that you can't put down. They always contain thrilling adventures and Ark Angel is no different it just isn't the best one of the series.

Also it will never have the impact of Stormbreaker because now there are more books in that type to compare it to like The Recruit by Robert Muchamore and Jimmy Coates by Joe Craig.
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