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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 19 July 2017
This is a highly collectable tarot. If you collect tarot you will want to own a copy of this as it is fast becoming one of the most popular tarot. The card stock is okay but the cards are a bit small. I don't think they would take a lot of handling but you probably wouldn't use it for many readings as it is a very particular deck and not a universal one. It would be suitable for those looking for a more 'dark' tarot.

The book is a good size and comes with the tarot. However it is a bit disappointing that the pictures of the cards are in black and white. Why couldn't they make the book in colour? It would have been good to see the pictures of the cards enlarged in the book in colour and not just black and white.

The box it comes in is very thin and falls apart as soon as you open it, that may be a problem if giving it as a gift. Would make a good Halloween gift for a friend.

Overall a good tarot and definitely one for the collection!
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on 28 April 2016
The card designs are really good but disappointed with the book as pages 77 to 82 are missing. This is not a problem for me but for anyone starting tarot for the first time the book is more or less useless with 2 cards information missing.
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on 25 August 2017
The first time I used these I was fingered by Aleister Crowley.
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on 3 December 2012
I could find this a really usable tarot pack. The pictures are great, and I found reading them very natural. Unfortunately, given the flimsy nature of the cards, I'm scared to use them. One good shuffle and I very much fear the whole pack will be ruined.

The accompanying book is very good.

All in all, not really worth the price. Yes, the cards look great; yes, they would work very well. Yes, the book is clear and informative. But the cards themselves aren't strong enough to use. I dread to think how easily they will be damaged.

Very disappointing.
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on 8 October 2012
I bought these cards after buying the angel tarot cards and being unimpressed by them. And I'm really glad I did. These cards are beautifully illustrated, with the steampunk images lending power to the cards. I bought them to help me with characters in the book I'm writing, and I thought that they worked well. The book is wonderfully detailed, with several different meanings for each card as well as the suit and number etc. As a beginner, this was important to me. The book also offers lots of spreads and tips which are useful. The only flaws I could find was that the book does not say what a card means if it is upside down etc. and that the cards themselves are pretty thin and prone to bending or chipping (I bought them a few days ago and already there's a little white mark on one which makes it pretty obvious which card I've picked), however if you treat them carefully there shouldn't be a huge problem. These cards are fantastic for a beginner, with beautiful artistic illustrations and a great guide. They mostly follow the traditional tarot card set as well (with death, the tower etc) rather than substitutes such as ego. I'd definitely recommend them if you're interested in learning tarot, especially if you're a traditionalist who wants pretty illustrations. Really, it's the best of both worlds here. I found the angel tarot cards strayed from the original cards (there was no devil, pope, tower, death etc) and that the traditional Rider-Waite ones were accurate, but the illustrations were dull. This is a powerful deck which I enjoy using.
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on 14 July 2012
You know when you get a buzz before you open the box?..Well the box itself was a surprise, I didn't expect them to be in one for a start as I had got them from the market place. The book was also a surprise, not a small skimpy thing..but a full sized detailed pictured one. I have given them 5 stars because I felt mean doing anything else but..and yes there is one...the cards themselves although beautiful are SOOO flimsy and have no protective covering and even just looking through them left fingerprints. I thought I'd found my new fave deck..but wouldn't like to guess what would happen if used regularly. Come on printers..redo in a better quality card and they would be perfect.
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on 2 August 2013
I bought this set as my very first deck, because I'm very fond of steampunk and the thought of Tarot cards based on it was a must-have. The quality of the cards could be better, but it's what we can expect from most mass produced decks. The images on the cards themselves are amazing and in the book Barbara Moore explains why we see what we see in each card - this makes the book a worth while read even if you are an experienced Tarot reader. For a beginner the book is a really good place to start leaning about Tarot, Babara writes very well and her enthusiasm just bleeds through. She doesn't talk down to you, encourages you to find your own truth and merely offers her own beliefs and practices as an example.
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on 5 August 2016
The artwork is great. I love the design. The book that comes along with it is also pretty good. It gives you a brief overview, although if you already are into tarot I do not think it will give you much new. The problem is the quality of the cards, which is a big issue. The quality is so low that I either need card protectors or to laminate the cards myself. And with the format of the cards that is not just easily done as card protectors are usually made for board game cards or trading cards which are much smaller, and I have not found any proper lamination sheet either, which means you would need to measure and cut everything yourself.

And if that is not an issue in itself, it does not come with any kind of protection out of the box. You would need a small tarot pouch or a box to store these cards. The original package with the book is much too big and impractical.

I bought these cards, because I really love the images, despite the other reviews telling me of the flimsy state of the cards. I highly advise to listen to those reviews, unless you only want them for looks and you do not intend to really be using them. The fantastic artwork is the only good reason to buy this deck, the book that comes with it could easily be replaced by many other standard tarot books. It is not bad. It is just okay.
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on 14 February 2013
I bought this more for the steampunk than the tarot. I shuffle it looking for inspiration in my writing. Nevertheless, I know a little of the tarot from way back and I'd say that both the cards and the book that explains them are excellent for readings, for those that like that sort of thing. I like the cards so much that I wish they were a bit larger and more substantial. They are however a good size for handing.
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on 29 October 2015
Brilliant art! Spoiled by bad printing unfortunately. Probably a stylistic choice but the brightness and the saturation are reduced. You lose a lot of the charm of the illustrations. Shame, could have been brilliant!
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