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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 August 2001
Having an allergy to dairy products & eggs, pretty much eliminates the pleasures of cakes, puddings & desserts. When I bought this book, I was hoping for recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth & am pleased to say I haven't been disappointed. Although the book eliminates use of sugar, I find it is ok to add your own quantities if your body is agreable to this, & therefore giving you a delicious, safe dessert just as I used to enjoy. Aside of the desserts which are easy to make & include things like apple pie & custard, strawberry & banana ice-cream & mince pies, there are also some good main course recipes.
Because the author is encouraging healthy eating the recipes are very selective in the ingrediants used & I found the recipes to be very natural tasting, which can at first seem strange as the palette has to adjust to the new pure & wholesome flavours.The main courses concentrate on 2 meats: chicken & lamb. Unfortunately for me I have an allergy to chicken, but on the brighter side I have successfully replaced other meats for the chicken & the recipes have worked well. So for those of us with certain food allergies I would say this book is a good helping hand to menu planning.
The author often explains where certain ingrediants may be exchanged for others hence allowing a dish for many of us that would normally have to avoid it. The menus can either be taken strictly as written & as the writer explains, this will promote improved health & energy. You would have to be very strict with yourself however, & probably adjust your eating habits in a big way. Or if like me you have certain allergies & just want to try & replace certain foods which you miss (ie puds') then this book will work for you too.
The recipes are very easy to follow & most of the ingrediants are readily available.
Although there are passages written which relate to Candida, Food Allergies, & ME, they are by no means in-depth, but merely there to explain how the diet can contribute to such conditions. An outline is also given about the foods which she has chosen to eliminate from the recipes, which helps us to understand why we should make these sacrifices!
Overall, I am pleased I have this cook book in my kitchen.
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on 27 October 2003
I found this a good book. Firstly the the theory concerning, low blood sugar, ME,IBS and other conditions caused by diet is clearly explained. It uses laymens terms and I found it very readable.
The menu section in divided into Breakfasts, soups, Starters,ect which makes for easier meal preparation. I would say that some meals would be considered as bland tasting to thoes used to a diet of saturated fat excess salt and sugar. It needs a period of adjustment to get used to the meals. You need to perseveer for some weeks to become used to the food, but the benifits are well worth it. The secret is is to not let yourself get hungry.
I recommend the book
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on 12 January 2008
This book is great for varied, healthy and flavoursome eating. I suffer with a severe wheat intolerance and find it difficult to find recipes that exclude wheat and are low fat. I cannot understand why someone has posted a review stating the food is bland. The food tastes great but maybe not if one's palette is used to highly processed, artificially flavoured food.

