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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2014
Mariette is the restless teenage daughter of 'Belle' the main character in the first book of the trilogy. Belle went on to have further adventures in WW1 in 'The Promise' ..

It is now the mid 1930s and young Mariette leaves New Zealand for England and has her own challenges to overcome during WW2 which involves suriving the Blitz in London and travelling in the dead of night to France on secret missions. Luke her mother, Mariette is a 'Survivor'

Of course there is heroism, love, romance and loss, as one would expect from any Lesley Pearse book

The three books can be read stand alone, but each one is an exciting journey into recent history and thoroughly enjoyable.

Belle and her family will be missed..
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I have not read a book by Lesley Pearse in a long time but the books of hers I have read I enjoyed. I was sent a copy of Survivor to read and I was torn part of me couldn’t wait to start it and delve back into this authors writing world again the other half of me was hesitant as I had heard that this book was a follow on to Belle and The Promise both of which I hadn’t read so I was unsure if I would be able to follow the storyline.
The book gets off to a quick start and I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Mariette was quite a character, although not one I warmed to or could relate to at all, she was still a marvellous character her personality was too big for the small village she lived in and so before she could bring shame on the family her parents sent her away to England.
During Mariette’s time in England the blitz began and we see a change in Mariette but one thing that doesn’t change is her attraction to men. Unfortunately I found that half way through the book my attention began to waver, I felt like the storyline was being drawn out too long and nothing new seemed to be happening, but I was hesitant to give up as the beginning was so good and I hate to leave a book half way. I am glad I carried on reading as the book did pick up again towards the end.
Although I hadn’t read Belle and The Promise I didn’t feel like that mattered in this book I would never had known that this was a follow on if I hadn’t already been told as I never felt as though I was missing anything so this can easily be read as a stand alone book, although I would love to go back and read the previous books.
This is a great romance with action and tragedy weaved in. Although not a favourite of mine by Lesley Pearse, I enjoyed this book although I do think it could have been a lot shorter which may have helped to keep my attention the whole way through.
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on 17 February 2014
Survivor is Lesley pearce's latest offering it is the 3rd book in the belle series, but could be read as a stand alone as it does give you some background from her 2 previous books. I have read all of Lesley pearce's book so was really looking forward to her latest release and I was not disappointed Survivor begins in New Zealand and the story carries through to war torn London and France. Survivor is centered around mariette who at the beginning of survivor is self centered, manipulative and not very likeable. As the story progresses and Mariette moves to London tragedy hits her personally, through heartache and bereavement a new mariette emerges, one who is willing to risk her life saving others in war torn France. Lesley Pearce has written another great saga one which will keep you turning the pages, her research is exceptional and you can imagine how harsh life was during the blitz. Survivor has it all love, passion, hardship and intrigue. Mariettes turn around in character is believable, as are the difficulties she has to overcome to become a better person. I would thoroughly recommend this book to others.
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Survivor continues the story told in Belle (2011) and The Promise (2012), but this is Mariette's story and it really doesn't matter if you've read the others first, this story stands perfectly well on it's own.

1938 in Russell, a small town in New Zealand and Mariette, daughter of Belle and Etienne is strong-willed, a little bit defiant and bored. There is no doubt that if she remains at home for much longer she is going to find herself in all kinds of trouble. The neighbours are already talking about her and her parents decide that London is the best place for their wilful daughter. Mariette sets out on the long journey to Europe, she's going to stay with her parent's friends Noah and Lisette and she can't wait to get away from the isolated town of Russell. Mariette's adventures start before her feet touch English soil - she's a beautiful young woman travelling alone and it is not long before she catches the eye of the Errol Flynn lookalike steward on board. Mariette has been badly hurt in love before and this time she is determined that she will have the upper hand, sadly though it appears that all men really are only after one thing.

In London Mariette throws herself into her new life of glamour and parties, she adores earning her own money and having some independence.

Mariette's life is shattered on the night of her twenty-first birthday. Hitler's bombs do not stop for birthdays and Mariette finds herself alone in a London that no longer appears to glitter with anything except tears. As the war rages Mariette discovers an inner strength that she certainly didn't realise was there. Her wilfulness and sense of adventure serve her well and she grows from a head-strong immature girl into a brave and resilient young woman. Tested by heartbreak and sorrow and faced with terrors that she could never imagine Mariette emerges from the war years with a strength and compassion that changes her whole outlook.

Survivor is another triumph from one of the most engaging authors around. Although Mariette is the central figure of the story, the supporting characters are fabulous too. From the small rural town of Russell in New Zealand to the vibrancy and glitter of London, the sedate and peaceful Somerset and then the horrors of Nazi occupied Northern France this is a passionate and evocative novel that grips from the opening chapter.

