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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2013
I won't go into long details as I think all the positive reviews on here have already said what I would have said.
I will reiterate that this book is interesting, fun to read, easy to read, and got me hooked. I'm still fascinated to see if I can get the man of my dreams this way and now I am dating I am putting it into practice, so far most of it seems to work!...:) I am going to get a copy for my friend as I think generally it's the best relationship advice I've had... don't listen to your mum, sister or friends (the book even says this) as to an extent these people are looking out for your best interests and are the thoughts of these women and see what you think...
Good luck ladies and if you're still cynical I would say give it a go for the fun factor at the very least!
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on 16 May 2011
This is NOT a book to manipulate men; but it is to be used as a guideline of 'female etiquette' as a life-style choice, not just until you get him down the aisle and then turn into the she-beast you really are -lol.
I say this as a former she-beast of bitchiness, that reading this book made me realize that men are simple and do not want a fun-sucker as a girlfriend. Men want certain things from a woman, and I had fallen way short of being the ideal woman - a rules woman - who has self-respect and respect for her man.
First things first - me: I started work on making myself the best I could be, inside and outside. I had neglected myself for two long!
Once I had myself sorted out, I looked at my behavior and TLC towards my man - and found I had been neglectful there two! And this is where my feminist friends rolled their eyes and said I was giving him all my 'power'. Because I wanted to please my man in all ways possible, mentally, physically, emotionally etc I was labelled as a 'rules doormat girl'. I just shook my head and told them they hadn't even read the book so get lost!
A rules girl has self-respect for herself and her man. It is not a crime or a sign of weakness to want to keep him sweet on you! Because ladies let me tell you - a little bit of sugar was all he needed to see me in a whole new light. And with my new look and new attitude - I was shocked to find OMG - I was... dare I say it... HAPPY!!!!!
So if this book is so evil and corrupts young minds into making women slaves to male chauvinism - why has following its tips put a ring on my finger? Why do I now not feel like a doormat - whereas before I would call a man and lower myself to ask him "why haven't you called me?"
So feminist bra-burners say what you will; at the end of the day I have a loving handsome man who wants to marry me, whom I love. And I love my bra's - as does my FIANCE!
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on 8 June 2016
Criticised for being old fashioned but you know what.....the rules count. Men are like dogs, chase after one and they will run a mile. Great book and I have bought it for several rule breaker friends of mine. Fast postage!
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on 22 March 2015
I have enjoyed every edition of this book. Take the advice with a pinch of salt and a good sense of humour. The book basically tells you to put yourself first, not to fall for just any guy simple because he is wealthy or good looking, that you should be confident no matter what and always try to better yourself. The book prioritises dating safely, having respect for yourself and to never lower yourself or your behaviour and standards to catch a man. In fact it highlights that just by being the best version of yourself you won't need to be looking Mr right will come along and treat you as you deserve.

I was 15 when I bought this book for myself. I still use it. No I'm not married. But I also don't follow the rules to a T. It's a good laugh and a must read post break up. Stops you crawling back to any slugs!
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on 15 February 2001
Do women really believe that this rubbish empowers them? The rules seems to have utterly forgotten a little thing called feminism (and also the concept of respect - for oneself as well as the man in question). How can you possibly respect a man you have ensnared in this way, when the effect on him clearly shows that he is stupid, sexist and completely full of himself. The whole thing is clearly based on a very cynical attitude towards dating as a precursor to "closing the deal", ie, getting that ring on your finger ("closing the deal" for heaven's sake! can't you see how disgustingly mercantile this is?!) I can sum this book up for you now in a few simple sentences. Work slavishly to become a desirable woman, seriously compromising yourself along the way. Attract all the wrong kinds of men and let their presence in your life dictate your behaviour to you. And then kid yourself that you have the upper hand. Happy hunting!
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on 23 January 2008
The Rules are a bit like a good timepiece. It always makes sense to come back to these after playing the field a little. I really do think this book has a lot of good advice to offer. Also, I liked and would recommend another called "Dating Sense--the practical way...". Both, together, can help any girl get a better dating game.
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on 20 November 2011
Just finished reading this book (yes i don't have a saturday date right now, but have a guy texting me about liking another ex-girl mate of mine even though this guy told me 2 months ago he'd liked me for the 3 years we were uni students bleh bleh..usual drama! haha!). I guess this book has helped empower me and really given me alot of hope and reassurance that it's about being independent, sassy and as they say "a creature like no other!". I admit some of it can be hard to implement but i'm going to keep re-reading it and reminding myself IT WORKS and to keep following it! I have already noticed by holding back a little, the more certain men seem to pursue/call/text. It's fantastic! It's annoying if you feel you break a rule but we get better with practise, and the great thing is at least now we can see where the rule-breaking is happening, whereas alot of women out there are still in denial! We are an intelligent bunch of rules girls ;). I really look forward to using this and seeing where it leads now, and even more so in the new year! Some of what you read in the book you relate to so much and think "omg that sounds like me", or "wow, my best boy mate is like that!" and it gives great advice how to act rationally rather than emotionally to ensure we get that ring on our finger! All in all, it's girly, insightful and very empowering :) I already can see the men that are worth it now and the ones that clearly aren't!! FANTASTIC- BUY IT!! It's no-nonsense girl spice which we all need (seriously us girls can be too naive at times!).
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on 21 April 2011
I bought this book after reading some comments on Amazon just to check it out.
I think the main trick of the rules is, when you don't like a guy that much,when you're not that much into him, you act normal, when you like somebody a lot, you give all your attention to him. So treat the guy you're crazy about as if you don't care about him that much.
I had done it without knowing years ago..And my boyfriend was crazy about me. Just one time, i mentioned him that i liked flowers a lot, and he showed up with flowers to every date during 6 months. He even serenaded under my window with a poem, because although i liked his attention, i used to limit my apreciation and this used to urge him to do more more and more..He used to call me endlessly everyday..It was a great love..
You wont regret it, please read it! Its worth every penny!!
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on 11 May 2000
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I felt as if I knew it all but had never been able to see it clearly before. Girls need all the confidence they can get, and this book can rally help!# However, my advice is don't do it to the letter, every time I tried to be mysterious, or aloof, I found out afterwards that I'd given the impression of being sullen, grumpy, rude and even aggressive! I am a naturally out going girl who doesn't want to stop smiling at people, so I will use the lessons learnt when I meet a guy, but not every where I go, as for the not paying for anything bit, no one likes a free loader, and I don't want to be eternally grateful! All in all, a great book for simple truths in self preservation, but don't alienate people with it!
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on 19 August 2001
I found this book very useful and not just in my relationships with men - its helped me to get on better with friends and relatives. Some other reviewers have said it sets women back, but I think setting boundaries is the next step women/feminism need to take. Also saying that it puts women back to the 1950's - well my Granny married in the 1950's and fifty years later my Grandpa still talks of her in slushy love-struck tones - so going back to the '50's might not be entirely bad! It would be useful to have a culturally British edition.
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