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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 June 2014
This is the first deck of Tarot cards I've bought in a while that really got me excited. While the pictures (for the most part) are Waite-inspired, they are not in any way copies of the Waite designs. Facial expressions and details on each card are fabulous. If the card is about an angry person or a fearful one or a happy one, these emotions show in the characters' faces. This is the kind of deck you could probably interpret even if you had never done a Tarot reading in your life.

I have a few slight issues, hence the 4-stars. The booklet is interesting, and has some good insights into layouts, and she explains her own view of the cards quite well—but she completely dismisses and ignores reversed meanings. She's one of those readers who turns all the cards right-side up when she reads. If you're the sort of reader who appreciates the nuances of a reversed meaning, you'll need to make them up yourself. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a niggle.

Another niggle ...for some reason she has swapped the position of Strength and Justice. Justice now is card VIII, while Strength (Force) is card XI. This won't matter if you're new to this and this is your first deck, but if you're an experienced reader, this will be weird. I wouldn't mind if she'd explained why she did it, but she never mentioned the swap, at least not in the booklet.

I also have an issue with one of the cards. It's the Chariot. The picture is of a man taking off into the sky, on the start of an inspirational journey. The normal meaning of the Chariot is exactly the opposite, really. It has to do with the kind of vehicle or method a person chooses to make their way in the world. It's normally a very 'grounded' card, but because her card design is so definitely an airbourne fellow heading towards the sun, it's difficult to do a normal interpretation of it.

However, these objections are either personal or just niggles. In general, this is an excellent and exciting deck. I highly recommend it. It's definitely not just a rehash of Waite, but brings much more insight and humanity to the readings. I'd have given 5 stars if she'd included reversed meanings in the booklet and hadn't swapped Justice and Strength.
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on 18 October 2015
First and foremost a Tarot deck has to be appealing to you personally. As a reader of Tarot for over forty years, I am now extremely choosy about my cards. I came across the Anna K Tarot on YouTube quite by chance; but being an experienced Tarot reader, I never ignore a coincidence. From the word go, these cards appealed to me — they made me think. Although, an inexperienced reader could quite easily interpret these cards from the instruction booklet provided, I find my brain going into overtime with them. Recently, I was teaching a novice Tarot reader to open her mind to her cards and not just try to remember the meaning of each card, so I took away her Ryder Waite and showed her my Anna K deck. Apart from the fact she absolutely loved them, her reading was amazing, and she was totally excited.
My personal favourite card in this pack is DEATH. So many novice readers get a little uncomfortable when interpreting this card, but with the Anna K Death card it is so easy to see that death can be beautiful and a new beginning. For me this deck is inspirational and thought provoking, which is what the Tarot should be all about.
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on 12 January 2014
I acquired this deck from the creator several years back (in German) and found the cards to be delightful in colour and image and easy to work with (my minimal German language skills helped with the booklet but really, it wasn't needed as the cards are so expressive and 'down to Earth'). Those familiar with the Rider-Waite will obviously 'recognise' the family resemblance(!) - although I obviously wouldn't recommend someone use them as a like for like substitute with a 'traditional Rider-Waite' Tarot book/text - and I think these cards are not only a lovely addition to an experienced Tarotist's collection but are also ideal for use by beginners to Tarot working with guide books that emphasise more of a 'say what you see/feel' approach, rather than a 'this card means XYZ' learn-by-rote approach (perhaps 'Heart of Tarot - An intuitive approach', one of my all-time favourite Tarot teaching books!). A lovely deck, an excellent guidebook and great sized, quality cards. Recommended.
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on 3 October 2014
There are many things I love about the Anna K Tarot (self-published, 2010, Llewellyn, 2013). I was first tempted to buy the self-published version after seeing the Eight of Swords: a woman who is unbound, but sees herself in a mirror as she is more traditionally seen, with a ribbon wrapped tight around her and swords all around. After receiving and using the deck, there are many more things which delight me about it, several of which are highlighted by today’s selection of cards.

For one thing, I adore the more nature-based perspective on wisdom that the cards often embody. Take the High Priestess: she looks almost like she’s giving birth to the moon. And the phases of the moon are there, too, representing her understanding of the cycles of life. It is a deep, bodily knowing, rather than something merely intellectual. She leans up against a grand, old tree, leaning on the wisdom of nature, drawing from it. Both her gown and the tree’s roots spills into the pool next to them, representing their connection to emotions and the unconscious. In all of this, the High Priestess gazes up towards the night sky, looking totally calm and at peace - beautiful!

I love the sunny yellow that is found in so many of the cards, such as both the Queen of Wands and Ace of Wands. It’s the colour that adorns most of the walls in my home, and has done for the last 13 years. Before that, I had curtains that colour for a few years, too, before moving in with someone who didn’t like yellow... No wonder that relationship didn’t last :D

There is a warmth and radiance to this deck that fills me with happy feelings. It’s not just about the colours, but also about the expressions on people’s faces. Look at the Queen of Wands, she is joyous! There is a wonderful sense of movement to her, too, as though she is dancing, just because.

Likewise, the young girl on the Ace of Wands is exploring with excitement in her heart. She is using that wand she’s found to bridge a crevasse, to go further, to express her wonder at the vastness of life, and all with a huge smile.

Of course, not all the cards are happy, and that’s just as it should be, too. The Seven of Swords is quite dark, and yet even here there is the possibility of different interpretations. Is his expression one of cunning, or simply self-satisfaction at having achieved his aim? Is he merely a thief, or a Robin Hood figure? In either case, you have to give him kudos for having planned and executed his robbery well: definitely a case of working smarter rather than harder.

Altogether, this deck is a firm favourite, and I’m delighted it’s now available in a mass-market edition, making it easy to get ahold of!
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on 21 January 2016
These cards are brilliant and the book is easy to read and understand, this deck and book would be great for someone who thinking about reading and studying Tarot for the first time. With cards like these you don't need a book,I say this to someone who have read tarot for a long time, these cards sit on my table all the time with my other tarot cards. I do see these cards a lot on YouTube so they must be good
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on 15 November 2015
This is the second edition of the Anna.K Tarot, with some changes to some of the cards. A lovely change and the cards feel so great during shuffling and reading. A nice deck for either regular Tarot reading or collection.
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on 15 April 2014
These tarot cards are very cartoon like they do appear that some of them have been drawn almost with felt tip pens however the cards are very bright and full of pictures & Symbology, the cards so seem to have a winter theme to them as many of the cards mirror snowy backdrops etc
Very nice feel, good quality card
I feel they are ideal from the novice to professional
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on 30 January 2016
Lots of inspirational elements.
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on 3 June 2015
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on 8 August 2014
Great, speedy service. Thank you
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