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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2012
I already own 30-Minute Meals and so when I saw that Jamie was bringing out this book I immediately pre-ordered it. I have had it now for 3 days and have tried 2 of the recipes out of the book already (the blackened chicken & San Fran quinoa salad and the Pork marsala with porcini rice & spring greens). Both meals were very tasty and although I failed to cook either of them in 15 minutes, neither of them took longer than 20-25 minutes for me to complete and to be honest I never expected to be able to work at the same speed as Jamie. I'm just pleased that we have a book featuring mouth-waterning meals that can be whipped up quickly once I come home from work.

As with all of Jamie's books, the photography is beautiful. Once again David Loftus has done a wonderful job of presenting Jamie's meals in such a way that you can't help but want to go to the kitchen and start cooking.

The book is divided up as follows:

Serve & Cook

Soups & Sarnies


In the back of the book you will find an excellent section on nutrition with the calorie, fat, sugar and saturated fat content of each of the recipes in the book listed alongside a picture of the meal and its page number.

I have taken the time to type out all of the recipes listed in the book so that you can decide whether or not this is the book for you.

Chicken dim sum/coconut buns/cucumber pickle/hoi sin sauce
Chicken tikka/lentil, spinach & naan salad
Spicy cajun chicken/smashed sweet potato & fresh corn salad
Incredibly delicious chicken salad
Sizzling chicken fajitas/grilled peppers/salsa/rice & beans
Sticky kicking chicken/watermelon radish salad & crunchy noodles
Mexican chicken/wicked mole sauce/rice & veg
Gorgeous Greek chicken/herby vegetable & couscous tzatziki
Rosemary chicken/grilled polenta & porcini tomato sauce
Warm chicken liver salad/little Welsh 'rarebites'
Thai chicken laksa/mildly spiced noodle squash broth
Blackened chicken/San Fran quinoa salad
Golden chicken/braised greens & potato gratin
Crispy polenta chicken caeser salad
Spiced chicken/bacon,asaparagus, spinach & lentils
Crispy duck/hoi sin lettuce parcels
Chilli con carne meatballs
British burgers/shred salad/pickles & things
Beef stroganoff/fluffy rice/red onion & parsley pickle
Sizzling beef steak/hoi sin prawn & noodle bowls
Beef kofta curry/fluffy rice, beans & peas
Seared asian beef/best noodle salad & ginger dressing
Grilled steak/ratatouille & saffron rice
Beef chimichurri/new potatoes & crunch salad
Steak, liver & bacon/bubble & squeak mash/red onion gravy
Korean fried rice/steak, mushrooms & pickles
Swedish meatballs/celeriac & spinach rice
Black bean beef burgers/noodles & pickle salad
Steak medallions/mushroom sauce & spring greens
Cajun steak/smoky baked beans & collard greens
Crispy parma pork/minted courgettes & brown rice
Glazed pork fillet/cajun style pepper rice & BBQ sauce
Ultimate pork tacos/spicy black beans/avocado garden salad
Pork steaks/hungarian pepper sauce & rice
Jerk pork/grilled corn & crunchy tortilla salad
Pork marsala/porcini rice & spring greens
Lamb lollipops/curry sauce/rice & peas
Lamb meatballs/chop salad/harissa yoghurt
Glazed sizzling chops/sweet tomato & asparagus lasagnettti
Lamb kofte/pitta/greek salad
Quick lamb tagine/pan-fried aubergine & cumin crunch
Mustard lamb/irish mash /watercress & apple salad
Turkish flats/shred salad, feta & herbs
Asian sea bass/sticky rice/dressed greens
Grilled cajun prawns/sweet potato mash/holy trinity veg
Crackin' crab briks/couscus salad & salsa
Mixed fish grill/mediterranean fennel & couscous
Asian fish/miso noodles/crunchy veg
Prawn cocktail/king prawns & sun dried bread
Smoked salmon/yorkshire pud,beets & asparagus
Griddled tuna kinda nicoise salad
Sticky squid balls/grilled prawns & noodle broth
Moroccan bream/couscous, pomegranata & harissa
Green tea salmon/coconut rice/miso greens
Arnold bennett frittata/foccacia & emmental waldorf salad
Moroccan mussels/tapenade toasties/cucumber salad
Golden scallops/sun-blush mash & greens
