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on 19 March 2016
I did like this one, some LOL moments. A liile too told at times but well worth the read. I would recommend this to people. Why only 3 stars instead of 4, I was annoyed at a British writer, with a story based in England, Americanising the spelling. Why? Are Americans not able to to read British English? Of course they can! Be true to who you are.
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on 30 June 2016
This book, like the other Kinsella standalone novels I have read, is a joy.
When nervous flier Emma Corrigan thinks they are going to crash, her little corner of the plane becomes a confessional as she spills all of her little secrets to the random bloke sat next to her. Emma expects never to see him again so when he appears in her life she is mortified, he however, is intrigued.
I loved Emma from the moment she opened her mouth. She is ''just an ordinary, nothing-special girl'' (p257). Except she isn't. Emma is bright (so what if she doesn't know what NATO stands for), funny resourceful, ambitious (but nor ruthless), and kind - well it is Artemis' plant she is trying to annihilate not Artemis herself. I was rooting for her and I was happy when she wiped the smile off her cousin's face.
I found her relationship with her parents really sad,, but unfortunately it does happen, parents do sometimes compare their child to a cousin and find that child wanting. I was surprised that she forgave them so easily.
Maybe I am wrong to do so, but I loved bad girl Jemima and the lengths she goes to to protect her expensive items from Emma and Lissy. I think a love-to-hate character adds colour to a story.
I loved Jack Harper. I loved the way he toyed with Emma, letting her know in not too subtle ways that he remembered her secrets one after another, and letting her worry that there would be consequences. My only grumble was him calling her a ''nothing-special girl''. In Emma's shoes I am not sure I could forgive those three words...well it would take lots of sparkly things.
I agree with Emma's last words at the end, that it is normal to have a few secrets. I am glad that this book is not a secret and I recommend it.
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on 11 June 2018
This was a light, very enjoyable read. The story had a pretty predictable conclusion but it didn't suffer in any way because of it. It was funny with some likeable characters and some not so, in the mix. It had a healthy dose of the "feelgood" factor and I would recommend it to those looking for some light entertainment in a book.
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on 19 June 2013
I am a fan of Sophie Kinsella books and 'Can you keep a secret?' is possibly one of my favourite. A great, easy read for holiday this book is entertaining, funny and a good story about our little embarrassing secrets.
Emma is young and living in London, trying to find a career at 'Panther Cola' that will make her family proud. She is in a boring relationship with the "perfect" man and plods along in life until she boards a plane from a disastrous meeting. During turbulence, thinking the plane will crash, she blurts all her secrets to an American stranger. All of her secrets. Thinking she will never meet this man again, she is then horrified to find out he is in fact the CEO of the whole company she works for. So ensues an amusing account of her encounters with him at work and a realisation that life can be much more satisfying if only we shared a little more.
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on 12 September 2014
I have enjoyed all of Sophie's books and found this an easy read. However the main characters and the plot were very similar to those in the first shopaholic book. Emma is a dead ringer for Becky personality wise,and Jack IS Luke. The plot is very similar, lovable ditzy girl falls for rich boss, after comedy of errors all ends predictably. Honestly the Shopaholic book and sequels are better. This book seems to follow the same formula but isn't as entertaining.
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on 24 December 2016
I really enjoyed reading this book. It is both hilarious and sad sometimes. Sometime I felt as if it was my friend talking to me due to the way some of the book is actually written (she also shares too much). I strongly recommend this book, although it starts off slowly by about chapter 4/5 I was hooked in. I also like the idea that the main character rather than being portrayed as being all perfect seems to be more on a goofy side.
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on 17 June 2018
I purchased this book purely based on the excellent reviews. I needed a book that could match or better my previous book `Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’ - which is AMAZING FYI!!

I was hugely disappointed with this story and wondered if maybe it was targeted towards young teenagers and maybe I had made a mistake thinking it was for an adult. In all honesty - the secrets aren’t very embarrassing or funny and there is a lot of repeated phrases such as `I turned on my heel’ it drove me a little bit insane.

I have put it down as a filler book which sometimes you discover in search for another good read.
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on 8 June 2018
The characterisation was a bit two dimensional, and the storyline was a little predictable.
However, parts of the book were funny and it was an easy light read, although as I was reading it just reminded me so much of Bridget Jones.
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on 18 March 2017
Could hardly put it down as the author knows how to draw you into the story and has become one of my favorite books.
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on 3 July 2013
chose this rating because it is one read u cannot put down I told my granddaughter about it and she finished it in one day as she loved it too and she is looking forward to others from sophie Kinsella as I have read her books before-I started with remember me and she has not lost any of her writing skills I would certainly recommend this for any age as I really enjoyed it -could not put it down -so if u need a change get this and get taken away from your usual routine -just loved it-will be reading more from this author as id not read any of her books since remember me but that's all changed now
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