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I am quite new to Tarot & I deliberately started off with a 'beginner's deck' - the excellent Sharman-Caselli deck. Although I personally found it a brilliant, easy deck to initiate me into the ways of Tarot, I also found it a little bland: soft colours, quite plain drawings and I found myself looking for something a little more glossy, more attractive and more sumptuous.

That's where the Gilded Tarot came in and not only ticked those boxes but blew them right out of the water. I cannot fault the artwork of these cards. Everything about the colours used, the images chosen & the design on the back of the cards just fits perfectly. My only slight criticism would be that sometimes the faces of the characters are a bit distracting as they are real photos whilst the rest of the body is a drawing which can be a bit weird but on the whole it is a beautiful deck.

The cards themselves pretty much stick to the traditional names for both Major and Minor Arcanas. In this deck, Strength is numbered 8 and Justice is numbered 11. The images themselves are, I find, quite different to the Rider Waite tradition (although the artist says he has tried to stick to it) thus many of the well known figures appear quite differently in this deck - the Fool is pictured as a court jester juggling signs of the zodiac with a gold hoop about his legs, the Emperor is also clutching the signs of the zodiac, the wheel also depicts signs of the zodiac around it with a big sunburst at the centre of the wheel. There are also a lot of references to machines and machinery throughout the cards which the author and artist explain in the accompanying booklet.

Court figures have usually lost their thrones and the backgrounds tend to be quite minimal although there are a lot of animals appearing in this deck which has a comforting feel - I am thinking about the 10 of swords where a stag looks over the body of the man stuck by swords.

The cards themselves are quite thick and glossy, relatively narrow & really lovely to hold but very slippery to shuffle! The cards have a black border which contain the gem that is coloured according to the suit that it belongs to e.g. green for pentacles etc etc. The borders are a lovely touch to the drawings and the gem helps you identify the suit immediately. Pip cards are illustrated.

The reverse of the cards shows a vibrant sunburst but are not reversible (i.e. you would not be able to tell if the card was upright or reversed until you turned it over).

The booklet provided also contains basic meanings for the cards and luckily includes meanings for the machine imagery included on the cards which actually turns out to be quite interesting. An organza bag is also included and is very handy for keeping the cards in but they also thoughtfully include a plain white box that you can illustrate yourself if you choose.

All in all, this deck of cards gets the 5 star treatment because of the artwork and presentation of the cards and the booklet. They are absolutely stunning.

However, they are not my favourite deck, because the images are pared down and have lost a lot of the traditional symbols, I find it really hard as a beginner to intuit the meanings of the cards, they just simply do not speak to me. I have tried to do a reading for a family member and whilst they really enjoyed it and said it was really relevant, I felt quite uncomfortable and not confident. I don't think that I am ready for these quite yet, but because they are so attractive, I think that once I become more confident with the Tarot as a whole, I would be more drawn to using these.

If you love Tarot, if you are a reader or even if you just collect, you will love having these in your collection.

The Fool in this deck of cards really looks like George Bush though - have a look for yourself, you'll see what I mean!!!
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on 9 January 2006
what more can i say, this deck speaks for it's self. I also own the mythic, rider waite, angel cards, fairies cards, runes, and other tarot, yet i have never come across something as enchanting and spritual as this deck. The book that goes with it is great but you wont need it, as these card's get your intuition going so quickly. You will see things you never thought you could imagine. The imagery is stunning! I can't only praise this deck!! Great beginner or advanced deck! This is the ultimate deck. If you read the reviews all over the net, you will see the amazing feedback on this deck, so don't just take my word for it. There is nothing negative about this deck whatsoever! You will be in love with it from the moment it arrives :)
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on 22 January 2009
The main reasons I bought these cards is that I quite liked the Artwork of the cards that I had already seen. I dont have any sympathy for buyers in their reviews who state that 'they didnt like the art'. Any genuine tarot reader should research the tarot and its artistic style before buying it ! Personally, I like the images by Ciro Manchetti.

I was concerned that another review said the cards were quite thin. They are quite thin, however this does not seem to impare them in anyway, and if anything makes them easier to shuffle. If the cards are too rigid they are difficult to shuffle. The problem I've had with other decks (especially the Druidcraft tarot) is the cards were too big. The cards with this deck are just the right size for me to comfortable shuffle.

So far, I have found the deck to read very accurately indeed.

I am happy and pleased with this deck all round and recommend to anyone who likes the artistic style of the deck.

The only thing I would say is the accompanying book is disappointing, its is a simple basic tarot book and it doesnt even contain an explanation or meaning of any of the cards reversed. The book could be better.

I found the set came also with a handy little bag for cards, which was a nice touch.
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VINE VOICEon 26 September 2004
This is one of my 1st tarot decks, it is so beautiful and surprisingly very easy to read even to a novice like myself.
There are colours at the top of the cards on the minor Arcana to help guide you which I have found really useful and I am still really learning much about them but, these are a great pack for the new Tarot reader and a great addition to the experienced reader.
The accompanying book is excellent really useful, and I just love the Organza bag to keep them in.
A great Tarot deck and excellent value.
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on 29 May 2017
Fast delivery in good conditions too x so bright I'd forgotten the real colours , like this deck, beautiful fantasy pictures but added to machinery and the mechanics of nature. It makes sense when you read.
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on 17 December 2008
I have had this deck for 2 years, and I have no problems with it for readings, i find that it reads well. there are small oddities like the disorder of the Fool's zodiac signs. Still he is juggling so maybe this is why they are out of order. My only complaint is that although it was a nice black bordered deck it is now a slightly speckled dog eared deck, I am not rough with my decks and have a black St. Petersburg which has stood up better. Maybe llewellyn should use better card and ink. Maybe i should buy a new deck!!
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on 30 March 2017
Lovely to work with. The art has brought each card to life. I really love these. They are vivid and full of detail.
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on 18 April 2012
I've wanted the gilded tarot for quite a while and it is an excellent addition to my collection. The only thing that put me off was that the designs were a combination of drawing and picture headshots of actual people merged together which is a bit awkard, but otherwise they have a great design and sketches. Also the guide book is great at its job, teaching you everything about tarot and even how to memorise the meanings of all the cards.
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on 29 April 2017
Art work stunning but first two cards were noticeably scuffed despite buying a brand new deck. The cards were too small for the artwork and looked and felt very cheap - very disappointed. In future I will stick to US Games which are printed in Italy , not China.
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on 25 May 2017
LOve them
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