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on 12 March 2005
writing a strategy guide for online games can be very difficult, although great for the company producing the books as they will get more money from re-releases and updated versions, it does however get out of date quite quickly, especially if a patch is introduced or new updates regarding some features, since MMORPGs are continously updating themselves based on the clients.
This book is very detailed and provides all the information you require on jobs, classes, hunt locations, areas to go and how to kill certain bosses, it covers a wide area of items and techniques used in the trade. Its a great companion to the game and will get beginners started, it also provides brief tutorials on how to get to a certain level and the places to go to achieve that, since the game is growing fast and players are reaching higher levels, it may be difficult for new players to enter the game due to this factor.
This book will make sure that you get to an adaquate level so that you can be a great companion to other players in their hunts and accomplishments.
Great book but it does get out of date quite quickly, this book is ideally for the newbie's entering the game apposed to the intermediate and experts who may find their memory and experiences alot better than this published material.
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on 18 January 2006
I have owned this book for a very long time. I still refer to it from time to time but if you have been playing FFXI for more that 3 months I would suggest that you do not need this book. New players will benefit hugely from this book however. It is very out of date now, but the basic priciples are still there and it's useful for many mini quests. It's biggest downfall is that it does not include any information on rank missions after rank 5 for any nations, and it includes none of the missions for either of the expansions. Lists of spells are now slightly out of date too. Do not buy this book if you want a guide on how to lvl a crafting skill, as the level caps for the synths are not given. This book does not contain any desynths and also no synths above lvl 80. The skillchain chart is very limited and is of no use after your character reaches lv50 or so. Area maps are not included, NM locations are not included, coffer/treasure chest locations are not included.
In short, buy this book if you have just started playing the game or are about to. Do not buy it if you consider yourself to know the game basics already. Good guides to more difficult aspects of the game can be found easily enough online.
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on 5 September 2006
I have played this game now for over 2 years and borrowed this guide from a friend for a few synthising recepies.

I must however point out the several downfalls:

It is limited (as most are guides are) to level 50

It does not include anymore than the basic quests

Does not include any of the new expansion packs or any information pass rank 5

However it is not all bad to be said about it, if you are below level 30 and have just started and need help with a few pointers then this book could be for you. However to experience what FFXI I believe that you should really take this time at the beginning to explore the world and learn from your mistakes otherwise you may find it harder later on when you have to party with the pros. My advice is to join a good Linkshell as they will be more valuable to you than any guide.
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on 21 February 2005
Due to the sheer amount of things to do,places to go, people to see, and regular updates it would be impossible to provide a guide to everything this stunning game has to offer. So here is a guide to the core of the game. All the character jobs are listed, along with a brief guide on the jobs particular pro's and cons. This guide is probably best for relative newcomers to the game, you get detailed walkthroughs for the missions in the game which keep the story flowing nicely ( a rarity in MMorpg so i beleive!), and most of the quests for the 4 cities of Windurst,Sandoria,Bastok and Jeuno.
This book has been invaluable in beginning the game, but you'll find that the best way to learn is by talking to others!! however if the book was updated with the Additional "Chains of Promathia" content i wouldnt hesitate buying it again!
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on 3 November 2008
First off FF XI online is a great game
if you have it or are wanting to buy it, this book can be a great help if you dont already have a large linkshell
buy buy buy
it walks you through the earlier missions and tells you important locations of NPC's and items
great for any talents like smithing etc
a must get for anyone who wants to no FF XI in depth
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on 16 September 2005
Final Fantasy XI is an amazing game and i would half to say to any one who likes Final Fantasy you should buy this game and the books to go with the game it does help!
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on 5 January 2006
This guide is very helpful, as it tells you how to do all the quests for the advanced jobs, how to do quests for rare items, what the ingredients for synthesizing items, all the information on every spell and more. I have played FFXI for quite a while now, and would not be where I am today if it were not for this guide.
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on 11 November 2005
well i really love final fantasy but this book i found was a little hard to understand for beginners, it explains things asthough you already know what your doing and until i had figured most things out for myself it was then that the book started making sense!
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on 3 February 2005
Yeh if you have this game then its pretty much essential that you buy the strategy guide because you WILL get stuck somewhere in the game. not doubt.
The only thing i find wrong is that this Guide Book is by Brady Games, and the original FF series guide books were by PiggyBack ([...] It just doesnt look the same with all the other guides on my shelf being a deferent make...:'(
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