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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

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on 19 March 2017
Very funny and enjoyable. Not to be read from cover to cover but a book to dip into whenever you need to be cheered up and escape from everyday life.
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on 21 December 2002
The Framley Examiner provides a surreally satirical glance at the phenomena of ultra dull local newspapers in places where nothing ever happens. At times it can hit moments of genious a la The Day Today, or Brasseye, yet at times can get a bit too repetitive in its manner if you read more than few pages at a time. The classified ads and the personal columns are particularly strong points.
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on 4 May 2017
splendid light entertainment
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The first "Framley Examiner" book is packed absolutely full of insanity. What at first might appear to be just a surreal piss-take of local newspapers gradually unfolds into a whole world of inspired lunacy, running gags and rampant weirdness. Best read in small doses, because reading it all in one go will hurt you, it's a brilliant book to just dip into randomly, whenever, and laugh. Very, very good.

Unlike other books like Daily Mash spin-offs, "Framley Examiner" is also timeless- because nonsense doesn't become un-nonsense with age (only with alcohol).
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on 31 October 2003
Framley is a place you know you might have driven through - and been slightly relieved not to have stopped. Genteel yet subsersive, decent yet demented, the cluster of villages combed by the Framley Examiner throws up some superb character observations and brilliantly written journalise by the frustrated tabloid wannabe cub reporters that grace the pages. Although the newer pages are not quite as sharp as earlier releases (Please let's not go near the old Punch cliche!) the whole concept behind the Framley Examiner insults everyone who lives in small market towns and villages, along with a pointed two-fingers at local news, and yet hurts no-one in the process. Think of League of Gentleman, think of Viz at its very best and you are getting close to this book, but you will still be surprised at just how good cutting-edge humour is at the moment. It's a delicious schoolboy prank the likes of which is rarely experienced. Buy it, read slowwwwwly, and prepare to giggle like the teenager you really are.
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I was introduced to the online version of the Framley Examiner a few months ago and I was hooked immediately. The humour might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it has had me giggling ever since. It is a superb skit on the parochial nature of local newspapers - although if you were to read my parents' parish magazine you might be gulled into thinking the Framley Examiner isn't a spoof at all!
Look out especially for the classified ads from Mr Hollyhock - a work of genius...
I strongly suggest you buy it (and read it, obviously).
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on 15 June 2003
it's not just mr hollyhock. it's vince, the dodgy dealer, and the 'turn your memories into crisps' company, and the teletubby immigrants, and framley zabadak, and 'lesbians demand footbridge,' and the annual race against time, and the school orchestra being so loud the trumpeter's ears bleed, and the kitten in a bottle stall at the fete...
this is a skyscraper of towering nonsense, and endangeringly good.
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on 4 March 2004
I received this splendid item for Christmas in 2003, and it really made me laugh. A lot. Then I put it away and forgot about it. I found it again just before Christmas in 2004, so wrapped it up and gave it myself as a present. Imagine my surprise when I opened it on Christmas morning the second time! And it made me laugh, a lot, AGAIN.
It's a well observed mickey-take of local newspapers. The property pages are in my opinion the best: "For Sale - Itchy, Hot, Cramped 2-bed semi. Stinks of flannel. Too close to local amenities. Will swap for bag of crisps". And the news stories are also particularly entertaining. With headlines like: "Bus Lane confused with bus lane", "Ireland turning into cloud" and "FLUFF MISERY" you can't go far wrong.
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on 9 August 2003
Very mixed send up of local newspapers, with local gossip reported as news, garbled small ads and inadvertently exposed prejudice. It reminds me of a variety of journals, more than it should. Should be a copy in every waiting room in the country!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 February 2012
It would be difficult to produce a book that contains a greater selection of 'off-the-wall' humour than "The Framley Examiner". It is jam packed with a vast miscellany of 'toe curling' cringe inducing spoof articles, small-ads, commercial advertising, photographs, and other small town local newspaper news, announcements, local politics. There is hardly an aspect of local goings on that escapes the sharp-eyed, acerbic pen of the 'Framley Examiner' reporters, and contributors.

We all live or have lived in a community which has a local newspaper, which when it drops on our doormat each Thursday morning is usually greeted with excited but unrealistic anticipation that this weeks edition will at last contain something interesting only to be bitterly disappointed yet again. The Framley Examiner will not disappoint! Every item will bring a wry smile, if not an outright guffaw. As a taster of the humour, there is an item about an unpleasant incident when a gust of wind badly injured a group of Boy Scouts by blowing on to them the giant cheque they were proudly displaying showing the amount of money they had raised for a local charity. The paper was offering a free photograph of the incident to all readers who sent in a SAE envelope marked "Dead Scouts"!

It is not for the faint of heart, easily offended, or those leading a sheltered life. It is so crammed with different items and takes on local news and events that it is better read in small doses otherwise you might well be submerged under the sheer avalanche of satire on offer. It is an ideal tome to grace the portals of the smallest place of convenience in the house where a good amusing read will often help with your strain!
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