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on 2 July 2003
While this novelization claims to contain the entirety of season 7, large portions of the book are best read only after you have seen the episodes. Large amounts of descriptive work is missing, leaving things unclear as to what exactly is happening in some areas, this was taken from the shooting scripts, it seems to read like it also. Half the time you expect to read the words "whoever reacts", trust me, it feels like that. Thankfully I had seen all of season 7 prior to reading this book and was glad I had. All 22 episodes are present, in addition to this some bonus material that was cut form the show for length, which is a nice bonus, but only little one.
Season 7 read better than it was to watch in my opinion, the show fell flat for more than half the final season, thankfully all these dull moments are condensed. However, unfortunately, all the good bits are condensed as well. Much of the charm of the show is lost in the book, partly due to the author's skill I feel, Nancy Holder has always lacked something when I have read her work. Though she isn't any Christopher Golden, she can pull her own weight.
I recommend that this book is bught only if yo uare a completist, a true die hard BtVS enthusiast or just short of anything better to read. While a disappointment, it is a nice way to pass the time, just don't expect anything special.
The Lost Slayer, Pretty Maids all in a Row, Doomsday Deck, the Unseen Trilogy and the Gatekeeper Trilogy all leave this one dusted and wanting. If yo ureally want to read something BtVS related, go for those first.
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on 17 December 2006
Ok, ok, so maybe I'm an insufferable pedant, but I had to restrain myself from going through this book with a highlighter and marking over the literally hundreds of spelling errors. It horrifies me that somewhere out there, someone was being paid to edit this book and clearly just couldn't be bothered. It almost feels like they thought "Oh well, the series is over, so why should we bother delivering quality to the fans anymore?"

On top of this, the book was clunky and badly written, breaking virtually every rule of grammar and style. The word for word recount of the dialogue I could have dealt with, but as the surrounding text doesn't support it properly, it quickly became tedious. Quite frankly, it felt rushed; as though the dialogue had been written and the author had just filled in the gaps with "...and then this happened and so did this and then they said..."

As a huge BTVS fan I was hugely disappointed by this book, to the point that I wrote in to the Official Magazine to complain. Anyone thinking of buying it, no matter how much you loved the show... If you are at all literate- JUST DON'T.
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on 20 August 2006
This book is basically a word for word account of the events of season seven of Buffy, and is therefore, quite pointless, as Nancy Holder offers little insight into minds and thoughts of the characters and basically transcribes the episodes. Also, Nancy does her usual trick of trying to reference as many previous Buffy episodes as possible which gets extremely tiresome, as the does the fact that she tends to repeat the same phrases over and over again, literally, one after the other(see how many times she uses 'much with the' as in 'much with the screaming'etc.)

The publisher did a terrible job putting this into print,because, as some reviewers have commented, the amount of typos is UNREAL. There's got to be at least one every couple of pages which is obviously ridiculous. In conclusion, if you know what happens in season seven already, there really is no reason to buy this, and if you don't, I suggest you buy the Watcher's Guide Volume 3 instead.
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on 4 October 2004
The novelization of Season 7 must have been written very hastily. It can't have been proofread. It's full of typos, places where words or half a sentence is missing, actual wrong words ('saw' instead of 'say'; 'him' instead of 'her' and vice versa), mixed-up names of characters, and repetitions (bad guys are sent flying or even dusted twice in short order, as if the first time didn't take) not to mention obvious global changes, as when *every* instance of the words 'the first' (as in 'the first time') has a capital F, and every instance of the word 'potential' (as in 'potential danger') has a capital P.
If you can get past all this, the style and pace are quite all right (which is why I still think it merits 3 stars). I can understand it if Nancy Holder would not put her name to this, as she usually has a good grasp of her language, which is why I assume that this book was published in a hurry before proofreading. However, certain expressions give the author away, to those familiar with her work.
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on 29 June 2003
Although this book certaibly provides the basic facts about each episode in season 7 and is a good read to re-cap on episodes, the book is generally not that acurate. Riddled with spelling, name, word and grammar mistakes it can be annoying at times.
e.g. When Kennedy is called Kenny.
Having said that it provides the spine for each episode and you can dip in and out of it at your own will. The starter chapters keep to 25 - 30 pages each but for the last 7 chapters expands to 40 pages each... thus capturing the climax of the finale. "Storyteller" is well worth a look as is "Dirty Girls" but unfortunatley the other chapters don't do much to impress.
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on 9 July 2003
I'm a Buffy fan and bought this book suffering withdrawals when season seven ended. I have to say to anyone thinking of buying it...Don't bother..!
I've never read a book with so many spelling and grammatical errors. Call me picky but it really detracts from my enjoyment of a book when every other page contains something misspelt or incorrect. I should have thought twice when I noticed that nowhere in the book can the authors name be found! I wouldn't put my name to it either!
On the positive side, I did read it to the end, but then maybe I'm an anorak as well.
Make your own mind up, but if you've any love for the English language...Beware!
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on 12 December 2003
Fast paced, and well written, the one thing I love about this book is the fact that it does include some original dialogue, but it falls short where it misses out some very funny stuff, i.e. Anya and Halfrek's exchange in the Russian Revolution.
Does very well in novelising the whole 22 episode season in one condensed and incredible book. Although, the grammatical errors, in my copy anyway, is absolutely diabolical!
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on 15 August 2003
This book is basically a summary of Buffy season 7. It was quite annoying to read because there were so many mistakes and a true Buffy fan would not love this because so much dialogue is cut out. Every chapter is an episode and they are all short and just a summary. Some mistakes were that every time 'the first' was written it was shown as "The First" even if they weren't talking about the first evil. I found it annoying. They even got an episode title wrong so that the episodes Touched and The End of Days were both titled "The End of Days". I wouldn't recommend reading this. If you want a summary you can get it on the net.
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on 25 October 2003
If you liked the Buffy T.V. series you will love this book. It is based on season seven.
Buffy is faced with the ultimate evil, the first. On the good side there is the scoobie gang (Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Anya and Dawn), Spike, Faith and Angel.
The forces of evil are back at the hellmouth where it all began. The slayer will uncover what being the Chosen One is all about.
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on 23 September 2007
I bought the book because the DVDs were very expensive at the time, and I wanted to know how the story ends. It was such a great book, fast paced and lots of detailed describtions of characters. In a way when I watched the actual season 7 DVD I was really disappointed - the book turns out to be much better, can you believe it? If you are a buffy fan this is a must read.
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