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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 23 September 2001
I had been trying to get hold of this book for some time (not since 1957 I should hasten to add) and I wasn't disappointed when it finally arrived. Unlike many modern golf books which have gone overboard on theory and drills the book is clear, concise, easy to follow and SHORT. The diagrams are beautifully drawn and Hogan's instruction is both practical and effective. Throw away all of your golf books apart from this and Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible and your game will improve dramatically. Hogan's philosophy is that golf (for the amateur) is essentially a simple game, and I for one would now agree with him.
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on 3 June 2013
Although there are already a lot of other reviews about ben hogan's five lessons I thought it would be wrong for me not to put my experiences in here.

As a bit of background I am a novice golfer. I played 3 or 4 rounds a few years ago, and bought a beginners club set (ben sayers m7 fire) and went round a few times with some of the lads at work. I was enjoying myself but hitting very inconsistently. Hooks and slices were very very common and the best I did was hit par once, and that was with a really good putt. Probably a fluke back then.

I started playing again a few months ago with a change of job that is giving me a lot of free time. I picked up a few golf magazines and looked through the tips and guide sections but they were all over the place with diagrams and captions I wasn't taking much in from them. I decided to do a search on golf books on amazon and the most recommended was ben hogan's five lessons, so I took a small chance and ordered it. I suggest everyone who has had a similar experience to myself so far do the same and buy this book.

The book arrived and I read it over 2 nights. There are a handful of sections, starting with grip and finishing with your downswing. It is written in a very good order, bringing the information through in a solid structure. The writing style is not modern, but not old fashioned either. It feels more like what ben would say if he was standing in front of you giving you a real life instruction. The diagrams are hand drawn and very clear, and everything has lots of diagrams to show you in every possible way what you need to do.

There is also a section at the back but a quick round up of what he has taught you. I particularly like the fact that he explains the swing plane in a nice simple way.

What the book doesn't include: anything on club choice or hitting of different surfaces e.g. rough or sand. This is just the basic fundamentals of a good golf swings.

So where am I after a month of following the instruction in this book? well I have hit around 500 balls on the range, with various clubs, and played one round yesterday. I scored about 20 shots better than I would have previously, and only lost on match play by 2 holes, where I would have lost every hole. I scored my first ever birdie on a par 3. My shots are much more consistent and I would say that 80% of the time go where I want. Although I do miss hit or just miss the other 20% I can feel in my swing where I went wrong and what not to do next time. I can now play a round without feeling embarrassed slicing tee shots into woods and I am not losing balls anymore. Water hazards do not make my wallet cringe. I am getting good height rather than hitting the ball low across the floor.

