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on 25 February 2017
The hardback is a handsome book, nicely bound and with a ribbon marker.

I bought the book because the doctor told me I'm borderline diabetic, and certainly I react very badly to the usual carbohydrates - especially sliced white and brown bread, which I love. Thick soft sliced white bread is my favourite.

It's a real drag, having to change your lifestyle to improve your health. I don't want to be a foodie. I don't want to be a food faddist. I want to eat normal food, the kind everybody else eats. Looks like I can't, though, if I want to live a normal life. The bread's been making me sleep like a narcoleptic, it really has.

So I bought this book (among others). I didn't like it at all. I found the print difficult to read. Some of the ingredients I'd only ever read about in the food pages of The Guardian or the FT Weekend. Many of them I'd never heard of at all.

Also, the author, Susan Jane White, is so irritatingly cheerful.

I wanted the book to disappear (I hadn't the energy to take it to a charity shop).

It didn't disappear. It's still sitting on one of the piles of junk on my kitchen table. So I had another look, to see if there was anything in it that would be any use to me.

I tried ordering some of the ingredients with my online supermarket shop, without much hope - but lo and behold, the ingredients turned up in the delivery. But in laughably small quantities. Going to try realfoods.co.uk for some others, and larger quantities.

I've found some recipes in there that don't need cooking - eg some of the salads, and some other recipes for what I can only call 'sweetmeats'. So I'll try them, and see if they give me some energy. There's a nice recipe for Gazpacho that I fancy.

Cookery books. Usually you can skip the Foreword and all the other extraneous pages and just look up recipes in them, and make a meal quite easily. The Extra Virgin Kitchen, however, needs to be studied. When you've looked through it a few times, and read bits over and over again, and got over the initial shock of unfamiliar ingredients in unfamiliar combinations, you can find recipes that look possible.

Some of the recipes in here I will never make - too much cooking of different ingredients separately, too much faffing about, too much washing up. But it does look like there are some I can use, and some I can adapt.
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on 3 February 2015
A fantastic book for those trying to cut sugar, dairy and wheat from their diets. There are some wonderful recipes, many of which are quick and easy to make and Susan Jane White has a lovely, humorous writing style. I'm looking forward to many hours poring over this title.
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on 12 May 2016
I don't have any illnesses to speak off but I have had to have a long series of antibiotics and do have a slight weight problem and just generally a little unhealthy.
I have joined various slimming groups but I'm so worried about sweeteners and low fat products because although they help you lose weight I'm not sure the ingredients in some of the recipes is altogether best for your body I.e you are slimming but not fully loaded with vitamins.

I have to agree with some of the comments on here the start up cost for these recipes is slightly expensive but you do use them sparingly and they do last. You can find most of the products in sainsburys or waitrose and if not then you can find them on line or in health food shops. The book does give you suggestions on where to buy the products, such as organic unfiltered olive oil is in sainsburys for £2.50 and it's lovely, tesco does low cost coconut oil and so does Aldi.

The results for me have been amazing my skin is perfect, my hair is thicker and stronger and my nails are fantastic. I have lost two stone in weight and am full of energy so if you really want a bit of a tune up then this is the book for you. The antibiotics I was on ruined my stomach and now I'm fully repaired from the damage.

The food is exciting and stops cravings for all sorts of bad things that you would normally reach for when your feeling a bit low. It's just a fun lovely book to read by a real person who has had food issues and health issues not preaching no morning just fun and so much for children as well.

Buy it borrow it do it!!!
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on 28 November 2014
What a lovely cookbook this is - great recipes, doable ingredients, tasty! And yes, healthy too. The writer has a great sense of humor and a great understanding of how living and cooking actually work. She simply urges you to take good care of yourself and find out what works best for you without prescribing diet-ish rules.
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on 25 February 2014
I've had this book about three weeks now and I've already cooked loads of recipes from it. The way in which the book is written in terms of why certain ingredients are good for you and the benefits they have, is so useful. I've already bought one for my mum and I think other family members will be getting some copies too!!
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on 15 March 2014
I can only recommend this book if you are a cook who is curious to expand your ingredient repertoire, eat addictively delicious (and easily home-made) food, and if you want to learn a thing or two about the nutrients in your food. The book genuinely stands out from many other cook books which easily become quite same same.

And while lots of nutritional books can become a bit boring, Susan Jane's writing style is witty, beautiful and genuinely accessible.

Enjoy it - I have found myself reading this book as Saturday morning literature. And then spending time playing in the kitchen - amazed at what some ingredients do in connection with some others etc. Favourite recipes: the breakfasts and treats. Enjoy!
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on 12 October 2014
This is a good cook book but does take some time to read through and plan your meals. It is full of really healthy meals so would recommend that if you buy it that you stick with it and read the book first then you will be able to dip into and out of it, making lists of the meals you would like to try first. All the receipes have come out excellent and very tasty.
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on 28 April 2016
This is a cookbook written for anyone who wants to avoid grain, sugar and dairy. The recipes are interesting and mainly delicious and can be easily adapted if you want to use dairy and sugar etc. However, a lot of the ingredients are very expensive as they are all speciality super foods like chia seeds, raw cocoa, Medjool dates and there are mostly a lot of ingredients in most of her recipes- though I guess you could modify them. I don't really think this is a book for an absolute beginner as some of the recipes. Eg the scrumptious chocolate and beetroot cake, require a lot of different processes like boiling down the dates and then building layers etc However, if you're adventurous and believe that it's worth while to make the extra effort for a moreish and healthy cake, this is the book for you. She includes recipes for savoury meals and snacks as well as sweet snacks, cakes and puddings and also drinks. There are helpful recipes for small children and the book is beautifully set out, both clear and colourful and easy to read, as in no chef type phrases. She has an easy relaxed style and can be quite amusing. A good addition to any cook's library!
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on 24 September 2015
The best cookery book I have ever owned. Everything I've tried from this book has been outrageously tasty, whilst being wholesome and nutritious. Also contains tons of helpful nutritional info. Susan Jane White's informal (and kind of nutty!) writing style makes this more than just a cookery book. It's an absolute pleasure!
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on 12 October 2015
Great book, full of lovely recipes and written in a funny way
I find she does add a LOT of sweetness to things so have toned down the amount of honey and/or maple syrup to the recipes she makes. I can see why she does this though as for people who are moving from a diet high in sugar she is letting you have the taste of the sweetness and of course you can tone it down if you like. Some lovely recipes.
I have made her granola so much now that I don't need the book. It's so nice and crunchy and you do feel virtuous eating something that's so yummy yet is somehow full of such good food.
Can't wait for the next book to come out!
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