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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2009
I really like this book and I wish that it was the first tarot book that I bought because then I would have saved some money!
- It is written in a very easy to read and entertaining manner. You can just read it, or do the exercises which are graded in order of effort and complexity (so its easy to choose how far you want to go with a particular topic.)
- The book will work with any set of cards - and there is a useful chapter on using different decks in combination, and on drawing your own cards.
- This is not a dictionary type of book that lists what each card means! (although she does devote a chapter on exactly how to use those those types of books for maximum effect). By doing the work you actually learn an approach to interpret any card (and I suspect that with practice you don't even need the cards!)
- Little or no new age mumbo jumbo - its just practical advice with a good psychological basis.
- I was a bit disappointed that there not are lots of different spreads, but I now realise that she gives all the tools to create your own spreads.
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on 19 September 2015
Thank you so much for such a beautiful book ... wow! How you write is so very clear to understand what is being put across. I can honestly say, that I can resonate with every sentence of information / feelings and emotions that they portray. You are so correct in how you teach this 'art-form'. Simply ... read-what-you-see! Tarot is not reading a book, or reading the cards ... it is, bringing-out, and 'reading' what is in your own mind. Love-it.

Again; thank you.

Please take my feedback seriously. I have written twenty-three of my own therapy books, and these concentrate / specialise in 150 human emotions. So, does your book resonate with me ... oh-yes!

AW CRIBB (Amazon)

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on 7 November 2008
It's very rare that I feel inclined to write a review but having recently received this book and tried some of the exercises, I must say that I am really impressed.

There is a lot of text at the beginning of each chapter but the exercises are well structured and have provided me with an amazing insight, not only to the cards but to my inner self.

I am going through the exercises, one at a time, with a friend. We find the various ways of looking into things suprisingly easy and a lot of fun.

Different aspects of looking at the cards around the various types of readings gives a better understanding.

The art of looking into the card and putting yourself into the position of one of the characters and weaving what I thought was an off the cuff'fairy story' actually showed that I was very structured in my outlook.

Not only do you explore the cards but your inner self and then can relate to the cards on a much different level.

I am really impressed with this book and think it is a worthwhile purchase.

Linda Imm
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on 15 February 2010
This is a wonderful guide to understanding how to use Tarot cards.

As a novice I found this step by step approach indispensible to gaining a holistic insight into just what the Tarot can deliver.

Mary's approach is systematic and structured however at each step of the journey through out the book the emphasis is on gentle self reflection, personal insight and creativity.

From my own experience as a Counseller, I feel that Mary's approach is very Person Centered, recognising the importance of the relationship between the querent - the practitioner - and the cards - and a trust in the ''process'' to reveal greater insights for both self and others.

Having since explored what other books are out there I feel I made a very auspicious first choice when choosing this book and look forward to discovering further books by this author.
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on 25 March 2017
Loving it
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on 9 May 2007
After 'Tarot for Your Self' Mary K. Greer has written another book filled with plenty of imaginative exercises for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced Tarot students. Even if you have been reading Tarot for many years, you will find something new in here. Mary's latest creation is R.I.T.E.: Reading Interactively for Transformation and Empowerment. All the exercises in the book are based on providing this type of reading for yourself and others.

The book is divided into 21 chapters, each containing several exercises, which are divided into those for the 'beginner' and the 'adept'. From this you can gather that the contents of this book will keep you occupied for years!

The appendices are extensive; plenty of useful tables, charts, lists, a glossary and even a list of 'traps' you can fall into when doing readings for someone else together with possible solutions. This part I found particularly useful and reassuring.

You will not find any card descriptions in this book and asked to memorise them. The way Mary teaches Tarot is unconventional, helping you to use and develop your own creative skills.

This book is highly recommended for anyone wishing to develop their Tarot knowledge and abilities.
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on 21 August 2014
A comprehensive book on using the Tarot as a tool to think through your own problems. I have found that actually seeing the problems that affect my life can be difficult at times; Mary Greer shows you different ways of using the Tarot to gain insights into your own psyche. The suggested methods and exercises were mostly new to me and I have been using the Tarot as a self discovery tool for many years. This is the kind of book that will take you years to assimilate and exhaust, although it is easy to read and well referenced. I have the Kindle version of this book with the limitation that brings with it, but the exercise templates are easy enough to reproduce even without the ability to copy them directly from the book.
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on 31 January 2009
A wonderfully easy book to follow. Each step gradually builds up your knowledge and focuses on your own interpretation of the cards. The appendix's in the back are also a great help and an interesting read on their own; with it you can learn a vast amount about your pack, creating a greater connection to the cards.
I have only been learning the Tarot for a year and I found this book helped me to understand the techniques of readings. However, there is added sections for the more experienced. A must for any reader or people interested in beginning.
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on 4 April 2011
This book was bought as a gift. However, I have spoken to the person whom I purchased it for and they were delighted with it. They found it very informative and useful.
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on 6 January 2015
This is a really intelligent approach to finding your personal way into understanding the Tarot. Using a single card Greer offers 21 different excercises to try, from traditional 'standard' meanings to role play and approaches which borrow heavily from contemporary understanding of psychology. It is not a book which gives a list of meanings for each card, rather it is a manual to help you get the best out of the Tarot as a tool for personal spiritual development and also for reading intuitively and sensitively for other people.
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