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on 10 July 2010
Like so many guides recently the guide for RDR looks very good. A polished publication with plenty of illustrations and all aspects of the game adequately covered. But like so many other guides it lacks in one area; it doesn't give you any information that isn't provided by the game itself. All text for extras and items is lifted directly from the game and offers no extra information. Although all the challenges and achievements/trophies are listed it doesn't tell you how to get them. For exmple the 'Mowing Them Down' achievement cannot simply be completed by replaying a level with a lot of gattling gun kills or, if you're stuggling to kill a bear with a melee knife it doesn't mention that you can shoot it a couple of times first to make it easier, as only the final strike counts (or that that's not true for the same challenge in multiplayer). Simply put the guide doesn't go beyond the game but then this is true of most, if not all guides in recent years.
I'd like to see a return to guides like Future Press' 'Resident Evil: Nemesis' guide which showed you how to complete the game in under 1hr 20mins, get all the epilogues, complete the mercenaries mini games and showed all unlockables, hidden scores and so much more. A guide that truely took you beyond the game in so many ways.
As nice as the RDR guide is to look at, if you're really stuck with something in the game you'd be better checking on line. 'Every Point Counts' is a great online resource.
I could only recommend the RDR guide for collectors, which is a shame because it's a truly great game.
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on 27 April 2017
Ace game,like GTA in cowboy mode 😀
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on 27 May 2017
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on 19 February 2015
A great guide for this great game. Bought mainly to get help with the hunting and all the extras that I missed on the first play through.
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While the game itself gives you a very good experience of the Wild West, this guide book seeks to complete that experience.

This guide book is really comprehensive. The beautiful illustrations, such as the one on the cover, are just the beginning. Inside, you'll find details to all the missions, side missions, items, weapons, shops, challenges, mini-games, bounty, treasures, trophies and so much more.

All the information is concise and nicely laid out and easy to follow. The screenshots are satisfying huge as you would expect from a 340-page thick guide.

What I like particularly is the section on the game basics/logic, or in other words, the law of the land. It covers the honor system, bounty basics, law and enforcement. It's very helpful to understand the game mechanics at the start, especially on how your honor and fame affects the people around you.

There's also a huge foldout poster map that covers all the towns. Behind the map is a beautiful illustration Miss MacFarlane holding her shotgun. This map is in addition to the other maps provided. All of them are properly labeled, making sure you can locate what you need.

To get 100% completion, you need to complete every task, even the mundane. Events like Stranger tasks (18 in total) only scores 0.5% each, similar to finding a piece of new outfit. I personally won't be able to discover all those side missions by myself, ever. Whether you want to collect wildflowers or raid a bear's cave, there's is always something written.

For multiplayer, there's a list all the unlockables and how you can get them. They are things like guns and horses, etc. There are also many tips on the multiplayer gameplay provided by the Rockstar multiplayer test team.

This guide will complete your Wild West experience. Seriously.
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on 11 July 2010
Despite this user guide doing everything that it says it does, this particular game has very goon online tutorials, and along with the Wikipedia web site I actually found this book unnecessary.

I seriously doubt that these types of book are going to be needed from here on.

Having said that it is a lovely book with good walkthroughs and nice pictures - and it was about a fiver cheapernthrough Amazon.
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on 26 June 2010
This item is essential if you want to complete your game to 100%. The quality of the book is extremely good and what you would expect from "bradygames". The contents of the book is second to none with full color pages and plenty of them at that. The price upon purchase was the best around suppressing the high-street and that of other online retailers. Delivery from amazon can not be faulted. All in all if you want the most from this game look no further. A essential companion for what is a top notch game.
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on 19 July 2010
The Brady games Guide will get you through the main campaign and the strangers side-missions but neglects certain areas such as where to find certain horses, a more in depth look at where to find certain animals for hunting and lastly the most simple way to get certain achievements.
Overall the guide is well presented and designed but most will find it a bit lacking as the game is easy enough to get through and documents your progress well enough as to avoid getting lost or distracted. More experienced gamers may be better off just downloading guides to parts they need but gamers who are more casual will find the guide user-friendly.
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on 26 February 2014
Guide was not as informative as I expected, it doesn't give specifics about what requirements are needed for certain items and I had to go online to other guide sites to find out. It does have a very good guide on the maps and list of items and where they are found although most things in it are just exactly what is listed in the game itself anyway.
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on 31 August 2013
I found this manual of great help for this fairly free ranging game, but with so many various situations, the manual rides to the rescue when you get bewildered! It gets down to the first missions in a mere 20 pages - a feature of this publisher. Recommended.
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