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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 October 2009
I only recently received my copy of this deck, so please don't consider this a definitive review. The package is in Llewellyn's current style: large box containing an (fake? - it feels too scratchy to be real organza) organza bag, cardboard inserts to mask some empty space and a substantial paperback book.

The card are printed on reasonably robust cardstock and, rare amongst Tarots, have no borders. You can check this by looking at the pack edge on: the pictures really do go up to the edge as you can tell by the kaleidoscope of colours around the edges. While I find Lisa Hunt's artwork to be a little on the twee, sentimental side, I must admit to owning a number of her decks, so she's obviously doing something right.

I have two bugbears with new decks: the first is that the reverse of the card should indicate easily whether reversals are intended to be used (the test is to take two cards place them face down while rotating one of them through 180 degrees, and then play spot the difference!). This deck supports reversals. If you're dealing cards I don't think that either reader or querent should know that some cards are reversed until they're turned over.

My second bugbear is that the minor arcana should show the appropriate number of coins, cups, swords, or wands (or whatever names have been used instead of the traditional) on the card itself, rather than us having to take the artist's word that a single stone actually represents the five of stones. The symbols can be somewhat hard to find in the deck but they are there.

Ms Hunt has gone literally all over the world in her search for fairy tales, so a number of cards would be unfamiliar to pretty much everyone: it is this that prevents me from saying that this would be a good deck for beginners (though a student with a good knowledge of folk mythology could go far with this deck). But it's the very eclecticism of the stories that makes this Tarot set so valuable: in the accompanying book "Once Upon a Time" the fairy story the card is based upon is briefly recounted before a piece about how the image selected fits into the (RWS based) Tarot.

I'm not so keen on the re-naming of a number of the major arcana: The Fairy Godmother is no substitute for The Empress - they are very different characters. To call Death "Transformation" is brushing the potentially "difficult" stuff under carpet. And "Happily Ever After" for The World is verging on pure schmaltz: The World's ending of one sequence before the start of another need not necessarily be comfortable.

But "Once Upon a Time" is the star of this set: the Fairy Tale behind each card is told and analysed before it is related to the cards. With each card, the story title is given, together with the culture it comes from and a few keywords. Pretty as the cards are, and as obvious as the symbolism is, once you've read the book, they do depend on the book, unless you have an encyclopaedia-like memory of world fairy tales.

I'm strongly reminded of the early nineties when Stephen Sondheim wrote a musical "Into the Woods" which intermeshed half a dozen or more fairy stories into a complicated story of cause and effect and responsibility. I'd recommend "Into the Woods" to anyone buying "The Fairy Tale Tarot".
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VINE VOICEon 13 July 2012
This is a lovely box set of Tarot Cards based on fairytales. The Set includes Cards, a nice Tarot Bag and also a BEAUTIFUL and very high quality book of fairytales with card meanings.

However; I would find it hard to believe that many people would be able to read these cards very accurately, and that as beautiful as they are, the stories featured on the cards are simply too colourful and distracting for their own good...

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and shared the author's enthusiasm and sentiment for such tales, The book features loads of delightful fairytales (including some lesser known ones - which is interesting) and although I do love the quality and style of the Cards, felt they wouldn't be much use to me for any serious Tarot Reading.... Personally, I keep them as part of a small collection of Tarot Sets that I have.

I knock just one star off for the fact they probably are not too suitable for the purpose in which they are intended - but gorgeous all the same! : - )
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on 10 August 2010
This pack has beautiful illustrations, which makes it a good contemplative or meditative pack. The fairy tales in the accompanying book are very abridged, but are worth reading if you are interested. I think some of the choices are strange. For example why Red Riding Hood for the fool? I would have thought that Goldilocks was better. The court cards differ from the traditional Rider Waite as do some of the major arcana. I would say that this pack would be confusing with conflicting meanings for those that are new to tarot. I think the packaging is excessive and the book is unnecessary.
Great illustrations which, when offered a choice of packs, some querrants are immediately drawn to as they are familiar. I love the illustrations, but the rest is unnessary. A pack for those with some understanding already of card meanings.
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on 23 April 2012
Have you ever heard about reading symbols the coffee leaves in an already drunk cup? Those images like birds, numbers, dragons, horses and so on lie on there. Well, you will find exactly these with the Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. I had the pleasure to thank her with a photo of her deck in facebook and i also had the luck to be thanked by her. The fairy Tale Tarot is a world of fantasy, fairy tales, composed of parts adapted to each card's general meaning. The box contained the deck which is composed of 78 borderless cards with an amazing ideal (i would say ideal) reversible back; a 300-page book companion of very nice paper and a black organdi tarot bag.
as you will find there are some interesting changes in the name of the cards like for example The wise old man for the Emperor, Hapily ever after for the World card and so many more. The images itself are quite different. You will find Whitesnow history in the six of swords, or Bambi in the two of cups...
The book contains a brief introduction than it goes to the Major Arcana, followed by the suit of Cups/Swords/Pentacles and then wands, first interpreting court cards than pip ones. For each card you will find the fairy tale where it's image was taken from, then the symbols and their meanings in a reading. You will get enchanted by the world of dragons, birds, boxes, forests, ghosts Lisa had depicted in there.
Don't Forget to buy this one. It's pretty worth having this different one Tarot deck in your collection.
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on 7 April 2014
a beautiful collection of traditional storys and wonderful tarrot cards that I will treasure for the rest of my life!
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on 11 February 2016
Nice cards to use. The Colours are a little dull but unusual.
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on 25 April 2010
Beautiful art work, quality deck and packaging, includes a bag for the cards too! This deck is fun to explore and learn with,you can interpret them lightly, or they can be profoundly deep as well. I would recommend it to any one who was interested in tarot, including children.
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on 17 December 2011
A little expensive , but then again it is definitely worth it .

Impressive art , a tarot collector's choice .

No problems whatsoever with this order.
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on 13 November 2014
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