Killer kedgeree/beans, greens & chilli yoghurt
Mighty mackerel/mixed tomato & quinoa salad
Poached fish/coddled eggs & tomato loaf
Smoked salmon/potato & asparagus salad
Flashy fish stew/saffron sauce & garlic bread
Seared asian tuna/coconut rice/jiggy jiggy greens
White fish tagine/carrot, coriander & clementine salad
Lucky squid 'n' prawns/spice vegetable noodle broth
Koh samui salad/chilli tofu & thai noodles
Butterflied sardines/tuscan bread salad
Chorizo & squid?greek-style couscous salad
Baked whole trout/jeresey royals, peas & mustard sauce
Pasta pesto/garlic & rosemary chicken
Crab bolognese/crunchy fennel salad
Sauasage fusili/creamy garden salad
Chorizo carbonara/catalan market salad
Winter squash penne/mint & avocado chopped salad
Simple spaghetti/tomato, basil & creamy curd salad
Sausage gnocchi/warm kale & bean salad
Chicken cacciatore/spaghetti & smoky tomato sauce
Fettucine/ smoked trout, asparagus & peas
Chicken & pasta herby 6-veg ragu
Broccolini pasta/chopped garden salad
Prawn linguine/sicilian shaved fennel salad
Mushroom farfalle/blue cheese, hazelnute & apple salad
Salsa verde tuna/sicilian tomato & pasta salad
Pesto spaghetti/lemon-steamed fish
Mexican tomato soup/chilli nachos/veggie & feta sprinkes
Minestrone/poacked chicken & salsa verde
Mushroom soup/stilton, apple & walnut croutes
Squash soup/sagey chestnut dumplings
Mexican BLT/ chillies, guacamole & salad
The best fish baps/mushy peas & tartare sauce
Grilled mushroom sub/smoky pancetta, melted cheese & pears
Tapas bruschetta/golden grilled sardines
Happy cow burgers/old-school coleslaw & corn on the cob
Veggie chilli/crunchy tortilla & avocado salad
Falafel wraps/grilled veg & salsa
Keralan veggie curry/poppadoms, rice & minty yoghurt
Modern greek salad/spinach, chickpea & feta parcels
Ricotta fritters/tomato sauce & courgette salad
Sweet & sour veggies/schezuan eggy rice & crunch salad
Camembert parcels/autumn salad & cranberry dip
Mexican salad/charred avo & popcorn beans
Tasty daal curry/warm tomato salad & naan
Spring frittata/tomato toasts/watercress & pea salad
Smoky maple pancetta/fluffy corn & chilli pancakes
Avocado on toast four ways
Bring back the toastie (part 1: hot sandwich heaven)
Viva la toastie (part 2: some more hot options)
Fantastic granola (get up, get fed, get gone)
Superb box grater fruit salad
Fruit 'n' nut combos/sweetened cottage cheese
Super smoothies (four ways to start your day)
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I'm a huge fan of Jamie's 30-Minute Meals: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast, so I had this new one on pre-order and have posted an early review in the hope that it might help those making up their mind whether to buy. I've cooked from 30 Minutes Meals often and it hugely expanded my standard mid week repertoire of dishes. I usually didn't bother with the pudding and this new book is great for an everyday cookbook as it concentrates on the main dishes plus accompanying vegetables - hence the 15 minute claim. Despite Jamie making it clear that you can only get close to that time if you're prepped with all the ingredients out, kettle on and food processor at the ready, much of the criticism of the last book centred on the impossibility of completing the meal in half an hour...I found I might not manage it on the first attempt but once you're used to the recipe I found it achievable. I'm sure we'll hear that criticism again with this bold 15 minute time claim - but I don't mind if my time-to-table overruns by a reasonable percentage - here is beautiful, fast food that I can get to the table quickly and that will delight my tastebuds as well as my eyes. One of the other criticisms of the last book was that individual timings of a dish were missing, which can be annoying, and that criticism still stands here - overall it has improved as key timings, such as cooking rice for 8 minutes or roughly five minutes under the grill for the spring frittata are given - though many of the other instructions are along the lines of do a,b,c then do x, y and z.