I would highly recommend this for anyone that wants to eat healthy but struggles with ideas for recipes.
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on 25 June 2005
I have recently had a food intolerance test and am Dairy, Wheat and Yeast intolerant. I searched for recipe books which encompassed all three and thankfully found this book. I enjoy food and am so pleased to have found it. It has great ideas and lots of varied recipes which even my husband loves. I feel so much better already and I have even bought her other 2 books and they equally brilliant. Happy cooking!
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on 5 October 2006
This was the first of Barbara's books that I had and I started reading the introduction and could not put it down. So much she said resonated with me. For a book entitled "Cooking Without" I have found more wonderful recipes that in any other cook books I have owned. Perhaps it is making use of such good ingredients that makes the flavours in her recipes seem so rich and satisfying. The alternatives she offers mean I am not put off my something I don't like or don't know where to get hold of, and I think my tastebuds are finally growing up. And oh joy - recipes that I can eat without fear of piling on the weight - I can eat good food every day and not think I will have to make it up by "being good" tomorrow - a cook book without guilt that is not for "slimmers" only! I cannot recommend this, or her other two books, too highly. Do yourself a favour and buy it - and do read the introduction.
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on 27 January 2005
I was diagnosed with yeast related allergy as well as diary allergies 2.5 years ago. I've found this book an invaluable resource. There are some very nice dishes in this book which have gone down extremely well with others who do not suffer from allergies. I would and have recommended this book to others, both allergy suffers and non allergy suffers alike.
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on 19 July 2001
Just had to mention that I've found this great cookbook.... I just happened to pop into my library today and I found the book for cooking without gluten, sugar, dairy etc...
There is soooo much in there as well as advice on being healthy and so much detail too.
The great thing also which makes it better than all the other books on my shelf is that it lists alternatives for items that you are intolerant too! Great! I can't eat tomatoes or potatoes either and this is the first book I've seen to acknowledge other food intolerances other than wheat and give alternatives! Wow!
Another interesting bit was a list of food families which lists the main food and similar ones which you may be affected by too... and it seems to work for me... for example - potato has peppers and tomatoes in its family, which I'm also intolerant too!
I've just tried the one recipe for fruit and nut slices (only got the book today!) - and they are cooling right now, but look yummy!
Can't wait to try the other stuff out too! Hurray! A flexible cookbook which allows you to pick and choose alternatives! Cool
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on 22 February 2001
Although many of the recipes later in the book are including ingredients you can't have during your actual de-tox, they are all delicious (well, the ones I have tried). Straight forward and covering many different conditions, this book makes being healthy and eating well easy. I was able to maintain the diet without too much alteration to what I normally eat. - except for potatoes - gosh do I miss them!
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on 3 October 2003
The book promotes itself as a source of gluten free recipes, free from added sugar, dairy products, yeast, salt and added fat. It also claims to be suitable for Candida, M.E. and allergy sufferers.
I found this book rather disappointing. I bought it with the expectation of finding some recipes to suit my needs (I am allergic/intolerant to sugar, wheat and dairy food; my son has Candida and ME and is allergic to eggs).
The book, in general, is not one for the allergy sufferer. Many people are allergic to eggs and nuts and the recipes are full of them. The recipes are not always suitable for those people sensitive to sugar, as for example, dates, dried fruit and orange juice are used and they are usually too sweet. There was only a mention of the use of alternative flours and this could not have been researched. These flours, e.g. soya, are far too strong tasting to be palatable on their own, as suggested.
Candida sufferers are catered for but not well enough. Sufferers of Candida can only eat fresh nuts and freshly made fruit juice, but I found no mention of this. (Ideally the nuts should also be roasted too) It would be far too tedious to make many of the recipes if shelling nuts were added to the method. Candida sufferers are advised not to eat spicy food and many of the recipes have several spices included. If as a Candida sufferer you are intolerant of eggs then, together with these other problems, there are few recipes indeed for you.
There are no medically agreed dietary needs for those who have M.E. apart from a generally "healthy" diet.
I think that it is not possible to meet all the different requirements listed on the front cover of "Cooking Without" with one set of recipes such as these.
I think the book should really be promoted as a book of healthy, gluten free recipes, which it is.
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VINE VOICEon 30 June 2009
This book is basically a collection of healthy-eating dairy-free type recipes. The recipes are also gluten-free, but nothing groundbreaking. I was hoping there would be some good gluten-free breakfast ideas - but they are mostly variations on muesli - and most sound pretty foul (like cooked rice mixed with nuts and dried fruit). I haven't tried many of the others because I was put off by the long introduction, which I found quite annoying. The author is a 'nutrional therapist' who is very opinionated about what is and isn't good for you. Infact some of the advice was obsessive, and could almost encourage an eating disorder. For example 'Avoid the general use of tinned products..Limit frozen foods..avoid salt completely..some beans contain toxins..' This I think is also unhelpfully prescriptive if you are already on a strict diet, and especially if you have limited energy. I also think once you're getting to the 'toxic beans' stage, then it's possible that the stress of it all is going to counteract the supposed health benefits of the diet.

Despite the over-strictness however, I would not use this book if you are doing an anti-candida diet. The author allows eating fruit, and many recipes contain dried fruit, fresh fruit and fruit juice. This is obviously very healthy for most people, but fruit sugar is still sugar, and therefore feeds candida. There is also a recipe for a bread made from potato flour, which is a refined starchy flour, and therefore also unhelpful on an anti-candida diet. Also beware milk alternatives (which are recommended in this book), such as soy, rice and oatmilks - these can actually contain more natural sugars than cows' milk - even the 'sugar-free' versions. Annoying but true - check the nutritional info on the cartons. I have been doing an anti-candida diet for about 5 months, and have avoided ANYTHING sweet (as recommended in other books). I really think cold-turkey is the best way to go, as after a while your taste-buds adjust and you lose your taste for sweet things (honestly!) Although I'm still a fan of salty greasy things unfortunately!

As someone recovering from CFS, I also found her comments on this outdated and ignorant. Her first sentence on the subject is ''Chronic fatigue has been referred to as 'yuppie flu', and is is no coincidence that ambitious over-achievers are susceptible to the problem''. If we hadn't been overdoing it with all those ''three-mile runs and games of squash'', we'd be fine, apparently.

If you want to go on a drastic prescriptive detox diet, you might get something out of this. But otherwise, avoid it. If you're looking for books on Candida, try 'Candida Albicans' by Leon Chaitow,for an overview of the condition and very detailed recovery plan. Either that or 'Beat Candida Cookbook' by Erica White, which has less general medical info than Chaitow's book, but a simpler recovery plan, and some useful recipes.

NB/ If you feel swayed by all the glowing reviews of this book, please be a little circumspect. If you hover over each reviewer's username (if they've given one) you'll see that none of them have written any other reviews. This seems a little dodgy to me.
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