I cannot recommend this book any more. It is number 1 and in my opinion will never be replaced. The fundamentals here will give me a lifetime of enjoyable golf.
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on 1 February 2005
I have a first edition of this book which was bought by my father and contains his handwritten notes and thoughts, and I also have a new version that has mine. If you are serious about golf and love the attention to detail, then this book provides many thought provoking insights which you can try, adapt and think about.
Forget many of the training aids and new sets of clubs - save your money. Buy this book, practice with your existing clubs and spend the money working with a pro that understands. As Hogan himself said, you have to find your own golf swing in the dirt and this book provides you with the stepping stone to do just that. A timeless classic book that you can keep and read for life.
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on 22 April 2004
This book is a must-read for every golfer out there. Hogan is consideredon of the finest ball strikers of all time, if not THE finest. A totalperfectionist who spent his entire golfing career pursuing excellence andrefining his golf swing. This well-written book distills that knowledgeand experience and presents it with almost unparalleled clarity. Within afew days of reading this book, I was able to identify a couple of realflaws in my golf swing, which, interestingly and rather worryingly, hadnot been pointed out to me by a PGA teaching pro. I immediately set towork on rectifying them and within a week started to experience what itreally feels like to strike a golf ball correctly. Granted, I have a wayto go yet, the journey to a perfect golf swing never ends; however, I doreally feel that playing much better golf is a serious possibility ratherthan a distant, unattainable desire. To get the most out of this book youneed to get real. Stop kidding yourself that you've got a great swing,look long, hard and critically at your golf swing and be prepared to dosome serious work on it. When you've done that, keep doing it. I agreewith another reviewer that Jim McClean's DVD of Hogan's swing greatlycompletements this little gem.
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This is an excellent read for all levels of golfer. The book is so detailed it even explains where the golfer should develop hard patches of skin on their hands ! Readers should be aware that Hogans thoughts on the golf swing differ form other practicioners, so those who follow it's dictates to the letter will find themselves with a distinctive swing. The swing path is much more around the body than many of the modern players more upright swings. The nearest modern player I can think of who comes close is Garcia. In order to fully appreciate the book I also recommend Jim Mcleans video of Hogan.
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on 21 June 2006
Having read this book, now I fully understand the principles of the golf swing and why it has to be how it should to hit further and straighter. This book has really changed my swing. I am 'supposed' to play off 27 and often struggle even to play to my handicap. Now my golf is really improving, pars and bogeys are now common place now rather than double or even triple bogeys. I used to hit my 6 iron 120+ yards. Now I am hitting straighter and reaching 150+ yards. Excellent book.
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on 19 April 2008
Hogan's book has been continuously in print for over fifty years. Most other golf swing books, in contrast, disappear from print within a year or so. Hogan's book is exceptionally clear and detailed about all the swing fundamentals. Consequently it enables one to figure out, when needs must, what's going wrong with one's swing and how to correct it.
Hogan's book is also unique in demonstrating how each swing fundamental links with the others. Other golf swing books, in contrast, tend towards being just compilations of swing tips. So, where other books provide swing band-aids, Hogan's illuminates and helps develop real understanding.
Hogan's book has been called, rightly in my opinion, 'the bible of the golf swing'. All modern golf swing theorists, as is clear from their writings, merely repackage or add footnotes to Hogan.
Go to the source, to the benefit of both swing and understanding, read Hogan's timeless classic.
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Having seem this book during my childhood, and not fully understanding or appreciating its contents, I deciced to purchase this book, it must be one of the best golf books I have ever read. Ben Hogan was without doubt the greatest ball striker the world has ever seen, he address all the foundations of the golf swing and suggests what he has found sucessful and works! In the last decade probably one golfer has came close to emulate the consistency of Hogan, Mr Nick Faldo along with his "old" teacher Leadbetter. Having watched there many videos I came to the conclusion these guys are just saying what Ben Hogan was preaching in this book.
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on 22 September 2003
The first point to make about this book is it's age. You have to appreciate when this was written and then apply the thoeries into todays game. This book was years ahead of it's time and will genuinley help you improve - if you digest and implement what is being said. I first read this book in 1986 and decided to buy it again recently as I new my game needed an overhaul. Having read through and spending a few weeks patiently practising the drills and movements I started to play some of the best golf in years.
This is not a 'quick fix' manual, nor is it plush with lavish photo's of pro's and courses. It's is a an absolute gem in it's simple presentation which allows you to 100% concentrate on improving your technique.
Ben Hogan was one of the greatest golfers of all time - and this book show's you exactly why.
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on 4 May 2006
Hogan quite modestly suggests in his book that his knowledge will be the starting point for future generations of golf swing theory. However, no-one since has been able to offer any more than the concepts laid out in this book.

He was widely regarded as a genius and it doesn't matter how much modern teachers repackage these ideas, Hogan will always be the grandfather of the modern, athletic golf swing. Do not fall it the trap of listening to criticisms regarding Hogan's swing, Hogan himself never suggested his swing was perfect. Read and understand the theories in the book, do not just try to copy Hogan's swing.

This book is beautifully written and illustrated. Buy it, read it again and again, and practice 'til your good!
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