The layout is and simple and suits me - one side has the recipe and method and the other the accompanying photo. I'm very pleased that we get a calorie count on the recipe page and at the back there is a nutritional breakdown showing KCAL, fat, saturated fat and sugar grams. I think this is a great improvement. The book is sectioned by:

Intro, Serve & Cook, Pantry

Chicken - including chicken dim sum, rosemary chicken and Thai chicken laksa
Beef - including British burgers, seared Asian steak and cajun steak
Pork - including ultimate pork tacos, pork marsala and jerk pork
Lamb - including lamb kofte, mustard lamb with Irish mash and lamb meatballs
Fish - including Asian fish, killer kedgeree and baked whole trout
Pasta - including sausage gnocchi, mushroom farfalle and prawn linguine
Soups & Sarnies
Veggie - including veggie chilli, daal curry and mexican salad
Breakfast - including smoothies and granola and toasted sandwiches

As I looked through the book I felt inspired to try out a recipe based on what I already had in the fridge and store cupboard. I tried the blackened chicken with San Fran quinoa salad which was simple, easily managed within the time frame and with good flavours. I will update this review as I try out more of the recipes. So far the only difficulty I see is in choosing which to do next, so many caught my eye - I am very tempted by the beef stroganoff with fluffy rice, red onion and parsley pickle and also by the golden scallops with sun-blush mash and greens. I am also aiming to eat more vegetarian food and the falafel wraps, grilled veg and salsa and the keralan veggie curry will definitely be served up soon.

Jamie is great at turning out recipes that are good looking, tasty and fast. This book has paid real attention to the nutritional breakdown and I like having the full main course with vegetables and starchy carbohydrates set out as a package. This has the looks of being as well-used as 30 Minute Meals. I have given the book five stars which may be jumping the gun as I've only cooked one recipe so far but I'm very impressed with the look of the dishes, the nutritional info, the doability of the recipes and the need to get cooking that the book inspires.

**UPDATE 27/10/12**: I have now cooked quite a few recipes from the book and I am very impressed with Jamie's flavours and combinations. I would say I'm averaging 25 minutes or so in time to table which I'm pretty pleased with. My knife skills aren't in the JO class and I don't always use the Food Processor.
I am very pleased that the nutrition has been counted for us in these recipes but my warning is that the amount of meat in some of them will not feed hungry teenagers say, so look out for that when shopping and make any adjustments.

* Grilled steak with ratatouille and saffron rice: this gets five stars, delicious and very special. This made one of the nicest ratatouilles that I've ever had...the harissa paste and anchovies pack flavour in.. and cooking the courgettes and aubergine on the griddle added to the flavour. The steak was gorgeous cooked on the griddle also and dressed on a board, JO style. My friends were impressed by the 25 minute timing for a speedy and tasty supper
* Asian sea bass, sticky rice and dressed greens: five stars too. This is a speedier version of his steam sea bass in a bag. The marinade imparts gorgeous asian flavours and the fish cooked beautifully with this simpler method. I managed about 30 minutes on time to table
* Pasta pesto with garlic and rosemary chicken:five stars again. My sister said this was the best pasta dish she's ever had and it's been cooked every week since. We used more chicken and this takes me about 40 minutes to get to the table but it's worth it. The pesto sauce is lovely...I make double so people can use it for pasta lunches later in the week
* Sprong frittata tomato toast and pea salad - four stars. Lovely fresh flavours and can be done in the 15-20 minutes
* Veggie chill crunchy tortilla and avocado salad -four stars I added another tin of beans to this tasty recipe which is not dissimilar from one of my staples anyhow. The avocado and corn tortillas are simple additions, so 20 minutes is very doable
* Chorizo carbonara and catalan market salad - four stars. Very simple with good flavours and very doable in 15-20 minutes
* Koh samui salad chilli tofu and thai noodles - four stars, 20 minutes. Some have complained about the food looking like a Jackson Pollock. This tastes better than it looks but if you have time marinade the tofu first for more flavour
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on 4 October 2012
First things first. I like this book, and I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver. I've cooked five of the meals now and they have been fantastic. For the recipes and the ideas it's a five star cook book. I particularly like his use of a food processor to speed things up. The flavours are great, the ingredients are easy to get hold of. So far so good. So why only three stars.
Because there is absolutely NO WAY you could walk into your kitchen and in fifteen minutes be sitting in front of these meals. There are people who will tell me I'm wrong, but I'm pretty handy in the kitchen, I've got all the equipment necessary, and I've been cooking for a long time. 15 minutes as the title is just plain wrong. One of the things that annoys me most is at the beginning of each recipe, there is a little set of instruction of things to get ready first. What equipment you will need, what to do with it, where to put it, and most annoyingly of all, the words 'ingredients out.' Basically, prep before the clock starts ticking. I'm sorry, but all that is PART of cooking! It is just wrong to say none of that counts and the only part of preparing these meals is the bit when you combine everything. My favourite meal so far, required an huge amount of prep. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely delicious and I'll make it again many times. But no matter how many times I make it, I will never be eating it in 15 minutes, and neither will you
I know he got a lot of stick for the great book, 30 minute meals. The press loved getting people to try them and delighted in telling us all it took them an hour and a half. So when I saw he was bringing this out I was thrilled. It was like he was thumbing his nose at all that and saying 'I'm going to do it even quicker!' I promise you I'm not jumping on the previous bandwagon and doing a 'lets bash Jamie.' But I have cooked them, and I know what happened.
In summary, an absolutely wonderfull set of recipes, buy it for them and you will enjoy eating them as much as me I'm sure. But I SO wish it was not called what it is, because it just ain't going to happen.
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on 30 September 2012
Great premise - nutritious meals in 15 minutes. Flicking through the book when it arrived, I felt really inspired by the different flavours. I've now cooked three recipes from the book, with varying degrees of success!