Mariette's character develops throughout the story, as she matures and experiences situations that test her to her limits, she grows from a selfish teenage to a strong, brave and compassionate woman. Lesley Pearse has delivered yet another huge story, and despite it's length never feels too long or a chore to pick up. Mariette joins the Pearse stable of strong, likeable heroines. The meticulous research that must have gone into this story is clear throughout.

I'm delighted to say that Survivor is another five-star read and that Lesley Pearse remains one of my favourite authors
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on 15 February 2014
When I started the book I thought I had read it already but as I read more it brought into play the last book and I remembered the story. This book was brilliant and so moving it was as if I was there during the war. really gripping and made you want to read nonstop till you got to the end. Brilliant!!
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on 16 December 2014
As usual give the author a great praise for very good research of the ww2. Her great ability of research and weave it into the story gives great depth in the book. That's why I love her books. But with this book I failed to find interests in any of the characters. None of them has oomph in them like Belle and Etienne had. Especially I was disappointed that the author made Morgan into such a spineless almost too mild character.
All I can think is this book is nothing more than a bonus spin off story of Belle. At least it gives me a good understanding of life during ww2. In that respect she did the good job.
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Survivor is the third in a trilogy of books featuring Belle, although it mainly focuses on her daughter, Mariette, who is as strong-willed and feisty as her mother. In danger of going off the rails in the sleepy New Zealand town where she lives, Mariette is sent to England to live with family friends. She finds herself trapped there when the Second World War breaks out but her experiences turn out to be the making of her.

I have loved all of Lesley Pearse's books and this is no exception. I absolutely love every minute I spend reading them and know she can be relied on to write a thumping good tale. Survivor contains many twists and turns in Mariette's life and I never knew where the story would take me next. Fantastic and eagerly awaiting this author's next book.
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on 11 May 2014
Mariette Carrera is the daughter of Belle and Etienne. After putting her reputation in her small New Zealand town in danger. Belle and Etienne decided to send her to England. Mari starts to enjoy her time there but soon war is declared and Mari is stuck for the duration of the war. The war continues and the losses mounts Mari grows up and become the woman that she has always meant to be.
"Survivor" by Lesley Pearse is the best book in the "Belle" series. I really loved the character and the book itself so much that I finished it in three days. While you don't need to read the first two books in the series it does help. I can't wait to read more books by Ms. Pearse.
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on 3 October 2015
Loved it! Mariette is the beautiful daughter of Belle and Etienne, now living in Russell in New Zealand. Her parents think Mariette would benefit from spending time with Noel in London so despite the threat of war she sets sail for England. On the boat she meets Morgan, a very handsom steward. Mariette loves the great life and house of Noel and his French wife Lisette and meets Edwin who is able to escourt her to the finer things of London life. However war is now inevitable. Mariette can't get back to New Zealand and being in London is soon in the throws of war. Mariette decides to do what she can for the war effort helping out in the shelters, but on her 21st birthday tragedy strikes and life is not the same. Mariette has inherited a lot of courage and strength from her parents and now it is her turn to be a heroine. Loved the tale and although the ending was predictable I was so pleaed and it brought a tear to my eye!
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on 23 February 2014
Following on from Lesley's previous two novels, The Promise and Belle, this third novel catches up with the family is New Zealand where they left to start a new life. I'm a massive fan of Lesley's novels and this one did not disappoint.

We catch up with Belle and Etienne where they have settled, become parents and are living the dream. The life they have always wanted. However their errant daughter Mariette or Mari as she known is a difficult, wilful teenager who is earning a bit of a name for herself.

In a bid to help their daughter, Belle and Etienne decide that maybe it would do her good to spread her wings and leave the sleepy town of Russell and send her to visit relatives in England. Little did they know of the danger they were sending her into.

With the outbreak of World War II, Mariette finds herself facing unthinkable tragedy and challenges. This part of the book had my gripped and awake long into the early hours as we experience with Mariette the true horror of the Blitz and the loss of many lives she encounters.

We journey with Marriette and see her transform from a deceitful, arrogant young girl into a kind, compassionate and heroic young lady, experiencing with her her many dramatic relationships with men. Will she ever find her Mr Right?

Putting her life in danger to save others she ends up facing the biggest challenge of her life when she is seriously injured. Will she ever recover from this?

This was a beautiful book with lots of twists and turns, many of which left tears in my eyes both of sadness and of joy. I have read many book set in the WWII but none have ever painted the true horror as brilliantly. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone.
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