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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars

on 3 May 2012
As it only contains 33 cards, this is a great deck for beginners. There is a booklet to help with the meaning of the cards, but the lack of writing on each one means you are free to interpret them as you like.
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on 1 May 2009
Colourfull most enjoyable cards a bit on the small side but I like them all the same
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on 28 December 2009
These cards are beautiful and easy to use. The little booklet gives the basic meanings to the cards this is helpful as it gives you an idea of what they are. The cards themselves are easy to interpret as there is no clutter in the pictures making them fresh and clear to understand.
I shuffle them as I would tarot cards. Daily draws are easy with these cards and the Past Present Future readings are easy with these cards. In short I love these cards and so pleased I have them.
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on 30 October 2009
I have read the tarot professionally for 18 years but am now
starting to use oracle decks for myself.As i have lots of various decks of cards i expect good decks, so can be very fussy. Mainly i like the daily
messages for myself and the wonderful artwork colours in various decks.
This is a lovely little deck anyone on a pagan path specially would like them.
Easy to understand the pics speak for themselves but booklet is with them.
Nice handy oracle for little answers to everday questions.With lovely gentle colours and lovely artwork.
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VINE VOICEon 26 March 2009
I'd always liked the art on these oracle cards but was put off purchasing them because of the huge 'WICCAN' word in the title! I'm not Wiccan so it did put me off somewhat... But I gave in recently and bought them anyway. I was pleasantly surprised by the elegant earthy simplicity of the art on the cards (note these cards are not a standard tarot deck), and found that despite purporting to be very Celtic in its imagery the images on the cards aren't really from any specific cultural tradition. Rather, they are very much pan-European in origin and thus allows the reader breadth to interpret the images as he/she chooses. For instance, the goddess card could easily be that nebulous 'goddess' figure the Wiccan's talk about or she (as the accompanying leaflet says) could be Aradia, although the picture could also well be Freyja even or Demeter... or just the archetypal image of Mother Earth -- it's really up to the reader to decide and interpret, and that's the HUGE strength of this deck in my opinion.

The cards are subtly numbered with no title written on them; so the person who uses the cards really has free reign to redefine and apply their own titles to the cards based upon their own particular cultural tradition (if any). The art is extremely simple (a little too simple on one or two of the deck) but the beauty of this is that one can meditate upon the symbols in the cards, and can spend a month or so doing this in order to flesh out their meanings -- it's also handy because the cards are pretty clear in their symbolism but NEED the added 'fleshing out'. Again this lends to the very personal and expressive nature of the cards; no two people would probably see one card meaning in quite the same way.

I also appreciated that the deck was only 33 cards! It meant that I could memorise the basic meanings quickly and there's no need for convoluted spreads -- the small accompanying booklet recommends only using these cards for three card spreads (past, present, future etc) or a one-card-a-day draw. Otherwise, a layout using a large amount of cards would probably end up with one using half the deck! Not particularly accurate one would agree... I think it's probably safe to use up to six cards possibly a 'past, present, future' spread with three extra cards place beneath them to expound upon their revealed symbols and themes. Same with asking an answer to a specific question.

There are 33 cards in all, including a god and goddess card, the four elements, the eight neo-Wiccan festivals and various other symbol cards. The festival cards give one a rough idea of when something will occur -- very helpful!

In conclusion, a very unusual deck that allows for a large amount of personal interpretation. And not just a deck suitable for Wiccan's, the neutral and surprsingly un-anthromorphic accessibility of which allows non-Wiccan's room to happily utilise them too!
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on 1 February 2009
I love this little pack of cards. I did look at the booklet briefly but basically they speak for themselves, the imagery is clear and simple and can easily inspire different meanings on different occasions. I like you use them to pick a 'daily' card to see which way the wind blows for the day.
I also use with alongside my tarot for readings. Could use with Fenestra tarot for similarity.
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on 15 July 2011
This is my main oracle deck. I use this deck on it's own, and as a partner to my tarot cards to add an extra dimension to a reading. The art work is beautiful, with what I would call a 'country cottage' feel to it. The readings I get from this deck have always been pretty much spot on and the meanings are very easy to learn. The only negatives for me are that the card stock the publishers have used is a tad on the thin side, and I do like a larger card - but that's personal preference.
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on 28 January 2011
I am a bit unsure about these cards,they are unusual,but I think that they will become a useful addition to my collection,I am fascinated by them,I just believe that they need time for me to really understand them
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on 13 January 2016
Lovey cards. Beautifully packaged ,fast delivery.
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on 12 May 2006
The light at the edge of the forest, where the near shadows comfort and the far shadows call, while the Sun still shines beside you as you pause, held by the beckoning closeness of the light dappled bramble and woods. Or the hue of the Moon when seen to rise full at twilight with a beeswax tan, glowing ever more clearly and brightly as the last wisps of dusk blend into night's newly glittering canopy of stars. These are the sensations that come first to mind as I meditate upon the Wiccan Cards by Nada Mesar.

You may expect to encounter familiar scenes, and these there are, lovingly illustrated by Chatriya Hemharnvibul. But if some be unfamiliar, recall the words of Horatio "O day and night, but this is wondrous strange!" and Hamlet's reply to him "And therefore as a stranger give it welcome." Welcome indeed, and not at all so strange, for the precise destination you may expect to reach upon your encounter with these thirty-three carefully selected and detailed images is that of self-discovery, and the meanings you derive through your interaction with them will be precisely your own. Such is the power, and but one of the many gifts, this delicately splendid Oracle has to offer.

Each of the thirty-three cards might be considered as if a single musical note, and together they create chords and harmonies as varied as one's imagination desires. The Dance of Life echoes melodiously throughout the images, fulfilling visually what may then be experienced spiritually.

The thoughtful and intelligent research and effort that was given by Nada Mesar in the selection of the scenes and settings, the characters and their significance, of the very atmosphere and flavour of each view presented, works to form an intricately diverse completeness.

Nothing has been left out because the way is open to it, and nothing needs to be added because room has been prepared to bring it in. The path which is provided by the Wiccan Cards is as infinite as the sands along the seashore, and as personal as the journey you may take should you choose to begin, as always, and so ever on, with each step forward.
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