Sizzling Beef Steak with Hoi Sin Prawn and Noodle Bowls - found the cooking of this to be a bit of a rat race. Though I'd pulled all the ingredients together before cooking, I hadn't done any of the prep as it was indicated this would be done as you go (included in the 15-minute timings). I can't chop as fast as jamie and I found myself getting confused. Putting the beef on to cook as one of the first things in the recipe made it well done, where I'd have preferred rare as in the accompanying picture. Tasty, but I wouldn't necessarily follow Jamie's method if I made it again.

Mexican Chicken with Wicked Mole Sauce, Rice and Veg - the chicken is cooked in a broth which was surprisingly tasty for the simplicity of the ingredients and cooking. Jamie adds the chicken towards the end of the 15-minute timeframe and I found the chicken to be slightly undercooked, if I make this again I'd add it much earlier. The mole sauce was interesting - but definitely not the star of the show for the amount of ingredients that went in to it so I probably wouldn't bother making the sauce again, but would make the chicken and broth.

Thai Chicken Laksa - chicken grilled with five spice powder and then coated in honey and sesame seeds was lovely. The laksa sauce was not as tasty as I'd hoped, but I think I managed to do the cooking within the 15-minute timeframe (by doing some of the veg prep, like grating the butternut squash) before I started cooking.

The only thing about the book I really don't like was the way the recipe method is written in a chatty style:- to help with the speed element I would have preferred numbered instructions (e.g. 1 Cut ciabatta, 2. Finely grate cheddar) to make it easier to keep track of where you are.

As with many recipe books, some great ideas waiting to be adapted to everyone's individual taste. Well worth a look, even if just as a reminder that waiting for the pizza delivery guy does take longer than cooking a meal yourself!

UPDATE: Have also now made the Chorizo Carbonara recipe. I didn't bother with the accompanying salad as couldn't get chicory at my local supermarket. This was easy to make and was do-able in the 15 minutes. Really tasty too.
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on 26 December 2012
Nice book with clear layout and lovely recipes but they definitely take longer to make than 15 minutes. If you want new meal ideas and aren't so bothered about a time limit (they are quick and uncomplicated, but you are looking at 30-40 mins rather than 15), then this book is for you.
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on 1 July 2013
So I would concur with what you see in other reviews. 15 minutes would be "I've already got the ingredients out, I'm dextrous as a magician and I've memorised the recipe so I don't need to check the recipe book".

My record is 20 minutes :)

There are some stupid shortcuts - tearing a pepper isn't any quicker than slicing it. Taking the peel off garlic before crushing it isn't any slower than putting the whole thing in then picking out the bits that didn't make it through!

There's a stack of repetition with variations on a theme : - salads feature highly, as does couscous. Many chicken dishes pretty much start the same "season it with #spices# and bosh them with a rolling pin before frying in a pan". Often a food processor is required to make some kind of a dressing that if you wanted to save more time could be bought. [Though with that attitude, I might as well just get ready meals lol]

The cooking sequence seems a bit hectic, but I think that's how Jamie's head works.

