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on 10 February 2018
A beautiful book to hold as it is gentle on your hands. Based on the Raider Waite Tarot, absolutely all illustrations are in full colour.
Lovely to look at and handle, the entire book is of a soft gloss, easy on the eyes which enables continued reading.

The authors prepare you before you start reading the two page meanings of every card. The interpretations of the Minor and Major Arcana, Interpretations of the Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, alone and in association with Fire, Water, Air and Earth. They give you a feel for what a card could stand for. They say to remember the symbolic nature of the images and not to take everything at face value. To feel the warning or motivation of a card, that clues are often in the background, to observe colour, that a card without a human figure has something to tell us, that Court Cards represent developed personalities, Ten different Ways of using a Single Card, and much, much more. They have thought of everything!

The authors have put in tremendous effort in explaining every little bit of every card. As every card has two pages, the left page has explanations of the card, for example, The Page of Pentacles: what the colour of the card could mean, what the pose of the man signifies,
what the colour of his red headgear and green garment means, what the landscape, the arable land, mountains and trees mean, the pose
of the man, the reverence displayed by the same man holding the large coin, leaving no detail out.

On the right is the card itself, with: The Basic meaning, Spiritual experience, As the card of the day, As a prognosis/tendency, For love and
relationships, For success and happiness, all are explained in an easy, uncomplicated way. Then, the overall meaning of the card.
All, very concise to minimise overload.

The authors have written it in a way, that by the time you have finished exploring an individual card, you have a story, so the next time you
see the same card, you don't have to figure it out all over again!! You remember, because it became a personal experience being introduced
to the Page of Pentacles. Usually, one does not forget personal experiences.

The short, concise explanations, have spaces in between, so you can stay focused and don't get fed up reading it. The layout of the individual
pictures within each card, i.e. the red headgear, the green garment, the trees etc., with their explanation, are pieces of the same puzzle. When
you have put the pieces of the puzzle together, you have The Page of Pentacles. This goes for every single card. All, in beautiful, soft colouring, clear to read, gentle on your eyes for sustained reading and an overall ‘clean’ appearance of every page you turn!

I have collected many Tarot books some of which I can say, the information on every card was just thrown together and you wind up with an
ugly black and white picture, sometimes very small, sometimes smudged, with a paragraph that is a page long and torture to read!

The RW Tarot book is out of this world! A great deal of thought and effort has been put into it to ensure the reader’s attention isn’t lost
and that boredom doesn’t set in. After reading something, you are not left with more question marks than when you started.
The attention to detail is superb, as is the choice of paper, colour, blue subtitles with black text and the spacing which matters so much! Everything is geared towards making this book user friendly and a joy to work with.

I highly recommend this book for the novice as it would also be a very good companion for the pro. I have bought this same book for my
husband so he has his own copy.

I take my hat off to the authors!!

Not to forget the exceptional service from Amazon. I ordered this book just after midnight, (early Monday morning), standard delivery and
the book arrived around lunch on Tuesday. I was pleasantly shocked!! Thank you to all the little ‘elves’ at Amazon and the other delivery
people who made this happen......
Without them, there would be no joy in internet shopping.....
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on 26 April 2018
I really don't get the interpretations of this book. They seem totally taken out of the blue. I am not against personal gnosis but for a work like this, serious study of symbolism would have made more sense. I still use the book, just to look at the visual representation of the isolated symbols but I can't take the meanings associated seriously. I'm a serious student of the Tarot and have been a professional reader since 2011.
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on 18 May 2014
If you plan on buying just ONE tarot book, then this must be your choice without a single doubt. It's good both for beginners and professionals and as a teacher on Tarot I cannot thank enough the simplicity and awesome content in this book.
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on 27 March 2015
This guide is great, each page dedicated to a card with some interesting and useful interpretations. I know to some people (like me) this really matters but the pages are beautiful and glossy and the entire book feels very high quality to me. Even if you have just a casual interest this is still a nice book to have with decent coverage of the cards in your spread.
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on 26 June 2016
Several irritating print errors of cards throughout book and felt some interpretations of symbols far too contrived, would not recommend
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on 22 October 2015
Very disappointing. As the book was entitled 'Ultimate Guide' I was expecting a more in depth analysis of the cards and their symbols. The information was given in brief, bite sized statements that were not very illuminating. The illustrations were too small to discern any detail from them and did not point out anything much beyond the obvious. More of a ver basic overview than an 'ultimats guide'
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on 18 March 2016
The book is great, but make sure you have appropriate Rider Waite deck as the colours make all the difference. When I attended my Tarot course my tutor used Rider Waite for the training so I got the book and also the original Rider Waite deck , but colours are different. I personally use The Gilded Tarot and Divine Legacy Decks for readings as the images are better for me. Its a great book to have a reference tool for whatever deck you use.
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on 6 May 2015
Beautiful book with glossy pages, gives it a nice feel. Very handy highlighted symbols on each card explained, including a more in depth look. Great if you want to learn about the Rider waite style tarot cards, as every little symbol is mentioned, even ones that may have be overlooked upon a simple glance at the cards.Great quality book, well worth buying!
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on 6 May 2016
Though these cards are on the large size ine can better see the beautiful artwork and images
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on 24 July 2014
This is a fabulous book and very different from other Tarot books and I own quite a few. The book draws your attention to all the wonderful symbology in the deck. Definitely one to add to anyone's collection.
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