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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars

on 30 September 2017
I enjoyed the concept of Tarot being the only tools necessary, and that this dude had the balls to alter correspondences based on research and experience. I also found the book very readable and applying his techniques and insights should be straight forward. I have a feeling some purists will be pulling their hair out by the end of this book.

Tarot is most certainly my kit, this form of magick is not my style but the book still held my interest and found lots of useful golden nuggets to broaden my own practice.
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on 15 November 2011
To be honest, I have been too lazy to dig the details of the Golden Dawn's Tarot system out of Regardie's tome 'The Golden Dawn' so this was a welcome explanation of what turns out to be a well conceived cosmology. Based on the GD correspondances, Tyson details his own system for ritual use of the cards. It is interesting and a nice addition to the usual divinatory use (he suggests using a separate deck if you want to practice both.)

I think it entirely acceptable to adapt the system to one's own ideas and the book gives a clear basis to build on if you wish to do so (it is complete in itself if you don't.) The author gives his own modifications of the order of the Tarot trumps in an appendix but sticks to the GD order in the text. I am personally not too happy with the physical interlacing of the cards to form an altar but it occured to me to create miniature ritual 'furniture' from cardboard, with all the possibilities to colour and mark with symbols that would then be possible; indeed, to make a tabletop temple similar to a miniature theatre. This book would form a very good starting point for such a project.
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on 5 April 2015
A magick temple in your pocket - for those without the resources to build one at home - but seriously got me thinking about the nature of magick in the context of using the Tarot. Admittedly, everything is based on the Golden Dawn system, which may be flawed in some ways, and those of you who don't like the Qabbalistic associations may prefer a different system, but it does set up a neat set of correspondences for use. Importantly, It got me going on my own elemental basis for Tarot meanings, but that's a different story. There is a tarot deck - the Hermetic Tarot - which has the meanings of Tyson's system on the cards, which is useful. I also like the refreshing, unpretentious tone.
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on 7 March 2016
Thanks for posting me this book. It's great!
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Mr. Tyson's newest book covers the use of the Tarot as a magical tool. While nothing new and this has been looked at by other authors, Mr. Tyson presents us with his own personal system of utilizing the Tarot as "the only tool you will need".

The material covered is an outline of his system, some history on the Tarot and its basic structure. He does a good job at laying out the basics for the beginner and it is good material. He also covers correspondences, some deeper "Esoteric Cosmology of the Trumps" and then goes through the rest of the deck

There is a lot of "The Tree of Life" material here, given that he starts with Golden Dawn material. You may find this interesting, you may find it a bit dry.

There are rituals, layouts, meanings of cards and more in this good overview of this magical system.

So, stick your favorite deck of tarot cards in your pocket along with this book on your next trip and never be without a useful tool and a guide to enable you to perform "magic on the fly" no matter where you travel. boudica
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