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on 26 October 2016
You dont need this
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on 7 February 2009
Call of Duty: World at War is the fifth in the Call of Duty series of first person shooter computer games. Following a brief jaunt into modern combat with Call of Duty 4 this version rejoins the action of the first three titles by placing it firmly back in the arena of World War II.

This BradyGames guide to the game covers the XBox 360, Playstation 3, Windows PC and Nintendo DS editions of the game and it's one mighty tome weighing in at around 320 pages.

The book is separated into three distinct sections: Multiplayer, Single-player and Nintendo DS edition, which understandably requires its own guide due to its smaller screen size.

The first chapter in the book (Boot Camp) gives you a very good introduction to the various basic elements of the game (the controller, life meter, heads-up display, etc. While it sits within the Multiplayer section it's also a useful read for any new players to the Single-player game.

The Multiplayer section guides you through weapons, vehicles, perks, classes, tactics, modes, page after page of detailed maps and concludes with a couple of charts: unlockables and challenges.

For the player wishing a story-based, cinematic experience rather than an all-out player-vs-player of Multiplayer the Single-player section guides the user through each level within the game (including the bonus zombie level right at the end), pointing out where to go, what to do, and suggested weapons to use.

It also lets you know where all the hidden "Death Cards" are distributed around the playing arena, as well as an overview of the various weapons and tactics used within the Single-player environment.

While some might think that this takes the fun or challenge out of the game, for people new to gaming it provides a very useful insight into how you might go about solving similar challenges in the future, both in other games or further into this one. At the end of the day, you still have to get through each level on your own!

The section concludes with a look at the various XBox 360 and Playstation 3 trophies that can be won.

The final section does much the same for the Nintendo DS version as the previous section did for the larger gaming platforms/consoles.

This is a comprehensive guide to an excellent game. Just as soldiers don't go into battle without a map, this is your map to the Call of Duty: World at War theatre.
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on 12 May 2009
I had high expectations for this guide after playing, what is an incredible game, for several months. But sadly, I have to say this book is not as in depth as it could (and should) have been.

The books starts with a comprehensive guide to the on-line multiplayer maps. I is well written and superb for learning the tactics of the game and where to hide in levels to overcome your opponents. It also lists in what situations you should use certain weapons, and what perks you ought to have enabled. But, sadly, it also tells you some pointless information that is quite unnecessary, such as at what levels certain items are unlocked as this is specified in the game.

Additionally, this book has yet to have been updated to accommodate the new map pack available from the PS Network. Thus, 4 maps are omitted from the multi-player section of this book.

The guide continues to go through each level, with some detail. And for this I praise it. But it is useless, useless! At actually guiding you through the levels. Those expecting to find methods on how to beat the game on Veteran mode (i.e places to hide etc.) will be vastly disappointed.

Furthermore, when it comes to the trophy section of the guide, it merely points out what you have to do to gain a certain award. Once again, lacking in actually how to gain the award other than trail and error.

Death cards are listed throughout the guide. But I advise users to seek free on-line guides which do the same job. But saves you money and the wait for a quite basic guide.

For the multi-player section, this book is worth the purchase entirely. Those looking for a comprehensive guide through the levels on the various difficulties and consoles, should look elsewhere. I urge you.

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on 4 June 2009
well written guide for call of duty 5 gives you all the info and level maps for the game.
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on 2 March 2016
All ok. Thank you!
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on 25 August 2015
Brilliant Guide!
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on 28 January 2010
An excellent book for anyone who plays call of duty world at war,with complete rundown on weapon stats and the entire maps in full colour plus all the regular tips from the sea snipers you really carn't go wrong
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