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on 27 November 2014
After giving birth I was more than a little gutted to find that my previously washboard abs had been split down the middle during pregnancy. I was told to attend a Physio clinic at the hospital, but not until after my six week check up. Do in the meantime I bought this book and got to work on the exercises.
The exercises themselves don't look like much and most of the key ones can be done sat on a chair with you appearing, to the outside world, like you're not really doing anything. However, the exercises concentrate on small but very controlled movements which, if followed correctly, are incredibly effective.
When I eventually went to the Physio clinic which was at about 10 weeks after the birth they were amazed that the previously 4finger gap in my tummy muscles had reduced to bearly a 1 finger gap. They put me straight on to their more advanced exercises and were happy to send me away with the clear to go back to other abdominal exercises that I had been going before pregnancy.
I still do the Tupler exercises alongside my other workouts with things like planks and crunches etc but I think if anything, I now perform these moves better as I have a greater understanding and awareness of how to use my abdominals correctly and I think overall, because I have strengthened my previously neglected transverse abdominals, my core is now stronger than ever. I'm still only 7 months post natal now.
I have recommended this book to a number of female friends who both have and haven't had children themselves but for one reason or another have always struggled to get flat abs. I think that the technique taught in this book is absolutely key in getting the flat, toned and strong core that most women long for!
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on 1 August 2011
I have two children, aged 4&1/2 and 2, and even though I had my second child over 2 years ago I still looked as if I was 6 months pregnant. I am fairly active, I walk and go for bike rides often, went to pilates for a while, and was regularly doing the 'normal' tummy crunches, but nothing seemed to be helping my tummy get firmer. In desperation I searched the internet for post-natal stomach exercises and came across this book. The exercises seemed so simple, I had my doubts at first as to whether they would work, but they do. I have been doing the exercises for about a month now, and can definitely see a difference - finally! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to loose their mummy tummy, no matter how long ago you gave birth.
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on 25 March 2013
I bought the Tupler splint and this book in order to start exercises that would get me back my pre pregnancy tummy. This book does not offer ANY useful information. It's a book on pulling your belly bottom to the spine! That pretty much sums it up. I suggest you get the Diastasis Rehab Guidebook instead, as this supposedly is the program, you'd actually have to follow. It's an 18 week program. I wasted almost 20£ including shipping on this book, and am disappointed that the seller of the splint did not inform me, that I should be getting the Diastasis Rehab Guidebook instead. So now I have to buy that one too.
However I am optimistic about the splint and have worn it for some days, and already am starting to notice small improvements. Looking forward to the Diastasis Rehab Guidebook!
Don't waste money on the book.
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on 11 April 2013
By just doing three exercise three times a day my tummy has substantially reduced in size - though has not disappeared. As this was the purpose of the purchase I am happy.
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on 15 October 2013
This is so boring! It is a chore to read, HOWEVER the Tupler Technique works. I have the DVD and splint so I would say that the book isn't necessary but it is good to have an understanding. I reduced my waist from 35 inches to 29 inches in less than four weeks. I was doing additional exercise. I lost a further two inches solely doing the TT. If you have Diastasis Recti I would definitely recommend this, it does as it says and I no longer look about 16-20 weeks pregnant.
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on 14 June 2016
The problem with this it doesn't really state that most of the book is about those that have literally just had a baby ( and not 8 years ago) plus all the products they recommend are in America only
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Reading this book in my 36th week of pregnancy, I can't vouch for these exercises leading to a flatter stomach. However, I have been through physio after both my previous pregnancies for pelvic floor problems as well as a three-finger separation in my abdomen, and so I know that doing exercises like these can make a huge difference in the strength of one's pelvic floor and returning a separation to something like normal width.
However, I hazard that these exercises are *better* than those given my the physio. The additional focus on the transverse stomach muscles makes a lot of sense, and I can see now that some of the crunches and lifts that the physio recommended were actually *undoing* a lot of the good work I had already done.
I also like how Julie Tupler's book focuses on more than just one part of the body, working not only with the stomach but with breathing, flexibility of joints, and all-over strengthening, as well as tips for every day living that include lifting babies and even rolling out of bed.
My only reservation about the book is that the descriptions of some of the exercises are a bit involved at first; however, working through them with the book in hand is necessary only the first two or three times, and then, it's logical and sensical.
Here's hoping that her promises of a flatter stomach are as true as the ones about regaining strength -- I could use a better profile after number 3 comes and goes!!!!
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on 6 August 2009

Not being enamoured of exercise I was pretty devastated to realise that 12 weeks pp I still looked 7 months pregnant. I hadn't put on heaps of weight and was doing crunches and, yet, my tummy just wouldn't flatten out. Then my health visitor mentioned diastasis recti and the fact that muscles separated by the pregnancy don't always return. I happened across a forum for mums and this book was mentioned.

My separation has gone from 10 cm to 5 cm within 30 days of starting the programme. My tummy looks about the same but I am not expecting it to flatten significantly until the separation is closed.
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on 23 June 2016
This really does work but this version is outdated, much newer available
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on 29 October 2010
I did these exercises for months religiously (but only manage to find time once a day to do it although she does say the more the better!) and can say that I've seen a noticeable difference in stomach muscle tone. I remember feeling so weak in my stomach area and my back was so achy post-partum (the back problems are related to the weak stomach muscles). Well I persevered with this book's exercise and noticed a significant improvement in my tummy muscle tone. My diastasis is now about 1.5 to 2 finger widths wide and I'm not sure if it can go down any more though because in the past 3 months I have not seen much improvement from this 1.5 to 2 finger width mark, but I'll continue to do them as I'm sure all the muscle tone will be lost once you stop doing these exercises. Its like working out - you can't stop or the results will disappear. She did say in the book that 1 finger width would be normal and wouldn't need correcting so I can't say I'm too unhappy with my current situation.

The book also gives great advice on how to care for your newly-toned stomach muscles whilst going about your daily life (what to do when you're picking up children, yoga, swimming, getting in and out of cars, etc.) I'd recommend every woman start doing these exercises after having their babies. The NHS hospital here does give out a physiotherapy exercise sheet to every woman who's just given birth, and though those exercises are great for gentle recovery in the first postpartum days or weeks, they didn't seem to flatten my tummy that much or give it that muscle tone, and this book fulfilled that need. At the back of the book there is a 30-minute Tupler all-over body workout which you would need an exercise band for, but also worth doing.

One thing though is that she recommends wearing splint around the tummy as often as possible (even during daily activities) until your diastasis is completely closed/healed. I can see her point as the splint really helps the diastasis heal faster as you work with the Tupler techique. I like the type of splint she sells because its not as big/bulky as the post-surgical or pregnancy abdominal splints I could find in UK sites and looks more comfortable as they're stretchier and made of terry and cotton cloth. I wish she had UK suppliers because although she does have international suppliers, they are American and you do end up having to fork out *at least* USD$15 for shipping alone and her splint isn't cheap - it costs USD$35 on its own. I have always used a scarf for splint purposes and in her book she did say scarves are fine as splints, but would have liked her splint instead, but the cost did put me off frankly.
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