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on 1 November 2004
This guide covers most thing you'll need to know when playing the game. It covers all of the missions but often tells you useless info that the game tells you anyway.
However, it is very good at telling you where all of the hidden things are for those of you that want to get 100% completion. It also gives you the information on the food you eat, clothes you can wear, your haircuts and tatoos and how these effect your stats (respect, fat and sex appeal.)
It also comes with some helpful maps, much better than the one that comes with the game and the in-game map, which is often vital for getting to places. It also explains the odd jobs that are required but the game does not tell you.
Overall, I think this guide is vital for anyone that owns the game as it will make it a much more fun game to play and you will be able to get the maximum out of it.
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on 1 November 2004
...the way I see it is this. For the first time there is a strategy guide you could seriously beat someone to death with. This is a seriously meaty work. Full colour pictures, maps, item catalogues. In GTAIII and Vice City we could say that all things come with time, eventually you will see everything even if you don't actually finish the game (because of insane jumps and races usually). In San Andreas, on the other hand, if you don't have some help... well, you might miss something.
The book is as comprehensive as its forebears and this will be of great relief to players (or should that be playaz?) like myself who sort of got their head aroud Los Santos over this release weekend and then despaired of ever finishing this Final Fantasy-esque behemoth of a crime epic.
Essentially this guide will help you manage your stay in San Andy and if you don't want spoilers don't read the important pages. But for those like me who don't fancy hide and seek to get the tags, oysters and horseshoes. I quite like getting to know the city by doing a 'hidden object' review. So I don't have a problem with using the guide.
Trust me, you'll need this if you're planning on having a life in addition to a copy of GTA:SA
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on 1 December 2004
I think this was worth the price - certainly beats going to all the FAQ websites to find what you need about San Andreas. The mission walkthroughs are just that and don't offer much in the way of hints for those frustrating *cough* supply lines *cough* missions. The book is really good for side missions and hidden stuff which is what I really wanted it for. I would have to agree with thecrimsonshortone about the San Fierro photo ops - the map and thumbnails don't match whatsoever, not even close. Plus some of them are wrong. One of them states take a pic of the save the whales mural. But in the game, the brick wall is blank, its the Hashbury festival sign you have to capture instead. It's nowhere near as bad for the Horseshoe locations in Las Venturas - but some of the screenshots include stuff like stairs and bushes that must have been removed from the final version of the game to stop the PS2 from having an emotion engine overload.
Overall, it's a worthy purchase, but you will still need the odd trip to
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on 1 November 2004
If you have purchased the previous guides to GTA then the first thing you will notice about GTA San Andeas Strategy guide is its size. Like the game it is probably four times as thick (and heavy) as its predecessor which makes the price tag worth it for the paper alone! The game is big and you wont realise its true enormity for hours. One glance through the guide however and you realise so much more, a "parachute", no way? This guide helps you work out what you need to attain the elusive 100% and allows you turn your PS2 off and let the rest of your family enjoy normal TV, while you prepare yourself for your next session. A worthy buy for a worthy game.
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on 3 November 2004
I have bought several guides from Brady Games including GTA3 and Vice City and found them to be invaluable when it comes to finding those last few hidden items to get 100% completion. When this thumping great book came through my door I knew it, too, would have all the info you could want.
HOWEVER, my main reason for buying this was to help me find all the hidden items including the photos and I am dissapointed to say that this section is flawed. The map which lists the photo locations with a number does not match the numbers given to the example picture and description. For example, the number for one train station in San Fierro says in the key that you have to photograph a submarine! You are in the middle of the city!
This is poor from a guide that should be the definitive assitant. I appreciate this is a small niggle in an overall, very good book but it is simply not what I expect from this company.
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on 11 February 2008
I love Grand Theft Auto, I managed to complete San Andreas to 100% despite this guide.
Basic sections, such as the photographs that need taking in San Fierro are wrong, the pictures don't match the descriptions which don't match the locations.
Descriptions of the tags in Los Santos are usually incorrect or provide so little information you'd be better off without them.
The guide says annoying crap like 'mystery weapons/vehicles' without actually telling you what these are, despite being a 'complete' guide.
Generally its a load of crap, the only nice thing about it is the design, bold artwork and nice composition. It's set out like a tourist guide; even the paper's texture is nice, but its all a hoax. Whoever wrote it needs a slap and clearly never double-checked any of the crap they wrote.
Don't buy this, you can get much better 100% guides much freer on the internet.
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on 12 January 2014
Starting this game is somewhat bewildering; my initial reaction was 'just what have I let myself in for'! This is where the strategy guide stepped in to guide and assist me. By the the time I was well into this superlative game, the guide continued to be useful and was always at my elbow. Excellent.
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on 13 August 2005
I took one look at this book and it was amazing. It cracks the lock that makes this game hard,Lots of detailed maps to tell you where all the secrets are and brilliant mission giudes is it too hard to see why this is 5 star? Great giude for a great game.
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on 12 May 2005
The producers of computer games as well-respected and successful as the Grand Theft Auto series should really have better sense than to licence out official companion material to such shoddy, amateurish companies.
This is a really poor product. The walkthrough aspect of the book is more plot synopsis than guide; and the hidden weapons locations are marked in completely the wrong place on their 'handy' maps. I would go even as far to say that the book is 'faulty'. after all, it certainly doesn't do what it is supposed to - and that's make the game easier to play.
One of the chief reasons for purchasing this guide would likely be to find all the hidden items (horseshoes, oysters, gang tags, photo ops) - a feat that would be nigh-on impossible without some form of assistance. BradyGames' official guide manages not only to indicate most of these items as being an inch or so (which could be several hundred meters in-game, given the massive size of the play area), but also to use completely different numbering systems for their maps and keys (photo op #9 on the map is really #35 on the key! Genius)! Their attempt to assist further with screenshots of the locations of each item is made worthless by virtue of the fact that said screenshots appear to be from a different build/version of the game: they display objects and scenery which are not actually present in the finished game.
I would expect inconsistencies, vagueness and even outright errors in guides created by fans on a non-profit basis, not in the premium official product. Imagine my surprise, then, when I eventually found myself resorting to the former to eke out the last hidden secrets of the game. The bottom line is that GTA: San Andreas is not a difficult game by any stretch of the imagination - yet this strategy guide manages to make it one.
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on 13 December 2004
This book does have an extremely detailed walkthrough section on th GTA:SA story missions yet after you play a few missions you realise how reduntant the walkthrough to story mode is, the walkthrough basically repeats the mission briefand gives a description of what happens throughout, there is no way of telling you how to complete a mission in different ways since there is only one way to complete the vast majority and if there is a choice you will be informed.
Also most people will who wish to purchase this will do itsoley for the maps/locations of the different 'special' city challenges e.g.: The graffiti tags in Los Santos, the picture points in San Fierro etc. This book is unnaccurate in all of its placings of anything on a map but especially when reffering to the picture opportunity points in San Fierro, this is where the guide really excells its self in it nonsensical helpfulness, as the points indicated on the map in numbers are completely different to the descriptions provided on the opposite page.
Purchase this if you want to get within a shade of 100%, but you'll probably lose interest with the game before you get there as the guide doesn't provide exact locations of anything.
Infact the only things I manged to use it for was to find a knife and a heat seeking rocket launcher, I rest my case.
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