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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 6 July 2016
Blue Angel did it again - I'm in Love.
This is such a gentle deck. It truly embraces you in Motherly Love, like only Gaia can.
It is so kind that it makes it really easy for you to work with the less positive messages.
The art is marvellous, the colors are a joy to my soul and I'm so happy with it!
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on 6 February 2015
One of the most inspiring and grounding set of cards I own. Beautiful artwork & the energy of the set is fabulous. Everyone should have a great Oracle pack to help guide your life path and I would highly recommend these.
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on 9 June 2017
Beautiful set of high quality cards.

There is something quite marvelous about the feel and weight of the cards. Some of the art work on the cards is provocative but tasteful and stunning.

Bought these for my mother. She absolutely adores them.
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on 15 April 2017
A beautiful set of prints justified on the nice weight of the cards.
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on 25 May 2017
The prettiest cards!
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on 13 August 2013
The art work on these cards is 1st class & they are a beautiful deck to work with giving a gentle & loving energy to the reading.

Really love working with them & highly recommend them. I particularly like the affirmations that goes along with each card.
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on 22 July 2016
This Gaia deck is wonderful. Gaia Oracle( Guidance Affirmations Transformation [With Guide Book])[TAROT DECK-GAIA ORACLE-45PK][Other]Tony's artwork is amazing, so enchanting and captivating making these great cards to meditate with and use in a more intuative way if you don't want to use the guide book every time. The quality of the cardstock is superb, the images are printed on glossy cardstock making them feel even more special. There is a boarder around each image, a card number, a title and a few words on each card. The guide book offers a description of the card as well as an affirmation.

There are more images available of the cards in the deck on the publishers website blueangelonline.com there is also a review on these cards on You Tube where a lady shows each card in the deck and it was after seeing that review that I knew this deck was for me. The cards are a large size which makes them feel impressive and the box they come in is very high quality, thick cardboard, and beautifully decorated inside and out, which holds the cards and the guide book. There is room around the edges of the cards if you like to pop a crystal or two in with your decks for storage.

This is my third Oracle deck, they are a bit addictive as there are so many wonderful sets with such amazing artwork. Im glad it is my third and here's why:

My first deck was Kuan Yin by Alana Fiarchild Kuan Yin Oracle: Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine, also by Blue Angel Publishing. That deck is kind gentle and really supportive, life afirming and comforting especially if you are going through difficult times, including bereavement. The Kuan Yin deck does that, really healing and nothing scary or challenging. It is very healing and I highly recommend that too. A heads up to fans of this deck the publishers are bringing out a pocket sized version in October.

My second deck was Namaste. Namaste: Blessing & Divination Cards, 44 Full Colour Cards That deck is different; no guide book, it is still Tony Carmine Salerno artwok, this time a nice small card size, I have small hands and do find the other larger oracle cards difficult to shuffle. These smaller ones are a touch smaller than regular playing cards and have artwork on one side and a quote on the reverse of each card. I like that deck for quick n simple. Uplifting messages and also images to meditate with. No guide book as I say but the smaller size makes them good if you want to keep this deck in your bag or have small hands.

Now dear Gaia Oracle. There are no scary images in this deck, I realise what is scary and triggering to someone is an idividual thing, but the images are nature and people based. I find this deck a bit more challenging, if that's the right word, only because there are included some more challenging subjects in the cards in there. I am a senstive soul so these are probably not challenging to most people but I need to give an example.
Rememberance: Resurfacing of past feelings and emotions
The Search: Feeling lost, confused, Lonely
A Hidden Gift: Sadness, An Ending, A new beginning
The imagry is very gengle and its the emotions that you bring to the deck and how you react to them, which will effect how you feel about it. I only bring this up, as if you are new to all this or are feeling emotionally very sensitive right now. Perhaps the other two decks might be better for you right now.

I don't want to put anyone off, this deck is beautiful, amazing and I treasure it. I highly recommend you look up the reviews on You Tube to see the images for yourself to help you decide if this is the deck for you. The review that convinced me was by:Lavender Moon Witch she shows every card in the deck. She does gush a bit about how lovely these cards are, but they deserve it. Another one worth watching is by Avalon's Spiritual Odyssey.

I love this deck, I love Toni's artwork and imagry and enjoy just loosing myself in the image and feeling the emotions these bring, rather than focusing on the guide book so much. Not dissing the guide book, its good too. But there is more than one way to view these messages, thats what I meant.

For deep cherishing, life affirmations, and healing, I'd use Kuan Yin
For quick n simple tell me now, without big explanations I'd use Namaste
For a deeper more reflective bigger view of things, then this Gaia deck.

Its a personal thing, which deck calls to you, all my decks have called me to them and I cherrish them all.
Sending you peace & light
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on 23 November 2010
This has only been with me a week or so and is already one of those decks that there is no point in putting back in the drawer. A lovely gentle but insightful deck that is a pleasure to use. The art is lovely and the messages always appropriate. I often use these in conjunction with tarot as well and find they work really well.

Would recommend this deck have already bought another for my friend who loved them on first sight and have ordered a couple of Tonis other decks.
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on 22 May 2016
The pack came quickly which was great. However there was no cellophane wrapper. There was no plastic container for the cards (I know the pack normally comes with one as my friend has a pack) The cards were also mixed up in order. It would be fare to say that the cards are second hand!
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on 5 March 2017
Initially had mixed feelings on this Oracle - it is extremely "love and light" in its presentation and the text in the guidebook is a bit fanciful (sample - we travel through the endless corridors of our mind until one day we find a pathway that leads us to our heart).

Many stunning and original illustrations, but quite a bit of full nudity (stylised images of extremely young, naked women) not balanced by the depiction of anyone of more maturity. And there is one depiction (Ganesha) whichs seems completely out of character with all the other images in the deck. On the plus side, the quality of the cardstock (thick and glossy) is exceptional and the colours are rich and vibrant. And if you are looking for hope and encouragement, this is certainly a deck to provide this in its positive suggestions and affirmations.
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