And that's also the beauty of the way the book works, and indeed the way the recipes work, which is why this gets 4*. It's kind of frenetic, there's lots of ingredients going together from loads of different places, all interweaving really really nicely. I think the 15 minutes thing is just to encourage people that it's quicker than you think, and no great skill is required. The ingredients do so much of the work, with a couple of neat techniques and serving ideas thrown in, and it does properly look good when it's all done.

Recently I've been using this book and Online delivery supermarket shopping and it's really expanded my meal horizons!
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on 10 January 2013
I really like this book. I have lots of cookery books and I like to read them for ideas but I don't often stick to recipes because I normally only have 20 minutes to get dinner on the table.

I saw Jamie's TV programs and though it really made sense. As soon as I opened the book I wanted to cook the first meal and I felt confident I could. I picked 7 meals I liked the look of and made a very serious looking shopping list!

I'm not the kind of person who has herbs or fish sauce in my weekly shop if you know what I mean, but I would do it again! It didn't cost as much as I thought it might (but it wasn't cheap) and lots of ingredients/herbs/spices could be used in more than one recipe and would be able to stay in the store cupboard for next time.

I've cooked 5 recipes now and really enjoyed it. I would cook them all again and was especially pleased with the Chicken Laksa and when I made salsa and tzatziki (all by myself!!!).

I doubt I made them in 15 minutes but probably not much more than 20 and next time I would be even quicker.

The recipes aren't conservative British food but the exciting and unusual flavours are great for January when you're fed up with roast dinner and all the trimmings and it might stop me reaching for a takeaway when I fancy something "different".

Don't expect familiar dishes made quicker or to be able to delve into a tired old store cupboard and pull out everything you need.

So... great book, really throw your self into it, prepare and shop for a whole bunch of meals at once and cooking them will be fast and as enjoyable as eating them.
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on 29 September 2012
Having bought this book 3 days ago, I have already made two recipes and plan to make another this evening. It's a return to form for Jamie Oliver, and the first of his books in a while that have actually made me want to cook any receives from it.
Both recipes were easy to follow for a confident cook, and clearly took longer than 15 mins but I am sure I will get quicker with them when I try them again. Chicken Dim Sum with Coconut Buns was amazing, and had my husband and I sat together eating dinner for the first time in a while. Beef Strogonoff was not as great a success but really tasty non the less. The problem with it? Fat free yoghurt splits when cooked so I am not sure why he suggests it is used. What is really nice about these recipes is that it is the little extras that really make them. The cucumber pickle with the Chicken Dim Sum and the Parsley Pickle with the Strogonoff took the recipes to the next level. Don't skip these extra elements.
Why 4 stars not 5? The fat free yoghurt incident.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2012
This book is fabulous! It is packed full of wonderful appetising recipes. My favourites so far are Arnold Bennett Frittata, Chicken Dim Sum and Crispy Parma Pork. But to be honest I could go on and on. Jamie's cooking inspires me so much. The flavours he uses are fabulous and the recipes in this book are no exception. He combines flavours that I wouldn't consider yet they taste amazing. He is using mostly available and affordable ingredients in a stylish manner, that are very easy to prepare but do not lack in taste.
I watched many poor cooks learn to create wonderful things in the kitchen through Jamie's 30 minute meals. This takes the whole philosophy further, showing that anyone can make speedy, nutritious but absolutely delicious food that is far better in every way than take out and it is so easy to do. In this book Jamie has further simplified cooking and is making good home made food accessible to absolutely everyone now, no excuses!
As always, the book contains far more than the many many recipes; it is full of storecupboard ideas, nutritional advice, great photography and lots of wee tips. What I love most, however, is Jamie's conversational unique style and enthusiasm and it shines through in this book along with his wit and his ability to make everything simple and everything seem worthwhile doing.
I am convinced that even the accomplished cook will learn loads from this book but it truly is for everyone.
Thanks again Jamie for this other gem; I look forward to trying all the recipes with my friends.
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on 28 May 2013
Much better layout that 30 minute book. Liked the recipes and easy to follow. 15 Minutes a bit of a challenge but not important to me. Sooner take longer and enjoy the experience rather than have a heart attack. Cheers
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