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on 15 November 2017
I ripped the package open with excitement and then rifled through the cards. I'm a beginner so, eventually I got round to opening the book. The first thing the book recommended is, read the book first. I was a bit disappointed but stuck with it. Its a really useful introduction; the descriptions are clear and well written.
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on 6 March 2017
This is the most beautiful cards I have ever seen.
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on 21 June 2013
An easy to understand and use set of tarot cards.

The card quality is that of a nice thickish one and nicely coloured vibrant images on them.

What I really think was the winning point for me and why I choose this set over lots of others, was the easy to understand explanations (a leaflet is included so you can lay the cards on it and not having to keep referring to the book a to which way the cards should go. As the pattern of one is already outlined on the leaflet). All I did then was to look the various meanings the book gave for each suit of cards which I had put down and that was it.

Also the price on a super deal with free postage, really at the price if wanting to purchase a set of tarot cards and a beginner these are a great price and most importantly a great quality. The postage time on these was a quick delivery and well packed.

Explanations of tarot and how various ways of reading and keeping a dairy may be helpful are all there in such an easy to read format, no magic or hidden words that only those proficient in tarot reading would be able to understand. Plain and simply put.....would I do a reading for someone other than myself...? Well if you next see a tarot reader who knows.
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on 15 November 2011
I originally bought this set for the book itself, and since many of Ciro's beautifully created images can be viewed online, This review will be based on the contents of the book only.

There's a lot to this book and I've found it very helpful in my own work as a Tarot artist (earlier works include A King's Journey, Simply Deep etc). Every image is placed alongside a description of the card's main meanings for easy reference, which comes in very useful whether you are a non tarot reader wanting to casually learn how tarot works or someone wanting to learn to read either personally or professionally.

Included in the book are various common questions that people might have including a section on fate and free will, misconceptions on the tarot and others. I like that the author has attempted to tackle these questions as I feel it is of importance to address what for many are obvious stumbling blocks. All too often I see tarotists avoid even attempting to answer these recurring concerns, so it's nice that the author has addressed these in the book in such a well written manner.

When I first got this book I found it hard to put down. It's very well explained, very well written. In Part four, the author goes in-depth into some of the spreads including the Celtic Cross. Admittedly this part is a bit difficult for me to fully grasp, but then again as a non-tarot reader, an in-depth section that was not hard to grasp wouldn't really be doing it's job probably. Apart from the descriptions of all the 78 cards section, the in-depth section that focuses on different spreads/ card position meanings is in my opinion where most of the readers will really get what they paid for. It's packed full of useful information for those aspiring to be tarot readers (and again, useful for Tarot artists like myself)

I highly recommend it and look forward to purchasing her new book "easy tarot reading"

James Battersby
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on 28 January 2018
The easy tarot card and book set is the best I have ever purchased. If you want to learn to read tarot then this set is for you. I followed the procedure exactly as aid out, and really surprised myself! If you stick to the formula, you can't fail.
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on 9 December 2014
While I'm reasonably familiar I'm not into Tarot much, save as a useful device to trigger thoughts and reflections - approach problems from a new angle as it were. I like to think the world is miraculous enough and doesn't need gods or supernatural stuff for it to be magical. These were bought as a requested gift.

They are very good as an introduction. The handbook gives simple, brief outlines of the meaning of the cards, some quick layouts and some quite sprawling readings you can do that I imagine would take hours! The girl who got them had never used Tarot but was able to give simple readings very quickly.

If someone expresses an interest but has no background I think these make a very good 'starter kit' - not too complex or 'mystical' but with enough to them to advance if that was your thing.
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on 21 May 2015
Love the deck, love the author.

Josephine Ellershaw is accessible in her writing describing Tarot and also through her website if you need a further guidance.

I am hoping to buy her second book to learn more about the process.

I am 'too sensitive' to read these professionally as some descriptions can be harsh in nature. However, I will take advice Josephine gives forward.

If you find yourselves too sensitive for traditional tarot, try John Holland's cards or those by Doreen Virtue :)

The Tarot deck itself has stunning art by a talented artist that also occasionally releases special editions through his website (no endorsement intended)
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on 16 August 2012
I've wanted to learn to read tarot cards for a LONG time. I remember my mum bought me a deck for Christmas when I was about 13 but I really struggled to memorise the cards, and eventually I gave up. Now, at 29 I decided I wanted to give it another go. The cards really are beautiful, really colourful and the meanings are fairly clear from the pictures. I used the technique described by the author, by beignning first a diary of the individual cards and their meanings, and then a diary of my own personal readings. This has helped me to familiarise myself with the cards, and how they relate to each other. Each suit of the minor arcana tell a story, so you become familiar with the particular messages from certain numbers, such as the Ace, which always brings new beginnings, and the 10, which depicts the achievement of goals. My first reading was amazingly accurate, and subsequent readings have provided me with the comfort and clarity I always hoped I would get from reading Tarot. I am still not reading to read for others, but I feel like that is totally achievable. Highly reccommended!
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on 26 October 2014
Excellent!!. I've been reading tarot for myself for years but always referred to the book.
This set will make you learn them in an interesting way, and with the cards being so magical and amazing, it's hard to resist wanting to know the meanings. Written in a way that is easy to read and understandable.
This will be the set for me and once mastered i can start reading for others too.
A lovely set, and if wanting to learn then try this to start with, as the basics are covered at the start.
Luckily i've discovered these before purchasing other tarot sets, so not wasted lots of money.
Great buy and value for what you get.
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on 2 July 2015
I haven't looked at other cards/books so I can't compare but this does what it says on the tin. The artwork is perhaps a little Renaissance in places, and the artist has added/interpreted animals and machine parts (!) for individual creativity. Overall? A great little starter pack but I have the feeling that once I get to grips with the cards and laying out, I'll be moving onto something else. But then, who knows... maybe I won't. Time will tell. Happy reading!
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