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on 12 October 2013
I have over 100 tarot decks and I absolutely love the imagery on this deck. It is outstandingly good, and worth buying for that alone.
That said, whilst the cards may have been produced on good card stock in earlier years, now.......October 2013...... the card quality now is so flimsy, that holding them in my left hand and leafing through them 1 by1 with my right hand, was sufficient to warp entire deck! So when I did do a first spread, none of the cards laid flat on the table!
Now THAT is appalling quality! So, sadly, I wouldn't even dream of trying to use them as a professional deck.
Which is a sad state of affairs :/
I would happily pay more to have this deck on better quality card stock.....because it really does deserve to be made of better card, it is such a beaufitul deck.
So although I absolutely love the deck, the quality means only 3 stars.
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on 25 September 2005
This is a tarot deck in a presentation box. It contains the deck, a bag to hold your deck made from black organdy and a companion book for using the deck.
The author/artist, Zach Wong, grew up in Malaysia. He has studied Western and Asian mythology. He now lives in Australia as a graphic designer and illustrator.
First the deck. There are 22 Major Arcana cards. There are four suits: cups, pentacles, swords and wands. Each suit contains 10 numbered cards and four court cards. In this deck, wands are fire, swords are air, pentacles are earth and cups are water. All cards are labeled with their number and their name.
The decks style is self described by the artist as "stained glass". As I went through the deck, I got a feeling of stained glass in some cards, but others were slightly suggestive of the manga style of art. Still others were very definitely Western in influence of both design and meaning. There is an overall Asian influence in his style, and it is refreshing rather than unsettling.
In the Major Arcana, the artist makes this note: Each character in the major arcana wears a mask over his or her face, which is depicted by lines that break the face down into sections. The mask is merely a representation of a "human" relations, similar to that of the mythical gods who stand in human form amongst us to ease our comprehension of the messages they deliver. Again, a refreshing new look at the meanings of the Major Arcana.
I also like the "mirror image" effect the artist used to denote reversal of the cards. This deck needs to be used by someone who uses reverse meanings in their readings. If you look at the Fool, in the upright position you can see the traditional representation. However, in the reverse, the image is somewhat mirrored in the opposite, showing the traditional meaning of the reversed Fool. The Hermit, on the one side is looking for enlightenment with a lantern, on the other side mirrored again in the opposite, he is being shown sliding against the darkness. Very cleverly done, and a stroke of genius to be sure.
The Major Arcana is the only part of the deck that is entirely done in this manner. With the Minor Arcana, some cards have no reverse design. What the artist did do is associate numbers across the suits with a "theme", such as the fives all denote "conflict, loss and change" while the tens offer "transcendence". Again, a lovely addition to the cards.
All the designs are colorful and attractively done. Even the reverse side of the cards is very tasteful and lovely to contemplate.
The book does a wonderful job of explaining how the artist interprets the meanings of the cards as reflected by his study of the traditional meaning and how he personally designed and defined his insights. It is clearly written and the material is covered in depth. The little illustrations make referencing the cards easier, but in no way are they substitutes for the deck itself.
Using this deck was also very enjoyable. The cards are 2 ¾" wide by a little over 4 ½" long. The cardboard is standard stock and coated, making them sturdy to stand up to handling and shuffling. You may want to give the book a general reading, to see where the artist may vary with traditional interpretations, but overall the deck does have traditional associations. The learning curve here will be very slight.
This is a lovely deck, nice to handle and work with. The designs offer some keen insights into the mysteries of the Tarot, and the artwork is sure to please both the reader as well as the clients you may use these for. The book will assist with any questions you may have and will answer them clearly. This is a good effort on the part of Mr. Wong and one that will attract readers for both use as well as collecting. boudica
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on 16 April 2013
The images don't do much for me and get a bit samey after a while but the thing that really puts me off this deck is the cards, they are small (the size of regular playing cards) and thin and I just don't get them... I feel the fine detail and nice bright images just gets lost.

I haven't read the book yet but I am not too hopeful, I figure I'll just use them when I am learning more about reversals than actually doing much reading.

I wouldn't have bought this if I would have picked it up in a shop and had a proper look.
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on 11 September 2015
I loved the concept behind these cards and couldn't wait to receive them, but when they arrived I have to say I was disappointed. I spent nearly £20 so expected something nice but these cards feel like they are produced on the cheap. The cards are too small for the highly detailed images, which are clever but too much for the card size, it's hard to see the images properly to read them. The cards are thin and flimsy, so probably won't last long. The box is okay, the book is large and comprehensive with card descriptions and layouts. The book images are black and white, the paper is thin. I also felt that the interpretations were cleverly up to date in language, but some what negative. I felt miserable after the first few readings and haven't bothered with them since.
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on 17 December 2011
Except for the minor wear around the corners of the box , it also had a little (size of a pen tip) hole . Otherwise , everything ok .
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on 11 June 2009
I will not mention about the cards since you can find from other reviews.

A companion book is so great as well. The other decks I have (except Golden Tarot) just provide a Little while book (LWB), which has got only some general meanings or some description of the pictures. This one is a proper book (size 1.5x13.3x20.3 cm and about 200 pages). Both Upright and Reversed meanings are equally described.

No one has pointed out the physical quality of the deck.
I would like to say that amongst all of the decks I have; e.g. Golden Tarot, Deviant Moon, Liber T, Crowley's Thoth AGMuller 1996, Liber T, Tarot Nova (The Complete Kit version), the Revelations Tarot is the best deck in terms of the physical qualities;

- Some glossy coating on the front and back of the cards
(but not overcoat like Tarot Nova), making the cards look like (luxury) plastic cards

- The edge of cards is smooth, but not slippery.
Don't feel like I grap the paper cards (as I feel when grapping the Deviant Moon cards)

- The cards are quite sturdy, not too filmsy like Liber T
and not too rigid like Golden Tarot.

- Size of cards is not too small or too big

Overall, the deck is easy to be handled and shuffled compared with other decks I have.
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on 1 March 2016
My favourite cards so far! Aside from beautiful images, every card has a different design so that each of the minor arcana are distinct from one another and recognisable. Each image has a purposeful meaning in its design which is usefully highlighted in the companion book. A big selling point is that the cards can be read with a reversed image upside down and this meaning is also shared in the book. The helpful card descriptions that match the symbolic artwork, and the unique style make this deck very easy to read and interpret.
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on 23 February 2014
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on 9 September 2010
looks like the cards are included but ere not in mine so not much good proble would have worked ok if i had the cards and not the book very disappointed buyers beware
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