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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2004
Have you ever read an inspiring 'self-help' book or heard a tremendous motivational speaker that made you want to make significant positive changes in your life? When you tried to implement those changes, did you notice that they were temporary at best, and that you eventually fell back into the same self-defeating patterns that held you prisoner in the first place?
Helmstetter rightly points out that the majority of information that our subconscious mind receives, from both external and internal sources, is negative. At any time within our subconscious, three negative thoughts are fighting one positive thought. Not knowing right from wrong, our subconscious chooses to believe the most dominant thought pattern. Unless we feed more positive messages to our subconscious, we become a prisoner to negative thought patterns.
This book reveals a simple way to overcome the onslaught of negative thought by literally feeding positive thoughts into our subconscious through Self-Talk. More than just affirmation statements, Helmstetter shows how to get specific and attack problems at their source.
This book will serve you well by itself, and will be even more effective as a catalyst to help you apply success principles from other books and speakers. This simple concept of Self-Talk will allow you to take success principles that are common knowledge, and convert them to common practice.
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on 11 October 2001
I came across Shad Helmstetter after I started an Amway business and started going to IBS seminars. I can honestly say that this book has had a more profound effect on me than any other book I have ever read. Its message is so simple and yet very few people actually do what he recommends. If you have anything in your life that you are unhappy about and want to change, read and study this book, apply the knowledge and your life will change - I know because mine has.
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on 25 January 2006
Having read many a self-help book I would say this is the killer. It is simple but brilliant. If you want to get your negative stuff sorted then get this book!
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on 12 December 2011
This book is a classic .It is easy to read ,inspiational and very easy to put the idea into practice and does not require the usual 20 minutes at dawn !! If you have read many self help books you will know what I mean !!It is an old book so a little quaint in the lingo but that does not detract from the simplicity of the message .Wish I had bought it years ago and I will order another couple of copies to give away .
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on 4 April 2001
After just reading a few pages of this book I started to notice the sheer volume of 'negative talk' that I hear - both from myself and others. Most of this kind of talk is nothing more than a habit built up over the years but by first recognising it and then changing it, you can get a whole new image of yourself.
The book gives you instructions of changing that negativity in many ways. If you're someone who doesn't have much time you can just stick to talking to yourself silently but if you want to pursue it more, the book has in-depth instructions for writing your own scripts and producing audio tapes.
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on 13 December 2005
When I say hidden, I don't mean that it isn't easy to find what the author is propounding. That's easy - you can read it on the back cover, i.e. when we talk to ourselves what we say can have a permanent effect on what we say, e.g. If you have been told all your life that you are clumsy, you beign to believe it and then reinforce it by saying "I am clumsy" and, lo and behold, you become clumsy. Helmstetter promises to show you how to undo this damage and to "reprogram" yourself in a positive way.
And indeed he does. When I say hidden, though, I am referring to actually finding the way to change. Three quarters of the book is spent explaining the above concept of negative programming and only the last quarter is spent actually teaching you how to go about the business of reprogramming.
Belive me, though, if you are prepared to put his steps into action then the results can be startling.
Ultimately, a great concept but the book could have easily been half the size.
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on 29 August 1999
This is the first book that I have found which doesn't focus on the cliched messages which most self help books dish out, but actually talks to you in a language that you understand and that makes a difference. It really tells it like it is! I have used the ideas in this book and they do work. They are easy to use and explained simply. There are no false promises - this book does exactly what it says it does and it seems to be geared to real people who have other commitments in their lives. I have read a lot of self-help/ psychology books and this is one of the few that really made a vivid difference. I have already managed to get three other people to buy it and I reccommend that you do the same .It will work.
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on 7 February 2000
Like most of the people on this page I have read many, many self-help books. By any shadow of a doubt this is one of the Best. You realise just how much negative nonsense is internalised and made true about yourself. This book helps to counter balance that. The principles it uses are simple and the the exercises are straight forward, all it requires from you is a bit of discipline. This is one of the few books that clearly shows that in order to improve your self-esteem (or any other goal) externally you have to have achieve the goal internally by talking to yourself in the right way. I recommend this book to everyone.
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on 21 October 2007
I had read quite a few positive thinking books now.

I was interested to see the writer ask Why do we need more positive thinking books to be written if the ones which already exist are so good?(or words to that effect) so I had to read on.

I felt that the best parts of this book were "Levels of Self Talk" which teaches you the different types of thinking and communicating that you have with yourself and more importantly the "Self Management System".

The book has taught me why positive thinking and talking can dramatically impact on your life. It is a concept I never really understood and most positive thinking books encourage us to think and speak in a positive manner, tell you the effects but dont actually tell you why you should and how your mind works.

Trying to stay positve....... I felt that the book was worth buying for the 2 chapters I have mentioned alone. I felt that in some of the other chapters there were some personal views, which may or may not gain acceptance from some of the leading professionals. I felt also that, in the other chapters there was a lot of padding out.

I would definitely reccomend this book. I am going to see what else this writer has written and will go on to buy some more!.
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on 28 June 2011
There are a lot of self help, motivational, self improvement books out there on the market. To often I have found reading some of them like going along to an inspiring conference where there is the most inspirational speaker giving everybody the most awsome boost to their life. The sort of conference where you come out feeling on top of the world, ready to take on anything. Then, in the morning you are still thinking about what was said and how to tackle the changes you wish to make and how much better things are going to be. Then the next thing is you have to get the kids ready for school, or you need to run and catch your train, maybe somebody pulled out in front of you in their car and the next thing you know, this all inspriring speech has been long forgotten. It is at these times when you need someone to boost your confidence and give you a push in the right direction but they are never there. This is what I have found with most books until I read 'What to say when you talk to yourself' What you learn is that all the motivational words and help was there all the time, and it is already there in you. It is something you apply during your daily life amongst the daily routine. You don't have to take lots of time out to use the methods.

People say, it is not for me, I don't do these kind of books or they are for other people, I just don't belive in it. However, if I said to these people, I really can't be bothered about something or I really should give up smoking but I can't , these same people are the ones that may very well start giving me encouragement and saying yes you can, or come on try a little every day, you can do it !! Well, guess what they have done for me what I could do myself and which is the what the very basis of this book is about. In simple terms if you change your self speak, i.e the the voice in your head (which is yours) and start telling yourself , yes you can, or stop saying if only I was not so clumsy or I wish I would stop forgetting names or I really wish I could give up smoking. If you change all of this to I am giving up smoking, or I used to be clumsy but that was how I used to be , now I am not. This will all gradually start to make a difference.

Personally I have given up smoking 20 cigarettes a day (plus), I have also given up a drinking habit of over one bottle of wine everyday by using the method that Shad Helmstetter sets out for you. Nothing changes over night but sure enough the changes happen and once you see how effective this is you will want to start applying it to your personal life, your work life, your everything. A bold statement I know. Get the book, read it, read it again and start applying the methods and keep reading it to remind your self of the simple techniques involved. I really can not vouch for this book highly enough !! Buy and good luck.
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